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Headweb’s Movies Arrive For Boxee’s Nordic Users

The official Headweb App has just arrived in the Boxee App Library for users in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.


Headweb’s Scandinavian on-demand movie streaming service has won numerous awards over the past few years for delivering a great experience. They’ve done an amazing job of building out a solid service that offers premium films which, at its core, is built around satisfying users - you can watch on Mac, PC, Linux, LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 3 and now on Boxee. The new app delivers over 4,500 titles from Hollywood to independent films, with everything in high quality.

The App is live for users in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark now - sign up for an account at Headweb.com and try it out. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

May 26, 2011 at 3:22 am

20 Responses to “Headweb’s Movies Arrive For Boxee’s Nordic Users”

  1. Mathias says:

    Great news, but unfortunately the quality of the movies are in SD (says so on their website). As soon as they offered movies in HD, I'd jump on this wagon right away :)

  2. Boxee Steals Softwar says:

    Boxee steals software and disrespects user freedom and license obligations:

    • Patrik (consumer) says:

      If you want open source, then build your own device and use whatever software you like. The Boxee Box is a consumer product and it's purpose is therefor not to be "hackable" and entirely open!

      • Peter says:

        Sadly contracts and licenses aren't just things that you can ignore when your product target demographic changes. Or in your phrasing, the Boxee team can't just build their own device and "steal" whatever software they like to put onto it and sell it with.

        That aside, nobody really needs Boxee to be Opensource since there is the now again superior XBMC (e.g. check out Couchpotato which downloads movies on its own based on your favourites). It's just about fairness and licenses.

      • Anthony says:

        Patrik you fail to grasp that while Boxee may be a consumer product they used open source with it's accompanying GPLv3 requirements to build their "consumer" device.

        It's therefore incumbent upon them to follow the law. If they don't want to follow the law they're free to develop all their own proprietary software and sell it along with their proprietary hardware. Plenty of other companies do this and never need to worry about the GPLv3.

        It seems Boxee just wants the leverage that open source provides without giving back the openness that the GPLv3 requires. That's not only lazy, it has the smell of theft.

  3. Bangert says:

    Fantastisk ;-) Tak(thanks)

  4. David says:

    When will you close the gap between the Boxee Box and the downloadable version?? It's a YEAR gap!

  5. @Mathias, We're currently offering around 150 HD movies at the moment. As soon as we get HD-versions from our content providers we'll offer them online.

    Best regards,

    Andreas Vural

    Marketing Director, Headweb

  6. Afvoser says:

    Well, the app has been available for about 7-8 months (the unofficial version perhaps?) from their website - and suffers from the problem that it doesn't remember your login when you turn of the device (which I do every night).

    Also, its expensive compared to netflix, but that's a different story.

    And what about the Viewster app? Many months ago they said they had submitted their app for boxee approval?

  7. Patrik says:

    Great! Finally on demand content (movies) for us Nordic inhabitants! Makes the Boxee Box more attractive on these markets. Good job Headweb on being first out!

    Let's hope that more content providers do the same!

  8. Nielson says:

    This looks great! Maybe I will jump on the headweb wagon now :)

  9. play65 says:

    Well I won’t be going to that there London but will look forward to catching up on the Boxee Box and hoping we get some content.

    While you are here can you nip into the channel 4 offices and slap them into putting their content out in a higher res as 4od even looks terrible on a laptop let alone a TV

  10. moe says:

    does it work outside the Scandinavian countries?

  11. Daniel says:

    Great work - great that more and more Nordic and European services are being supported!

  12. escort says:

    Just ordered my ticket, looking forward to meet you guy’s and glad to see that you guy’s think of us in the

  13. Fenris says:

    Registered and checked it out some, watching some trailers.

    App itself seemed to work quite nicely, but I accidentally exited a couple times, as there's no exit warning (like stay/leave prompt) window before exiting, requiring me logging in again with username and password to continue exploring.

    But I wasn't so impressed with the content, while it seems that not every film is available on Boxee Box (SD) and couldn't find any HD content available on the Box either, while I saw them available with PC.

    Also picture quality (in trailers) varied from excellent to quite poor and there were some trailers with wrong picture aspect ratio.

    And finally, many movie descriptions were in Swedish only (along with just Swedish cover art), so these films were difficult to figure out what they were about without knowing that language.

    I'm considering about putting some euros on my account there to see how the films are actually and how playing them works, with subtitling, but I would really like to see the full film variety to be available on Boxee Box, since there was with PC available one SD movie that I've wanted to see long time and I wanted to check out HD movies too.

  14. does it work outside the Scandinavian countries

    • andrew kippen says:

      unfortunately Headweb is only available for Scandinavian users at the moment.