rainbow over our office

general — avner ronen on February 19, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

rainbow in tel-aviv

a perfect rainbow over our office in tel-aviv.

i am a virgin america fan

general — avner ronen on February 6, 2008 @ 1:34 pm

had a very good flight from NYC to SFO. i guess a big part of it was that the flight was almost empty (which may not be a good sign for the future of the airline).

  • getting a live satellite broadcast is nothing new, but the interface is cool and i was glad to have it to keep track of the Super Tuesday coverage
  • movies on demand has a great interface. too bad the movies cost $8 a piece… (good thing i had my laptop loaded with movies with me)
  • ordered food using the system as well which was very intuitive. service was very quick and the food want not awful (just bad)
  • tried playing with their seat-to-seat chatting (taking in-flight flirting to the next level). the only issue was that i was the only one on the plane using it… so i sent messages to the seat next to me to see how it works..

service was also great. i made a mistake and booked the wrong date for the flight going out.
initially they wanted to charge me a change-fee and the difference on the ticket. i explained that i made an honest mistake, and that i would appreciate it if they will not penalize me for my stupidity.. they were very kind. changed my ticket without any fee, escorted me through security and got me on the plane in time (maybe they thought i had a real mental handicap).

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