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Facebook Photos on boxee

as part of the boxee dev challenge Junda Liu submitted a Facebook Photos app. as Junda mentions in his own words below many people have been asking for Facebook Photos support in boxee.

we wanted to write a Facebook Photos app for a while, but never got around to building it. it’s great that Junda stepped in. he is also looking to add more features, so let him know what you’d like to see next.

the Facebook app is available on the boxee App Box. once you install it you’ll be able to find it under Pictures>Internet.

Junda Liu on what got him to write the Facebook App:

I’ve been looking for a Facebook photo app on boxee shortly after I installed it on my macbook pro. But no luck, even the vote on boxee blog shows Facebook is definitely the most wanted. Then I thought there might be some technical difficulties and stopped the search.

Fast forward to the boxee dev challenge announcement. To be honest, the prizes are not very attractive to me, because I already have HDTV and NAS. But I’m really interested in boxee APIs and would like to write something. And of course the first idea came to my mind is Facebook photos.

I used Facebook APIs once for a class project, so it took me a while to get familiar again. The boxee APIs and XML UIs are more straightforward, and the online tutorials help a lot. I also dug into boxee source code to find out how to add local rss content. I actually started the coding in Saturday afternoon and the app was almost done by Sunday night. Then on Monday, the Memorial Day, I polished the UI, took screenshots and wrote a brief readme. I know now it only has very basic features, so I set up a feature vote and start to work on new features like comments and status updates.

About me:
I’m a grad student in computer science in UC Berkeley. I use python a lot in my research.

Project page: http://code.google.com/p/boxeefb/

Step-by-step guide: http://code.google.com/p/boxeefb/wiki/Stepbystep

Bug report: http://code.google.com/p/boxeefb/issues/

June 6, 2009 at 10:45 am

16 Responses to “Facebook Photos on boxee”

  1. Absolutely fantabulous. I’ve spent too much time lurking on Facebook photos. Bringing it to my TV is even better.

  2. Love this - clear reason why open APIs (both boxee and facebook) are far superior to closed systems. Got the App on AppleTV however, nothing happens after I select OK for log me into facebook. I’m assuming there’s a pop-up that needs to occur that I’m not seeing. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • avner ronen says:

      i think it has to do with the fact that the app is trying to open a facebook page to authenticate the user (which is not possible under Apple TV). Junda any ideas?

      • Junda says:

        Hi, a browser is needed to show the Facebook login page (this is a Facebook policy). But you can copy a config file to AppleTV to solve the problem. See project page - Apple TV users section for more details.

  3. matt says:

    not working for me either, on appletv

    • Junda says:

      sorry about that. Current solution may be not easy for casual users.

      Technically speaking, the login can be done inside boxee, but it may be prohibited by Facebook. I’ve asked someone in Facebook and am waiting for their reply.

      I’m also looking at other possible solutions like facebook connect.

  4. Mohan says:

    Wow, this is cool, I am going to install this once I get the HDTV back as mine went out a week ago and current using the god awful SDTV…yuck!

  5. Junda says:

    Apple TV users please have a look at


    I assume ssh or other file transfer method is enabled

  6. Scott Siegel says:

    Junda this is great and I guess you’re waiting to hear back from FB, but can you do a visual step by step for casual users to copy the working registry.xml from my computer to ATV.

    Where/how do I get the config file and then transfer to Boxee in ATV?


  7. Howard says:

    Added to Apps, but doesn’t show up in my Apps

  8. JFischer says:

    Unable to login to Facebook app on Windows version. :/

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