team-boxee at CES gets a serious upgrade

general — avner ronen on January 5, 2009 @ 12:03 pm

i wish we had come up with the idea of bringing users to CES a few weeks ago, but i don’t think we could have wished for better results. the video pitches were excellent.

we truly appreciate the effort that was made into putting these videos together at such a short notice. rather than making it a one-off thing we hope to work together with the people who participated and create an on-going and lasting relationship with each of them.

we are excited to invite Jeremy, Nate, Patrick and Melody to join us at CES.

Jeremy Tanner, aka penguin, is well known in the Colorado tech scene for being a professional party crasher (much needed at CES) and a start-up junkie. he is charismatic, articulate and funny. quoting from one of the comments left on the page “[the penguin] makes any event explode with fruit flavor”..

Nate Westheimer, aka innonate, is the new head of NY Tech Meetup, an entrepreneur in residence in a Rose Tech Ventures, uber-networker, a passionate organizer and connector. he showed he can bring out the vote for Obama in Ohio, so we hope he can bring some traffic to the boxee booth, too :)

Patrick Lawson, aka pox, from Wyoming where according to pox “we don’t have any real video game shops or electronic stores, just a Wal-Mart” :) part of the toosmartguys podcast duo (check out their latest episode where they make a nice tribute for AT&T in the snow)

Melody Akhtari, from LA, adds some feminity to our team (and before you start in on the “you picked her because she’s a girl”), Melody’s pitch showed us she was comfortable talking about boxee off the cuff and very approachable… both of which are key things we’re looking for at the show

27 Responses to “team-boxee at CES gets a serious upgrade”

  1. Jerry says:

    Excellent, congrats to the four of you for your convincing pitches. Have fun at CES!

  2. Congrats on your wins! I’m sure you’ll all do very well there.

  3. Thanks Avner! I look forward to Voltroning up with the rest of team-boxee in Vegas on Wednesday. Everyone else: thanks for the votes and comments.


  4. designdream says:

    gratz guys! good job on your videos too…

  5. Ravi says:

    Congrats y’all!

  6. stefestella says:

    Congrats to all of you going! I look forward to hearing stories from you all, and hopefully some videos of you all working the crowds. :-)

  7. Melody says:

    Wow! Thanks SO MUCH to the boxee team, we’re going to rock CES!
    And thanks everyone for the support and comments. I’ll keep you posted ;)

  8. Kyle Murphey says:

    Great job melody! Go to CES and have a good time babes.

  9. Kiran Patchigolla says:

    Congrats and good luck to you all!

  10. Steve Reilly says:

    nice job guys, looking forward to seeing some video from CES!!

  11. Tung Luong says:

    congrats guys. I wish I wasn’t sick and actually made a scripted, well edited video like you guys! Too bad I procrastinated too much! Have fun.

  12. Steve Galea says:

    Faaaaaaaack. You don’t know how badly I wanted to go. I have never been to a convention like that or Vegas for that matter.

    Oh well, wasn’t meant to be. Have fun Boxee Team. Boxee Team HOOOOO! haha

  13. bijan sabet says:

    these are so great.

    i wish I could be at ces with you all.

    have fun!

  14. jvon says:

    congrats on everyone that won! hope you have fun at ces 09.

  15. My congratulation goes out to these four Boxee fan(atics?)! 8)

    Looking forward to many more blog posts/videos this week :)

    You all have fun at CES! …I’m ‘not at all’ jealous ;)

  16. Jason says:

    Hey guys,

    Since you’re at CES now and there’s no new Mac Mini announced, maybe it’s a good idea to go and cosy up to Asus and get the skinny on their updated EeeBoxen … :)


  17. Wilson says:

    Does anyone recognize the music that Melody used as the soundtrack in her video (which was extremely well done)?

    • Melody says:

      The song is from Ratatat’s album entitled 9 Beats. I don’t recall which track I used, since the track names are just the numbers 1-9.

  18. hey says:

    What is with this - all I get now is a ‘my feeds screen’. This sucks. what do I do, no help screen -how do I get to a channel or SOMETHING I can watch - user friendly ahhhh !!!

  19. What I’m wondering is how good is an appleTV
    with Boxee, does boxee make it possible to watch anything that i havehooked up to it? Can I take my NTFS drives of data and hang them off the AppleTV and play eerything

    please write me direct

  20. Going to CES says:

    [...] It’s official! [...]

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