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28 days later. a new version of the Boxee Beta.

We have released a new version of the Boxee Beta ( It is actually 37 days later, but I just really wanted to use that title for the blog post…

Since releasing the Beta we have seen significant uptake in usage. Some stats:

  • 150,000 new users joined Boxee
  • 3 million Boxee apps launched
  • 1.5 million TV episodes and Movies were watched

The new version of the Beta includes almost no new features, but rather is focused on bug fixes. We focused on stability issues. Many hangs and crashes were identified and resolved. We spent a bunch of time trying to improve the never-ending saga of handling SMB shares.

All-in-all, more than 500 issues have been resolved.

We could not have done it without the amazing feedback users are giving us. With the Boxee Beta, we have expanded our Early Access list to tens of thousands of users. This Early Access list has developed into a very active community of testers reporting bugs in great detail on http://jira.boxee.tv.

The community has helped us focus on the most important issues and identified points where Boxee needs some TLC.

Here are some of the things that kept us busy:

  • Multilingual keyboard support: under settings->appearance->region to add keyboards
  • Significantly improved video quality of our DXVA support
  • Regained support for older graphics cards (pre-2.0 pixel shader) which was broken after move to DXVA
  • Improved file scanning performance
  • Hardware acceleration of H.264 on Intel HD4500 cards
  • Hang on FLAC tag read over SMB
  • SMB crashes when canceling SMB operations
  • Hang on shutdown due to wait for SMB and file scanner
  • Hang in file scanner when manually scanning a folder
  • Hangs due to excessive locks around database pool
  • Hangs when left idle due to UDP sockets leak
  • Corrupted graphics on some ATI cards (X1600)
  • Log file cycling (every 32M, old log overrides boxee.old.log)
  • Present action dialog when clicking on DVD icon to allow browse/eject
  • Optimization to file scanning making it less IO intensive
  • Fixes to iPhone remote keyboard under Linux
  • Added support for m4b playback (audio books)
  • Crash in ID3 tag reading (playback and background scanning of some mp3 files)
  • Crash in some wav files which contained extra-info in the wav header (playback and background scanning)
  • Crash on some rss feeds caused by mis-parsing of empty http headers
  • Crash on image extraction from mp3 tags (in some cases)
  • win32: fixed runtime error in some cases where vc90 runtime was not installed properly
  • Dual screen issues. sometimes a movie would only show black screen when switching screens.
  • Allow apps to define properties for rtmp streaming
  • Playback of some internet video streams, mainly coming from playlists (partial read of the network buffer was causing wrong codec detection)
  • Playlist playback of internet video streams was sometimes using the music player instead of the video player
  • Playback of music from history (was not working and now it will open the folder played from)
  • Logout was broken enabling logging-in even after password change (was using stored cookie)
  • Win32: when launching boxee while another instance is running it will just bring the other instance to front

Download the new version from http://www.boxee.tv/download and help us continue to improve!

One thing that remains not addressed is AppleTV support for our Beta. Unfortunately, as AppleTV support was not created by us, we have no control or insight when, if ever, it will be fixed. That said.. For the adventurous, JimWiley & hillbilly1980 have worked on a step-by-step guide for getting your AppleTV running Boxee Beta. Let them know how you like it :)

February 17, 2010 at 8:43 am

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