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linux version is available


the linux version of boxee is available for download!

if you already received an invite then you’ll find links to download versions for Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04. we figured that between Gutsy Gibbon and Hardy Heron we will cover most of the Ubuntu users out there.

we have not played with running boxee on other Linux distros, nor did we test boxee on all hardware combos, driver versions, etc. so this is a work in progress and we hope that alpha testers will try running boxee in all kinds of environments and send us their feedback.

having boxee running on linux is also exciting because it opens the door for boxee to run on a variety of hardware platforms and configurations, from users building their own media centers to hacking existing boxes to run linux/boxee.

software requirements:

  • for nvidia gpus, latest nvidia proprietary drivers from nvidia
  • for ati gpus, latest ati proprietary drivers from ati
  • if you have a lirc compatible remote, for example, windows MCE remote, install lirc using sudo apt-get install lirc command. we also support direct hardware mapping for supporting Apple IR and other usb based devices usually not supported under lirc

we tested boxee with the following hardware configurations (though other setups may be supported as well):


  • nvidia 6150le igp, go7300 mobile, 8600m gt mobile and 7,8 series desktop gpus
  • intel 945*, 965, X3000, X3100 igp
  • ati x1600 mobile gpu


  • current intel and amd processors


  • intel hda

known issues

  • this is alpha software. ’nuff said.
  • at times, boxee may cause elevated cpu usage, and become sluggish, requiring an application restart
  • some dvd titles may not play. this has already been fixed in internal builds, and should be made available in the next version.
  • visual effects (compiz fusion) should be disabled. this is done by System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects, set to None

please send us your feedback and questions to support [at] boxee.tv or http://forum.boxee.tv.

July 22, 2008 at 9:40 am

36 Responses to “linux version is available”

  1. Congrats Boxee on the first Ubuntu alpha release!

    It should maybe be mentioned that you need a fairly fast CPU to be able to 'garantee' playback under Linux of all 1080p H.264 videos that are available to download from the internet these days. Either a Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.6Ghz or an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8Ghz (or an even faster processor, Intel Core 2 Duo processors are currently though more efficient than anything that AMD got to offer). This is because there is not yet a method of of-loading the video decoding process to the GPU so the CPU has to practically handle the whole load itself, (in 6-months from now this might no longer be the case).

    For playback of 720p H264 videos you can go with a slower processor, but it should still really at least be a dual-core CPU.

  2. cesman says:

    Boxee looks very interesting! Is a source version available for those that know how to compile and build packages? After all, Linux isn't Ubuntu isn't. ;)



  3. avner says:

    yep. source is available for download. will be great to have it running on other distros.

    let us know how it goes

  4. Tom Jackson says:

    Cool, Downloading now!

  5. Havel says:

    Great news!

    But I'm not able to log on the forum with my login and password.

    Other thing…not able to try boxee, my windows mce remote is only partialy working. On XBMC it works perfectly.

  6. ComDor82 says:

    This looks great and hope to try it out on my Linux machine. Just applied for the alpha, but it seems that it may take a few weeks yet. I do like this idea of socializing. If there is a way I could acquire an invite, it would be much appreciated.


    Look forward to seeing how this takes off!

  7. Mike Donaghy says:

    Where is the download link … it's not there !?!

  8. tom sella says:

    @Mike Donaghy - did you log into app.boxee.tv? the download is to the left, or just go http://app.boxee.tv/download

  9. Mike Donaghy says:

    why do I have to sign up to donwload an OPEN SOURCE PROJECT , also …there are no invites … does anyone have an invite for me ?

  10. tom sella says:

    @Mike Donaghy - mainly because boxee has a server layer which we need to scale and support. invite sent, enjoy.

  11. an0n1 m0us says:

    how can I apply for an invite? I signed up to the forum but can't see any invite or download option

  12. Mike Donaghy says:

    @Tom Sella , Thank you very much … I was … confused :)

  13. Cool! From the screenshots I've seen, this looks great! Can someone send me an invite?

  14. Brian C says:

    Hi all,

    I've been following this project and I'm very excited so far. I signed up for the alpha, but haven't heard anything yet. Would it be possible to get an invite as well? I'd very much like to test this on my Ubuntu machine. Thanks!

  15. Raj says:

    Would love to help test this on Ubuntu as it's connected permanently to my TV.

  16. EdwardOCallaghan says:


    Could you please provide a OpenSolaris package?



  17. tom sella says:

    @EdwardOCallaghan - wow. solaris. haven't done that in a while.. we currently have no plans for that os, but feel free to download the source and give it a go, if you can meet all the dependency requirements under opensolaris (see README.linux in the source package). let me know how goes.

  18. Why not use existing OpenSource projects and enhance them with Boxee functionality? I enjoy MythTV and its weak point is exactly what Boxee fulfills… At the same time MythTV does perfect TV/DVR job Boxee does not cover… I'd love to have them both on the same media PC but it would be quite awkward switching between them, as klutzy as having two media PCs, one with each…

    So, have you contemplated merging efforts with other OpenSource and providing Boxee as menu option there?

  19. tom sella says:

    @dusan maletic - there is progress by xbmc, the opensource powering boxee, of integrating mythtv, as well as a google summer of code sponsored project for making a unified pvr frontend under xbmc. so eventually, you can bet this will happen.

  20. breynded says:

    Hi can I have an invite as well? I would like to try this out on a new Linux install on an Atom. Thanks in advance.

  21. breynded says:

    By the way, my email address is: breynded[at]gmail[dot]com :)

  22. chris ian fiel says:

    can i have an invite also for ubuntu 8.04 ccfiel at gmail . com

  23. digitalfrog says:

    I'd love to try it too.

    I dropped my email a month ago but no invite so far :-(


  24. Marty says:

    Just dropped the mail! really looking forward to it! Just hooked my new tv on HDMI to my mac… And my xbmc is not giving me HDMI support.. and i would love to test it!

    So if some one got an invite left… You will make my day.


  25. lauwisme says:

    Let me at it!


    ps @ marty, kick ass pictures @ cilinder man!

  26. Mark Patey says:

    I'm a Linux user with some Alpha/Beta testing experience, and would like to participate. My email address is:


  27. rayhimself says:

    can't wait to try this out!



  28. Mit so vielen guten Beiträgen kann man sich eine Meinung bilden.

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