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Refer a friend’s resume, win a Boxee Box

Refer A Friend

April 5, 2011 at 8:46 am

16 Responses to “Refer a friend’s resume, win a Boxee Box”

  1. Fabrizio says:

    There should be other ways to win a Boxee Box. No one I know is willing to move to New York or Tel Aviv.

    • avner ronen says:

      there will be more opportunities. where are you based?

      btw, i believe every person should spend at least some time living in New York or Tel Aviv, two of the best cities in the world (in my opinion at least)

      • Fabrizio says:

        I am in Montreal. And I believe is one of the best cities in the world. You should have a give away to your loyal software beta testers who are waiting for and OS upgrade.

        • Tspot says:

          Actually the best thing to do is tell the CEO of any company how to run it. I bet Mr Ronen hasn't replied because he was busy sending you a free boxee box. epic fail dude epic

          • Fabrizio says:

            It was a suggestion buddy. I don't think Avner minds from paying customers, he is always ready and opened to his fans suggestions and ideas. So don't come on here and bashing people, plus my suggestion was for any Boxee team member not you.

  2. Laurent says:

    What about Singapore?

    All of my friends impressed with Boxee but none of them knew you before (here in South-East Asia). And most of them are in media.

  3. Chris Morris says:

    I'd kill for the chance to move to New York. Got a spare couch and an need for a messaging specialist?

  4. Samukas says:

    I'm on the same page as Fabrizio. I'm from Portugal originally, staying at the UK now and planning to stay…

  5. pearson says:

    Regarding the office manager position: what small, medium sized item may I be required to support?

    (Did I just totally ruin my chances at jobulation? Anyway, I already support a tiny, small size.)

  6. Joel Petersen says:

    Is there any news at all about Hulu Plus yet? I'm anxiously awaiting any updates on that.

    • Samukas says:

      Hear hear! Waiting for that as well.

      • Duped says:

        Agreed. People who paid for a Boxee Box want to know when Boxee will make sure that their streamer can do the most popular streaming services (Netflix and Hulu) like products that cost half as much can already do.

        • Tev says:

          Yeah! For me the three big features are: playing local content, Netflix, and Hulu. So far we've got 2 out of 3, here's hoping for the last missing piece!

  7. carrie says:


  8. JerkyChew says:

    Hmm, I was in for the project manager position, but was out when I saw that you needed to know how to code, but was back in when I saw the part about the cat!

    I'm a systems guy who's been using XBMC since it was on the Xbox along with MythTV, Boxee, Plex, PlayOn, GeeXbox, and a million others. I'm always "that guy" that complains about why the UI should be like this, or the order of events should be like that. Maybe I'll write up a kickass cover letter and beg for acceptance. Never mind that I live in Massachusetts and bought a house! 6 months ago!

    If I attach my invite to the Boxee Alpha from 05/30/08, will that help give me some street cred? Pretty please?

  9. [...] Boxee also reminded us today they are hiring. Boxee has many positions open, most of which revolve around the Boxee software, not necessarily new apps. Nonetheless, the Boxee team has recently pulled together another successful round of funding and are looking to continue the development of their software and Boxee Box hardware. Those who provide successful referrals will get a Boxee Box. [...]