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Rob Spectre (aka @dN0t) is one of the most prolific Boxee App developers. He has five apps on the App Box (Auto-Tune The News, FailBlog, Improv Everywhere, Pure Pwnage, Happy Tree Friends) and one more that will come out soon (The Philip DeFranco Show).

Each app has its own unique look and show cases great independently produced content. This is the type of long-tail stuff that gains real traction on the web and there is no reason why people should not be able to enjoy it on their TVs.

Rob knows his stuff. Each one of these apps are gems. I must admit that i am quite addicted to Auto-Tune The News and Fail Blog. here is Rob in his own words about the apps:

So far I’ve developed six skin apps for boxee, all aimed at bringing original and independent online content producers to the television by leveraging boxee’s easy development platform. The content producers represented in each app are very DIY, punk rock approaches to entertainment with a unique focus on quality - much like boxee itself. I’ve long wished they were available on my television, which of course is now possible with boxee.

But never mind the bollocks, here are the apps!

1) Auto-Tune The News

Produced by Brooklyn indie darlings The Gregory Brothers, their series successfully marries satire of corporate music and mainstream news by using the popular audio plugin Auto-Tune to alter the voices of politicians and pundits on cable news. I’ve been a fan for a while and thought it a perfect addition to the family of content available on boxee as well as a good starter app to gain familiarity with boxee development.

Recommended First Episode: “Auto-Tune The News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage.”

2) FailBlog

Easily the most popular of my apps thus far, users can finally witness the glorious fail compiled by the FailBlog crew on their televisions. Gathering only the most epic fail, most sick pwnage, and most thoroughly winless footage, FailBlog has become the authoritative source of spectacular embarrassment on the Internet.

Recommended First Episode: “Backspin Fail”

3) Improv Everywhere

This app captures the “missions” of one of my favorite New York comedy ensembles, Improv Everywhere. A singularly capable flash-mob / culture jamming outfit, the Big Apple is their set with Kaufman-esque improv humor guaranteed to delight. This is a kind of funny found nowhere else. This app grabs both their latest exploits as well as their greatest hits.

Recommended First Episode: “Frozen Grand Central”

4) Pure Pwnage

Created by ROFLMAO Productions in the frozen tundra of Toronto, Pure Pwnage is a popular show in a reality format centering around the fictional, but highly believable life of a professional gamer. Jeremy (aka teh_pwnerer) is documented by his film school student brother Kyle dealing with the unique trials and tribulations of being that damn good at video games.

Recommended First Episode: “FPS Doug”

5) Happy Tree Friends

The bastard brainchild of San Francisco’s Mondo Mini-Shows, Happy Tree Friends is the children’s cartoon for the pathologically insane. Featuring ultraviolent animated carnage, this app provides their full length episodes in high quality H.264. Future revisions will feature more of the HTF shorts and fan favorites.

Recommended First Episode: “In A Jam”

6) [COMING SOON] The Philip DeFranco Show

Updated Monday through Thursday every week, the Phillip DeFranco Show is the popular YouTube show of 23-year-old Bronx native Philip DeFranco. Featuring 3-4 minute monologues on the topics of the day, DeFranco delivers a rapid-fire, intensely sarcastic take on the news while cultivating a highly engaged community. It’s like a late night talk show minus the guests and musical acts.

Recommended First Episode: “Best Comic-Con Cosplay and 4Chan Blocked?”

4 Responses to “5 Boxee Apps by @dN0t”

  1. Ian says:

    Love all this effort from rob. FailBlog is awesome, have yet to miss any of the updates and backspin fail is also my favorite lol… kabamm awwwwwwwwww, classic.

  2. Tom says:

    I checked the Boxee Repository on my ATV but could not find them listed. Where are these apps available from?

  3. Len says:

    Hello love the application and i am excited about using the service. I am using an apple MacBook pro and I have discovered when I play any (.mov file) Boxee will not play the audio. It does great playing the audio for all mpeg4 and asf file. I have install version (boxee- and i check to make sure its the latest version. Any help in resolving the audio issue.

  4. SeanO says:

    Without the creepy theme song from back in the day, I just can”t get into this resurgent Happy Tree Friends.

    Autotune the news is the best. Thanks!

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