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United Football League Opens Season on Boxee

UFL ShieldIf you’re looking for live football games in HD from the Internet here in the US, you don’t have many options. If you’re a player who’s not one of the 1700 picked to play in the NFL each year, you also don’t have many options. Enter the United Football League (UFL) and a group of owners, players, and founders that are dedicated to providing quality football at affordable prices (average ticket price is $20) for underserved football fans.

Starting with a league of 5 teams - the Florida Tuskers, Hartford Colonials, Las Vegas Locomotives, Omaha Nighthawks, and the Sacramento Mountain Lions - the UFL has quickly gained a following of hundreds of thousands of fans across the nation. The rules are similar to the NFL with a few exceptions that are meant to give fans greater access to traditionally off-limit locations, including the locker room and behind the bench, to better engage the fans and bring them closer to the action - you won’t see any gimmicks or stunts in the game, just awesome bone-crushing football.

With the brand new UFL App on Boxee (it’s called the United Football League in the app library), you’ll be able to see almost every league game streaming live in HD at the same time as they air on Versus and HDNet (we’re catching up to you Mark!). You’ll get the same in-depth access to behind the scenes conversations, along with a full schedule of games, league footage, and access to previous games on-demand.

The first game streamed on Boxee will be a rematch of last year’s UFL Championship Game when the Las Vegas Locos host the Florida Tuskers at 11 pm ET on Saturday night. Try the app and sign-up for game day reminders via email to make sure you don’t miss it.

September 17, 2010 at 9:18 am

25 Responses to “United Football League Opens Season on Boxee”

  1. Stephen Simpson says:

    Great job Boxee!! Although it is not the NFL (And lets face it, it will be a loooooooong time before you guys are allowed to tap into that resource) football is football. I have always been intrigued by the UFL. I personally believe that within 5-10 years the NFL will buy this league and make it the minor league system of the NFL. Its something they need. This is also a great way to showcase Boxee’s ability to stream LIVE sports. It adds to their already impressive lineup of MLB, NHL, Golf, Soccer, and I believe Tennis. The only thing you need now is the NBA!!

    Quick question. Is this an H.264 stream or flash? Also, is this free ?????

  2. Jerry says:

    Why not NFL? I am not a big NFL fan but that would be better…no? Also bring some canadian content to boxee if you guys actually want to sell this box in Canada

    • Stephen Simpson says:

      Jerry, the NFL is crazy picky. It has an exclusive agreement with DirecTV in the States and they do not allow 3rd party access without multimillion/billion dollar deals. Even for users outside of the US. It is possible for them to have a Directv superfan application, but that has to come from directv and my guess is they want to limit that as much as possible. Boxee WILL not get it until directv contract runs out in I bekieve 2014 and then the NFL has to allow the games to be played on the web. I just dont see this legally happening anytime soon!

      As for the NBA, I remember an NBA app, but I didn’t think it played live games…did it???

      • andrew kippen says:

        we have a great relationship with MLB and the NHL where you can stream live games if you’re a subscriber to one of their online packages. We’ve got an app that delivers highlights from the NBA, but not live games just yet.

        NFL makes too much money from DirecTV at this point to stream games here in the US. We hope to work with them on the international side though.

        • paying user says:

          first of all thanks boxee. I love you guys. I’m abotu to belly ache and I want to be positive right offf the bat before I complain about NFL/DTV…

          I currently pay for the direct TV NFL season pass. It costs $300. I have direct TV at home but I like to use boxee when I am away from home. One of the reasons I like paying the $300 bucks is direct Tv and the NFL let me take with with me on small devices and the web. This year for the first time they have made the subscription available even without direct TV. I don;t understand why we can;t get a official or unofficial app that would take the web interface that I pay for and present iot full screen with a nice interface like boxee does for you tube or hulu.

          that said I am pretty excite to watch UFL.

          • John Barker says:

            DirecTV now lets you watch the games on your computer, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android and Blackberry with the NFL Sunday Ticket To Go package. It’s pretty awesome and great quality (especially on the iPad).

      • bleuhayes says:

        What about streaming from NFL.coms Website. There is a ton of content. Does the same thing apply? You send us to NBC, Hulu, CBS, to watch content from there. why not send us to the NFL.com to watch what they have there?

  3. reece says:

    very cool. nice work by Henry here.

  4. Jeff Swanson says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see the Nighthawks of Omaha play on my Boxee Box.

  5. Stephen Simpson says:

    Andrew, we gotta get the lingerie football league on boxee. I want it to have the most diverse options of any platform. (It has nothing tho do with a bunch of half naked women playing football ;)

  6. hobart says:

    where is ufl application and i not know where is application!

    • Stephen Simpson says:

      Its right there in the app library. You may need to sort by recently added.

    • andrew kippen says:

      Hey Hobart - it’s filed under United Football League rather than UFL; took me some searching as well so I hope to have it changed shortly to “United Football Leage (UFL)” so no matter what you search for, it should come up.

      Enjoy the season opener tonight!

  7. Lou says:

    Uhhhh, been trying all night and all the app says is its unavailable.?? Game is on live right now too.? Will this be fixed?

  8. terrapin says:

    What about the ASP World Tour, I was watching the event at Lower Trestles in California last weekend in HD through the web. It would be great to be able to watch sports not usually broadcast by TV channels through boxee. Think about it, surfing, skating, bmx, etc.

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  10. Sarath says:

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  11. Cher Flagge says:

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  12. Michael says:

    Any chance of talking to the AFL about a Nifty TV app?


    Even if it were just the view on demand stuff.

    • Michael says:

      Oh, and I use Ubuntu. Annoys me that I can’t watch the live games because of that stupid player of theirs.