XBMC DEV CON (hosted by boxee :-))

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we have been fans, users, and for the past year contributors to the XBMC project.
so it is a great honor for us to host the first ever XBMC DEV CON. the event will take place during the weekend of June 13-15 in Amsterdam.

this is an opportunity for XBMC developers that have been working together for the past 6 years to finally meet in person, talk code, discuss priorities, reminisce about the good old days and have some fun. the agenda is still being built, but the important stuff has been finalized

  • hotel: we’ll be staying at the Golden Tulip Inn
  • conference location: we’re going to hold the meetings at Graven Molen, a local tapas bar.. the owner was kind enough to close the place for us during the weekend (we also negotiated a great price for the beers)
  • Friday night: drinks & dinner at club11
  • Saturday night: drinks, dinner & party at the Supper Club

we’re going to Twitter the event live on http://twitter.com/boxee, so stay tuned.

we’re not the only people hooked on gimme coffee

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photo by Eddie Simeon

public speaking

general — avner ronen on May 13, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

for the first time today we spoke in public about boxee.
it was an investor-oriented conference organized by our good friends at ThinkPanmure

we always prefer to give a demo of boxee (rather than show slides), but the format did not allow for it. so true to our start-up, do-what-it-takes attitude we put together an ad-hoc demo station.. we just took out a projector from the bag, connected the laptop to the Internet and projected boxee on a wall.. it worked out great. we gave a bunch of demos and had many people stopping by to take a look.

customer service

general — avner ronen on May 6, 2008 @ 6:37 am

tom has been blogging (in hebrew.. sorry) about his experience of trying to get his phone fixed by his mobile carrier.

he has a pretty good tactic to get his problems solved. he starts like everyone else, by calling customer service and not getting much help. then he writes a disparaging blog post and sends a link to the CEO.. he did it with a couple of service providers and he gets results.

when we open up boxee to the public we’re going to do our best to give the best customer service possible. and i think Tom will be the perfect person to handle it.. :)

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