collaborative effort to build our pitch to content owners

general — avner ronen on February 22, 2009 @ 1:09 am

your comments on the Hulu situation post inspired us to get users involved in building our pitch to content owners as to why they should embrace boxee.

we created a wiki page that anyone can edit. we will use this pitch when meeting with media companies to show that we understand their concerns and that the opportunity that boxee represents is greater than the perceived threat.

new alpha version coming, boxee meetup in NYC

general — avner ronen on February 20, 2009 @ 11:07 pm

the Hulu situation is a big/frustrating/annoying distraction. scrambling to deal with it also made us postpone our next alpha release to March 24th.

this launch will be a bit different. we are going to release the new version during a boxee NYC meetup, which will take place at Webster Hall (we’re going to be at the grand ballroom). the event will start at 6:30pm and the plan is to launch the version, demo the new features, talk about the upcoming beta, answer questions, drink and chat. the more boxee users attending the better.

these are interesting times at boxee. we were heads down, working hard on the next release when the Hulu thing blew up. we hope we will get it all sorted out in time for the meetup, but in any case it would be a good opportunity for us to share with you some behind-the-scenes drama and our view of the industry as a whole.

the Hulu situation

general — avner ronen on February 18, 2009 @ 5:55 pm

we love Hulu. they have built a great product and brand (including one the best Superbowl ads this year). since our early days in private alpha, Hulu was the most requested site by our users. so we built support for browsing Hulu on boxee, reached out to Hulu, and on Oct 20th, 2008 shared it with our alpha testers. the response has been amazing. people love watching many of their favorite shows on Hulu via boxee. last week we generated more than 100,000 streams for them…

two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. we tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on boxee, but on Friday of this week, in good faith, we will be removing it. you can see their blog post about the issues they are facing.

our goal has always been to drive users to legal sources of content that are publicly available on the Internet. we have many content partners who are generating revenue from boxee users and we will work with Hulu and their partners to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

we will tell them how users love Hulu on boxee, why it represents a great opportunity for them to better engage with fans of their shows, how boxee can help in exposing their content to new people, and why they should be excited about future opportunities of working with us.

we will blog/tweet as soon as we have any updates

video of the boxee meetup in San Francisco

general — avner ronen on February 7, 2009 @ 11:02 am

thanks for thor and and the rest of the GetSatisfaction team for putting together the first boxee meetup. it was an opportunity for us to share some of the history and thinking behind boxee, discuss our ideas for future releases and get feedback directly from users.

we had a great time and we’re going to repeat with more boxee meetups in other cities.

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