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Giving Away a Boxee Box at Music Hack Day

Part of what I love about my home theatre rig is playing music through Boxee. Whether it’s my music library or streaming apps like Pandora and Last.fm, Boxee’s gorgeous interface is the first listening experience I’ve used that feels like it belongs in a living room. Music apps continue to be strongly represented in our Top 25 apps each week and this month’s Music Tech Summit in San Francisco presents a prime opportunity to up that count even more.

SF Music Hack Day LogoIdan and I will be attending this year’s Music Hack Day to connect with the brightest developers in the music industry and we’re bringing a sack of goodies along. On hand to help hackers bring music services to the television, we’re holding another friendly hacker face-off with a serious prize up for grabs: a Boxee Box (as soon as it is available).

This 15-16 May, we’ll be awarding the hotly anticipated hardware from our partners at D-Link to the best music app to be completed at the weekend codefest. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a Boxee T-shirt for every hacker that completes a Boxee app during the fest.

All you need to win is to get on the waitlist for the event, show up ready to hack, and produce an app that is ear-popping, face-melting, brain-blistering wholesale-monkey-rodeo awesome.

Well, maybe not this awesome…


…but something close.

May 5, 2010 at 3:21 pm

6 Responses to “Giving Away a Boxee Box at Music Hack Day”

  1. If some one puts together a Spotify app, I will love you forever and ever, no lie.

  2. Victor says:

    Does this mean the boxee box will come out soon? I want one so bad

  3. Matejay says:

    Me…wanna…boxee…box…soon!!! :) Seriously, Australian free TV programming on the weekends sucks and the Boxee Box will be a gift from the heaven, a salvation… well as soon as it is available I guess. (C’mon guys, just finish it soon).

  4. tmorgan says:

    Just feeding us kibble and bits to keep us quiet about the release of the actual boxee box. Release the damn thing already gosh!!! stop stalling

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