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Watch Boxee. Get Fit with the Gymbox.

The Gymbox App for Boxee launches today and it’s a bittersweet day. For three and a half years many of us have been able to use the “I have to work” excuse with co-workers, friends, girlfriends, spouses, and ourselves. We traded dead-lifts, push-ups, treadmills, and pool laps in favor of keyboard finger crunches, chair balancing, and quick hustles to the bathroom.* Well, the Gymbox has taken that excuse away from us.


I’m a martial arts guy, I’m not doing Pilates with a bunch of spandexed 40 year olds. I fired up the App, and I saw the Pilates section and thought, hah!, I’m off the hook. I scrolled a bit further and saw the Yoga section… then the Kickboxing section… then the … then … There literally was something for everyone – from beginner to advanced.

When I went back a few days later, all the categories were there, but there were new videos. How could this be? Not only are they offering workouts for any type of person, but you get new workouts each week so that it stays interesting. Personal trainers be damned. Granted the app is geared toward Boxee’s elite female users, but men who feel too self-conscious to work out in front of the TV (you really shouldn’t), consider this one more thing to help sell the Boxee Box to your spouse or girlfriend.

GymBox-Live Workout

*NB - aside from being codemonkeys, Boxee employees are marathoners, triathletes, and martial artists. Or at least we try to be in the spare time that startup life presents us.

December 23, 2010 at 9:27 am

25 Responses to “Watch Boxee. Get Fit with the Gymbox.”

  1. G says:

    Looks nice, but I'm thinking a working Netflix and Vudu apps would help a lot more with the spouse.

  2. Florian says:

    "consider this one more thing to help sell the Boxee Box to your spouse or girlfriend"

    good one ;)

  3. JimStringBean says:

    The Boxee is so awesome, it's like my girlfriend I spend hourly nights with it on a daily basis, LOL….

  4. Denis says:

    End of the year is quickly approaching,,, 8 days left to release Netflix as promised.

  5. Brad says:

    Is it free or discounted somehow on Boxee? If not, wouldn't you be better off getting workout DVDs from Netflix or streaming them?

  6. Doc says:

    I love using Boxee (PC version) and waiting to see more new versions coming out!

    Loving the iPhone remote too :)

  7. person says:

    Hey, here's a great idea: instead of whining to Boxee about Netflix and Hulu, why not put pressure on Netflix and Hulu instead! They're the ones holding things up! Go bug them about it!

    • Mike Logan says:

      Not necessarily true. After the run-around, I finally got a Vudu rep. Now, the rep may not have known what he was talking about, but he said the ball was in Boxee's court. He said that Boxee has been given everything they need to make the Vudu app work and that I should contact them to find out when they plan to make the app available to Boxee Box customers. May or may not be true. May or may not be the case for Netflix and Hulu Plus. Remember, we're a crafty bunch of users and Boxee has history. They need to "at least try" to protect the content of their providers as much as possible. I think the delay is tied to that.

  8. Dennis says:

    Nice! It's good to see new additions made to the Boxee. I just wish people would stop obsessing about Netflix. We've been told it's coming and I'm willing to wait. Netflix is just one component of Boxee - there is so much more I use Boxee for and I'm glad the Boxee team is working on all parts of it.

  9. Burnstyle says:

    woooo a subscription app that does things my netflix account can do.

  10. JASON WILLIAMS says:

    Sigh. I thought the boxee team would surprise us today for Christmas, and give us Netflix. I would've bought one for my parents who aren't very tech savy and only want to watch movies. I guess I'll have to wait until next year or something.

    • Big John says:

      Got one sitting here on the floor, waiting for Netflix and a spot under my parents tv. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though.

  11. Boxee Boxed Up says:

    Why don't your programmers take up a useful hobby, like learning how to program!

    You chumps couldn't program for a 2 bit machine, as evidenced by the pathetic initial BB release and subsequent updates. I can't wait for Boxee to fold. How dare you throw your alpha crap onto the public with lies, lies, and more lies. Read up on some of the Amazon reviews and you'll see that the public has had enough of this vapor and betaware mentality. When Avner lies, the Boxee Box dies!

  12. Stefan says:

    Great! Now what about the YouTube and last.fm apps?


  13. Michael Hughes says:

    Can anyone confirm whether Gymbox subscriptions are available to UK residents? I've been to their website and can't find an answer, but their billing info asks for a Zip code, which usually means 'no'.

  14. Mort says:


    I cant see why some you are complaining regarding NetFlix and Hulu etc. .

    Have some patience. You should try and live in Denmark (Scandinavia if you dont know) we dont have all the streaming facilities that Americans have.

    But Im happy with the Boxee Box and software as it is now. But ofcource it would be need with more..

    Great project Boxee…



  15. Xander Robar says:

    I would find it immensely helpful if blog posts like this one included some kind of information on who the app is available to, and how to get it. For this app, I fired up the Boxee Box and went to Apps, nothing found. Searched for "Gymbox", nothing found. Logged into Boxee.tv, nothing there. So I'm guessing this app just isn't available for Canadian users yet. That's fine, I totally understand geographical restrictions. I'd just like to know if I can use an app before I spend the time looking for it.

    Love the BB though, wonderful product. Easily the most valuable tech I've added to my home theater at a fraction of the cost of everything else. Keep up the great work.

  16. HRMHGM HRMHM says:

    I'm so excited for the Netflix app tomorrow! Now I won't have to buy an Apple TV anymore, which at half the price, supports Netflix. Lookin' forward to the firmware update….

  17. Shane Jordan says:

    I finally got my wife interested in the Boxee Box with this Gymbox app. I tried to buy it but the application won't activate. I've talked to GymBox technical support and they say it is an issue with out the GymBox restarts on the Boxee Box specifically. The restart is what unlocks the app, but it actually restarts the whole Boxee Box and never unlocks. Are you goes working on this?

    Like I said, the wife approval factor is difficult and I thought this would be my window in, but no. Now she is even more disappointed that I bought this thing. Can you help?

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