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Boxee Coming to the UK

It’s official!

We’re throwing our very first international event in London on June 7th. Sign up to join us here!

Register for Boxee UK Launch Party in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

Since launching the Boxee Box last November, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the UK and with lots of great broadcast content appearing online through services like BBC, SeeSaw, LoveFilm, BlinkBox, and others it’s a market that’s ripe for our type of TV. We can’t wait to visit with our London users, demo a few new partners, and raffle off some Boxee Boxes… and hopefully enjoy a good pint.

Since we’re new to London we’re asking people for 5 quid for the RSVP to better gauge head count. In addition to getting you in, that 5′er gets you:

  • a special edition Boxee T-Shirt created just for the London event
  • a Boxee sticker
  • a free drink

In addition to the upcoming event, we’d also like to announce that Wil Stephens has officially joined the Boxee team. Wil shall be heading up our business development and marketing efforts in Europe, and has already been making the rounds at events like MIPTV to help bring more European content onto the platform. His expertise in digital media from running Cube (a company he founded) made him a logical fit as we look to become the dominant software provider for set top boxes in Europe . We’ll also be hiring a few more positions in the London office so follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see an alert when those job posts go up.

Avner, Wil, Rob and I will all be at the event so you’ll have a chance to catch up with quite a few members of team Boxee whether you’re an app developer, content provider, user, or journalist.

May 10, 2011 at 9:14 am

79 Responses to “Boxee Coming to the UK”

  1. Cecemf says:

    Just ordered my ticket, looking forward to meet you guy's and glad to see that you guy's think of us in the UK ;-)

    • avner ronen says:

      cool. looking forward to seeing you there

      • Steve says:

        Avner, where are the updates you promised us in the comments of the previous blog post? Why would you actually lie in the comments of a blog post that was essentially admitting to stealing software? And now you're taking more trips? Are you trying to confirm your status as a bad company?

  2. Lee Theobald says:

    This is good to hear. As a Brit that has recently forked out for a Boxee Box, the amount of content available to us here is a little disappointing. Shouts of the forum & JIRA did seem to have fallen of deaf ears but maybe this isn't the case. Looking forward the to date & I hope we hear or some new content partners launched at the event (LoveFilm please!)

    • avner ronen says:

      We are investing in Boxee for the UK. Wil joined us a couple of months ago and is hard at work, talking with the local media companies and lining up partnerships, so we hope to bring lots of great content during 2011.

  3. Piet says:

    That's really great. Now how about that update about Boxee v1.0 on Windows that was promised within 7 days (on april 19th!) by Avner?

    • Matt says:

      Hopefully an announcement about 1.0 on Linux as well. It's been very frustrating watching XBMC grow in an open fashion, but enjoying the interface of Boxee so much that I have a hard time switching. The slow development cycle of Boxee on other platforms could be excused, but the gap in communication between Avner and his users is very unprofessional. It would be nice for him to take a break and throw us a little something.

    • avner ronen says:

      I said I am going to give an update, not that we will release an update.. at any case we are giving the issue lots of attention. Hope to be able to give some concrete answers real soon.

      • Phat Phreddy says:

        So is that the update ?? Or where is it ??

        I realize update can mean only info and not code updates.. But still thats weeks ago now with a 'this week' promise.

  4. Liam Gladdy says:

    This sounds awesome :)

    As an avid boxee user and developer, and also part time journalist, i dropped you guys an email to the PR address - hopefully I can come as press :)

  5. Tommy M says:

    Sadly, this has nothing to do with Boxee on Windows.

  6. HTPC_Former_fan says:

    Well, how about skipping the free drink and use the money saved to get 1 developer to spend a few hours to update Boxee software for PC?

  7. Kevin says:

    The Plex Media Server and corresponding iOS apps and so left boxee in the dust. The boxee team seems more interested in throwing parties and going to BBQ's than actually updating the app.

    • HTPC_Former_fan says:

      I wish I could switch, but they don't have a Windows option…

    • Norma says:

      I concur. Apps might still look better on Boxee, but for the rest Plex is far ahead!

    • Dumped_Boxee_For_XBM says:

      I just left Boxee on Windows for XBMC (which I initially rejected). The thing that kept me with Boxee was the Netflix support. However, I just can't deal with the buggy software and (worst of all) stuttering 1080p playback. (Yes it's Boxee because XBMC on the same machine plays the same media smoothly). What really put the nail in Boxee's coffin was the fact that my new TV supports Netflix out-of-the-box. Sure it's not as integrated as Boxee, but at least it is working.

      I was loyal for too long and now I'm bitter.

      • Axiom says:

        You might want to check out the XBMC flicks plugun for XBMC. Its come a pretty long way. Its actually a much nicer interface than Boxees. I am with you, I stuck with boxee for the nexflix, but now that does not even work so it was time to move on. I was shocked to see well XBMC flicks is now working. The guy over @ XBMC flicks has done some great work.

