TV ad targeting at its worst

general — avner ronen on January 31, 2008 @ 12:10 pm

i am somewhat of a political junkie.

so i am watching CNN when i want to see candidates drop out or watch the debates (the rest of the stuff i am watching online, which is much better since i can pick which video i want to watch).

having watched CNN for the past few days it is very clear to me that they believe their audience is over 65yrs old.. i have seen ads for:

  • a sleazy $14.99 hearing aid - which is supposed to help me hear sermons in church… listen to TV not in full volume so not to upset the wife… etc.
  • painless diabetes blood test - promoted by someone who claims to be a doctor, but looks more like a used-car salesman
  • a few Erectile Dysfunction ads - not too many. i think they assume most of their audience is beyond ED, and too old to care about sex
  • and more irrelevant stuff

so i must say i am kind of waiting for Internet style targeting to reach the TV. while i try to fast-forward through ads as much as i can i sometime i have to watch live broadcast.. so getting some relevant ads would be nice.

virgin america

general — avner ronen on January 30, 2008 @ 11:20 am

going to san francisco next week. booked my first flight on virgin america.
it was cheaper than JetBlue (who i suspect used cookies to raise the price the second time i visited there.. very tricky) and the others.

i am looking forward for having the power plug in the seat so i could work watch movies the whole flight. especially that my MacBook’s battery life barely lets me watch a TV Show episode before dying on me.. (i should really go to Apple store and replace the battery).

the only thing that kind of pissed me off about virgin is that they are charging extra for getting the exit seat.

alpha testing

general — avner ronen on January 28, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

these days we’re all spending our evenings testing boxee at home (after we spend the whole day testing boxee at the office..)

we are going to improve the alpha a bit more before we open it up for additional users, so if you registered for the alpha don’t lose hope you’ll hear from us soon.


general — avner ronen on January 8, 2008 @ 10:19 am

arrived to Vegas on Sunday night to attend CES.

first day was pretty good, though we made the strategic mistake of not wearing sneakers (we’re smarter this morning). after walking the main halls i must say i have serious HDTV fatigue. the TVs are bigger, thinner and better looking, but i find it hard to get excited by them.

we are going to show off our alpha to a few people. it is looking good and working great, even on the crappy Internet connection of the hotel..

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