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WSJ Live streams now available

Four hours of live news streams are now available every weekday in the WSJ Live app thanks to an update launched this morning. When the app was launched last month it already had thousands of archived news pieces on demand, this update brings the full experience of WSJ Live to Boxee.


The live schedule:
8:30 AM The News Hub
10:30 AM The Markets Hub
12:00 PM WSJ LunchBreak
1:00 PM Digits
2:00 PM Mean Street
4:00 PM The News Hub – PM
5:00 PM Opinion Journal Live

Along with the live streams, the update has also resolved a few stability issues we found after the initial launch. Give the app a shot tonight and check out the new live streams on WSJ Live.

October 13, 2011 at 11:58 am

12 Responses to “WSJ Live streams now available”

  1. mpnieland says:

    Queue the posts bitching about lack of Hulu, Spotify, and Amazon VOD….

    Seriously, just keep working at making Boxee better guys. I'm frustrated about the above, but I'm still on your side!

  2. Koo says:

    Really hoping get some update about the coming fall update for mac pc…

  3. Scott L says:

    No one cares about this. Please work on the desktop app. Signed, the entire world.

  4. TabSpot says:

    Hey when will we watch NFL on Boxee ?

  5. notlistening says:

    Seconds Scott L

  6. Blake Miller says:

    Great and all, but…


  7. Anthony says:

    What's up with the dvd iso menus? I now have a small picture of the splash screen in the upper right hand corner of the screen and the selection icons on the whole screen, it makes it very difficult to navigate the dvd menu's. There is also a loud buzz when a selection is made.

  8. Sergey says:

    Buy NFL subscription and see with using Airplay

  9. jplages says:

    The last menu item [x] close menu inside the menu instead of closing it with the remote button is awful. Usability in this app sux.

  10. Bill says:

    Doesn't seem to work on my Mac Mini Boxee install. Please work on that.

  11. Regrettin Mypurchase says:

    Is the Boxee Box ever going to get a Flash update?
    You can't use espn3/NFL Game Pass and many other sites.

    See here: http://jira.boxee.tv/browse/BOXEE-10861

    It's insane that a streaming media box can't keep Flash updated.

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