  8. Chris Morris says:

    What time does it start/end?

    • garm says:

      They'll make an announcement regarding the time in a week.

      • andrew kippen says:

        planning on opening doors at 6, starting once we reach a good size audience, and probably finishing presentations by 8:40 with plenty of time to network, drink, and dance.

  9. Sneckster says:

    Well I won't be going to that there London but will look forward to catching up on the Boxee Box and hoping we get some content.

    While you are here can you nip into the channel 4 offices and slap them into putting their content out in a higher res as 4od even looks terrible on a laptop let alone a TV

  10. Tom Williams says:

    we'll be glad to have you!

    Thank you for showing us UK users some love, both in terms of additions of channels and apps for UK users that have already been implemented, and focus going forward!!

  11. James says:

    Very nice but it would be better if you could update the iPlayer app so that it works!

    • avner ronen says:

      You can access iPlayer content through the TV Show library and we are working with the BBC to provide a much better iPlayer experience moving forward

  12. Ryan says:

    Hey Avner, are you fleeing to London to avoid your April 19th announcement on the Windows version??? I hate being a troll, but when you promise us some news, then ignore it for a month the only one that looks bad is you.

    • avner ronen says:

      sorry for not posting an update. hope to have news really soon.

      • Ryan says:

        Isn't that what you said last month???

        It is real simple:

        1) Yes, we are working on it, but it's going to be a long time. This Box thing is overwhelmed us.

        2) Yes, we are working on it and it is almost done.

        3) No, we sold you out to our hardware partners.

        We aren't looking for exact dates, just something to go on.

  13. Amboy Crow says:

    My gosh! You are exporting Boxee junk to our best ally and long-time friends in the UK? What an insult. Better to just dump it on Pakistan where the truth is valued at about the same level as the Boxee team has pegged it.

    Please, UK friends, read the reviews on BB. Keep your quid in a safe place and wait for much better products just around the corner.

    • avner ronen says:

      Do you own a Boxee Box?

      • Amboy Crow says:

        Yes, I do. I use it to demonstrate BB capabilities to others before they make a purchase. They invariably make the right decision after using it for a short while. I also own a Roku, with server, XBMC on a net top and Popcorn. The only one that I won't use myself is BB. Yours is the one I share with others who have yet to make a decision. Once they have tried it out, they scowl and look elsewhere. So, by implication, your question should have been, "Why did you buy BB in the first place?" My answer is that I was originally quite high on your software and I (foolishly) assumed you would make BB the best it could have been. Mistake on my part. At the time, there were insufficient objective reviews out there and I should have waited. So, I made a leap of faith. Silly on my part. Now, there are plenty of reviews out there so I hope that folks will look at the object ones from BB owners BEFORE they make the same mistake I did.

        • Geezer says:

          So go away then

        • Jeremie says:

          Well that's odd, I bought a boxee box a few days ago and have yet to find a file the boxee box has trouble with. I have a few 15gb 1080p x264 rips that play flawlessly, Mind you I updated the firmware to the latest during the first boot. Only issue I had was the box froze after an extended amount of idle time with the screen saver on.

        • andrew kippen says:

          What are you having issues with?

      • Scott Williams says:

        Please don't feed the trolls :)

  14. Afvoser says:

    Yeah, and you are going to see a lot of wilting if you don't get some firmware bug fixes out soon. Doing bugfixes once a year is not going to win you any fans.

    • avner ronen says:

      We have released 4 firmware updates since Nov 17th and a new one is coming out REAL soon, so I think we're doing much better than "once a year".

      • Mike says:

        Avner, quick question - will your new firmware release continue to contain violations of the GPLv3 license?

  15. Liam Gladdy says:

    Actually, while i've just signed up to come, I realise there is no location details anywhere, other than London!

    I assume, as eventbrite says 6pm it's an evening event. Any idea when we'll know where it is?


    • andrew kippen says:

      We're hoping to finalize a venue in the next 2 weeks. If you've RSVP'd we'll send you an email with all the details as soon as they're locked in.

  16. Geezer says:

    Dont listen to the bludgers on here team Boxee. If you don't own a BB, shut the f&@$ up, if you do, just be patient. Can't wait to share a pint with you guys.

  17. Scott Williams says:

    Ohhh exciting stuff, looking forward to any new UK content although to be honest most of it is covered, isn't it? The only exception I can think of it Sky player, personally I do not subscribe to Sky but I'm sure others would be happy to see it come to Boxee. The one and only UK content provider I would love to see come to Boxee is Spotify.

    Spotify is an amazing service and can't believe it hasn't got an app already, it's the equivalent of netflix for Music. No company has managed to do films like Netflix in the UK (LoveFilms selection is blllllaaa) but we have the best music service on the planet and we can't access it :( Please Boxee get spotify on the BB. You guys Rock, keep up the great work.

    • andrew kippen says:

      hope to talk with them while we're there, but you should let them know how you feel!

