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Grooveshark lurking in the water on Boxee!!


We can’t remember what it was like to enjoy music prior to the streaming era that has consumed us all. Since its arrival though, one glaring problem remained: we couldn’t bring our online playlists to Boxee…until now! Grooveshark has arrived on Boxee, bringing some serious music streaming goodness to your home stereo system.

Huge Collection, Past and Present
Grooveshark’s catalogue won’t leave you wanting. Access millions of songs from every genre, from Rock to Classical to Electronic to Folk.

Now Playing on Boxee: Grooveshark

Check Out What’s Popular
The Grooveshark Popular List lets you check out what’s hot at the moment. Keep up with music trends and new tracks without being bombarded by ads (a la commercial radio).

Discover New Music on Grooveshark

Curate Your Music Library

You don’t have to dig through the mountains of music available every time you build a new playlist. Grooveshark makes it easy for you to build your own personal library. If you see something you like you can add it to your library with just 2 clicks. Then access your library from anywhere you want. Even on your mobile devices.

Create Playlists
Create and save playlists in the app, or any browser, then access them from anywhere.

Queue things up on Grooveshark for Boxee

The app is free to try for a few weeks and if you end up loving it - give up buying one cheap meal a month ($9) and all the music you can stream is on Boxee, your phone, and your computer. Once you’ve got an account - your playlists and music library are loaded up no matter what device you’re using.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve partnered to give away tons of Grooveshark premium accounts and 5 Boxee Boxes - head over to http://boxee.grooveshark.com/ to win!

Boxee and Headweb join forces to deliver a complimentary copy of “The Green Hornet” to Nordic users

We recently announced Headweb’s new Boxee app - to celebrate, we’ve teamed up to provide users in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark with a free copy of the blockbuster hit “The Green Hornet”. Headweb’s on-demand movie service has won numerous awards delivering an immersive experience and it’s dead-simple to use on Boxee.

Headweb gives away Green Hornet on Boxee
The offer (available until August 30, 2011) is exclusive to Boxee users, and is just the beginning of a great range of content promotions and exclusive offers we want to reward you with.

Follow these easy steps to redeem your offer:

  • Register or login online at http://www.headweb.com
  • Choose “The Green Hornet” out of the extensive movie catalog
  • Click the “RENT” button
  • Select “campaign code” as payment method and use the code G5M7K2X9Z8
  • Once successfully redeemed, return to your Boxee device to enjoy – Popcorn and Soda recommended but not included in the offer

Keep reading the blog for more great promotions with Headweb and other content partners on Boxee.

July 21, 2011 at 9:37 am