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Boxee Sticker Design Contest Winners


After 3 vigorous rounds of voting, and lobbying that carried on late into Friday night. We have our clear winners of the Boxee Sticker Design contest. In first place is Josh McGee who made the beast of a Cut the Cord propaganda poster posted above.

Coming in a close second was Danica’s Boxee Pop. With the amount of soda this office churns through it was inevitable that this awesome image would find a place near and dear to our hearts.

Third Place goes to the Boxee pancake stack made by Kyle Kendrick, which will go well with the Boxee sandwich that’s already on the back of most of our laptops.

Two honorable mentions that we have to shout out here is the ridiculously awesome Boxee cat, drawn by an 11 year old user who’s going to make a killer graphic designer some day:

And this one submitted by a user outside the US that was a personal favorite of a few members of the team.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted designs. We had a ton of fun seeing what all of our users came up with. Hopefully we’ll be doing a few more contests like this in the not too distant future. Check out our Facebook page to see more of the entries, let us know which one’s your favorite!

December 13, 2011 at 10:53 am

20 Responses to “Boxee Sticker Design Contest Winners”

  1. @jvreeland says:

    Nick - when can we order these?

  2. Simon Jones says:

    Cant say I like it, sorry Nick it looks kind like war memorabilia not my think but well done for winning

  3. sallya says:

    They seems interesting.

  4. Boxee box Logo says:

    Checkout this logo > http://goo.gl/rxVb8

  5. Rodalpho says:

    Sorry, he was calling them out on their broken promise to update the PC versions. Only the boxee guys know when the stickers will be available.

  6. purewitz says:

    8 days til the beginning of Winter and your talking about frickin' stickers. What about the so-called Fall Update for the Windows, Mac, and Linux software versions of Boxee?

  7. Christian says:

    What is happening with the updated PC/Mac version of the Boxee app? Autumn is soon over! Will it be ready for xmas?

  8. network says:

    We have our clear winners of the Boxee Sticker Design contest. In first place is Josh McGee who made the beast of a Cut the Cord propaganda poster posted above http://www.nspnetwork.com/” rel=”nofollow”>.http://www.nspnetwork.com/

  9. Keith Page says:

    No major streaming source in Canada works in full screen on boxee box, Ctv, global, CBC, comedy network… But stickers, we got damn stickers. You guys need to be polishing these issues. The community is turning.

  10. Very interesting and informative article keep up the good work.

  11. I really like these, Nick! It’s always interesting to see a logo used in different scenarios. It kinda changes how you perceive it. The sticker is the clear-cut winner for me. The repetition of the logo throughout the piece is very well done. Lots of great contributions!

  12. I think you picked the right winner there although I have to say that I was taken in by the cat one.

  13. hifi forum says:

    Looks like a worthy winner to me.

  14. sports says:

    Some nice designs you have there mate, you have talent.

  15. Ford Forum says:

    Really enjoyed reading this article, ans a worty winner.