  18. JonB says:

    Do you guys at Boxee think you are doing a good job supporting the boxee box? I hate to troll but the box has MAJOR issues and it looks to me like you have no interest in fixing the problems. I forsee boxee not existing in the near future if you don't sort it out soon as lots of your customers are becoming bitter.

    Side issue: You are announcing a uk gig when the iplayer app has been fucked for months (it simply doesn't load). The iplayer is about the only thing us brits get that others don't and you can't even keep it working so i have to drag my ps3 into the living room all the time.

    Please please please answer my first question:

    Do you guys at Boxee think you are doing a good job supporting the boxee box?

    • andrew kippen says:

      I think we're doing a good job, and have heard that from many people we speak with. We know we could be doing better though so we just hired two more support people to help out. Apologies if you've had a bad experience and would be happy to work with you on your issues. Just email andrew (at) boxee {dot} tv.

      We've released 5 firmware updates in the past 6 months to fix bugs, add new features, and improve the experience. We're moving as fast as we can internally to address issues, and hope to address another round of concerns shortly.

  19. anonymouse says:

    >>it looks to me like you have no interest in fixing the problems.

    You must not know where to look. For the next release:

    Re: iplayer app issue: http://forums.boxee.tv/showthread.php?t=31824

  20. Andrew says:

    Sad, sad, sad… Checing in with the blog everyday hoping to see news on an update that gives me functionality. Perhaps the UK'rs will have beefed luck.

  21. Wayne says:

    Epic, been looking forward to this since November! Look forward to meeting you guys ;-)

    • andrew kippen says:

      looking forward to meeting with you too and learning more about what you love and want to improve about Boxee.

  22. Wayne says:

    PS tickets booked

  23. Ben says:

    Ticket booked, looking forward to seeing you guys, might even buy you a beer if you're lucky.

  24. Duped says:

    Still just want Hulu+ on my Boxee Box.

    Why can Roku, XBox, BluRay Players, TVs, cell phones, and more have it and Boxee Box can't?

    Why do I feel like Boxee is refusing to agree to Hulu's terms or that they pissed someone off over at Hulu?

    I get very upset every time I see that Boxee has found and is bragging about a new way to make money (paid app launches, UK sale) while my $200 Boxee Box can't do Hulu+ and my $100 Roku can.

    It seems absurd that all these devices can get Hulu+ and Boxee Box can't.

    Please help me understand what the delay is here.

  25. Niek says:

    What about an event in Amsterdam? Just an hour from London :-D

  26. pcosmic says:

    I'm a bit surprised that you dare to show your faces over here when the iPlayer app STILL isn't working! Surely it's a must for the UK.

    Would be great to know what progress you're making on this..



  27. Jim says:

    I too would like to see Hulu+.

  28. bayan says:

    Strolling in Van Cleef & Arpels Lorrie Cleef & Arpels model key

  29. Mike says:

    I won't be coming to the event, but I'm glad there will be one. It bodes well for UK focussed content going forward. I notice that in 1.1 there much more UK stuff now.

    I don't understand the angst about the iPlayer app, all of the content from the 5 main channels is in too low a resolution, whats the point? even 480p would be an improvement

    I am very pleased with my Boxee Box, it continues to improve with each update. Keep up the good work.

  30. Great post. Done, and done!

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  32. jigolo says:

    these are all great! When i need quiet time from my daughter is is too old for naps she listens to books on tape in her room. now my son is getting in to them, too.

  33. kirmizi yol says:

    My tip is simple — space the kids out at least enough so only one is a toddler at a time. My almost 3 year old clearly left toddlerhood behind just a month or two ago. Perfect timing — his brother turns one tomorrow.

  34. cadde 5 says:

    Good tips. I’m going to look for those little cars.

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  36. sikiş says:

    Texting has been a perfect way for me to stay in touch with our kids, especially when one is touring with a band for several weeks at a time, and the other is in college. I send short messages throughout each day just to say hi, and they do the same to me. If we had to talk on the phone, there would be a lot less communication. I’m all for texting.

  37. Mark says:

    Glad to see Boxee coming over to the UK, Although I don't own a boxee box I really want to and am ready to get one its just the lack of TV content, especially when such services are available here. TVcatchup is a great service and would love such a service integrated but unfortunately (and understandably) they're acting like twats on the whole matter. Now reports of iPlayer not working and at an incredibly low resolution when it was just makes the Boxee box seem like a grim purchase.

    Please have some good news for us here on June the 7th.

    - Live TV streaming service

    - Each channel's catchup service (ITV player, iPlayer(with HD ability), 4oD)

    - Decent resolutions for said services

    - SeeSaw integration

    - Airplay

    - LoveFilm

    These are what the majority of items that everyone wants over here, and for you to be any amount of success these are absolutely required. I have my fingers crossed.

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  41. Sad, sad, sad… Checing in with the blog everyday hoping to see news on an update that gives me functionality. Perhaps the UK'rs will have beefed luck.

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