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The Guild on boxee

the first web-show i ever watched was The Guild. for me it was the first time that i was waiting on a weekly basis for a new webisode. and now thanks to Jeremy Milum you can watch Season 1 & 2 of The Guild on boxee.

if you have not watched The Guild, you should. each episode is 3-8min long, so you can watch it all in one sitting. it is worth it. you’ll fall in love with Felicia Day. she is a genius. i can’t wait for Season 3 to begin (i believe it should come back soon).

Jeremy built the The Guild app as part of the boxee dev challenge and submitted it last week. it is up on the App Box, so you can install it and get addicted.

Jeremy Milum in his own words about developing The Guild app:

the app was pretty easy to write: i used firebug to
see what was going on in the background at the msn video site and
found out they were using JSON. i tried to decode that with the
included simplejson but it complained about some non-standard
characters, so i had to include demjson instead. checking the JSON
stream i located all the particulars that boxee would need to display
the media and that i would need to form the app. i then wrote some
python code to split the media files returned from a search of all
the guild‘ shows into the individual seasons for easy display. once
all the pythonic stuff was out of the way i used the nextnewsnetwork
app as a template to make my mine (the blog posts really helped) and
also some of the code from the songza and from the forums. i also
grabbed some images from the guild website to make it all pretty. i
made a some usability fixes suggested by gregms after he beta tested
it for me and thats that. this was really the first app i have written
in python and i find it a very nice language to use.

June 7, 2009 at 7:04 pm

12 Responses to “The Guild on boxee”

  1. Brian S says:

    Nicely done, Jeremy! The app works very well, and I'll definitely be using it to enjoy season 3.

  2. mb says:

    Excellent…I have been watching on the XBox interface which is not that intuitive. I am definitely going to go back and rewatch both seasons again, now that its available via an easier to manage interface.

  3. James says:


    Only I can't watch it. The app words great, it's just those beeps are sooo annoying.

    How about linking to the original videos? Or perhaps have an option in the settings for the app to choose to have beeps or not.


  4. Jeremy says:

    yeah i hate those beeps. youtube only has season 1 and when i asked during a recent live cast, felica did not know when season 2 would be available on youtube. even the season 1 shows linked from the guild site proper are censored with beeps.

    i could add another button to watch season 1 (uncensored) from youtube, but currently i don't know of any way to watch season 2 uncensored. does anyone else?

    the new shows for season 3 will be released on msn video first, then a month later on watchtheguild.com and then who knows on youtube

  5. Jeremy says:

    oooh, now that i check the youtube channel, it says that season 2 will be realesed their in the next few weeks

  6. James says:

    Awesome. I look forward to the update!

    I'm assuming app updates are implemented? I know boxee updates are in… sort of… (i haven't managed to get boxee to update itself on appletv. I get the notification but have to exit to upgrade…)

    If not how do we know an app has been updated?

    • tom sella says:

      applications do support update, yet its a silent procedure.

      and yes, with atv you need to exit to Launcher and update from the Downloads under Launcher.

  7. I"m not seeing it. Could the fact that I'm running the Windows Alpha have something to do with it?

  8. Andrew James Riemer says:

    Using the app from within the Boxee Box, there appears to be a problem with where some of the episodes appear. Under Season 3, episodes 1-7 & 9 appear in the selection menu, but episodes 8, 10, 11, and the finale only appear under the "Extra Features" area. Of those, one or two are labeled as Season 3 (S3), but at least one is not (EP10, if I remember correctly). I had stopped watching The Guild when I realized that episodes were missing. I resumed watching after I found the missing episodes in the "extras" area.