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Welcome Wolfgang’s Vault to the Boxee Family

I’m a music-lover. For three years I put together a music podcast to highlight my favorite music across many genres. I explored high and low for new songs on Pandora, Slacker, We are Hunted, HypeMachine, Lala, The Sixty One, Beatport, 7 Digital, NPR, and Last.Fm. I searched for killer mixes on Hybridized.org (Jody Wisternoff from Way Out West is my favorite here), Mixcloud, and the essential mixes & friday night bangers from the BBC (thanks Pete Tong & Annie Mac!). But while all these services do a great job of helping you discover new bands and mixes, none have created an experience around live music concerts like Wolfgang’s Vault.


Think of Wolfgang’s Vault like that amazing local record store run by the friendly man that knows more about music than you ever could because he’s lived it. He’s done the concerts, the VIP rooms, the backstage parties, the hotel parties, and the chance encounters. In my home town of Dallas, the man is Bill Wisener who has run Bill’s Records (and tapes, and CDs, and posters) for as long as I can remember. On the Internet that man is Wolfgang, and you now have access via Boxee to his collection of rare and vintage concerts as well as from bands on tour now.

Wolfgang’s Vault on Boxee propels you into a world of 60′s psychadelic rock, amazing vintage jazz, “tear the roof off this mother” funk, current Indie rock idols, and amazing concerts from the 80s. Wolfgang has generously picked out some of his favorites in the featured section. Wolfgang’s Vault aficionados can search for their favorite concerts or play directly from their personal playlists on the site. For those who hate making choices, you can just turn on Wolfgang’s Vault radio and let the music wash over you - including sessions from famed DayTrotter Studios in Rock Island, IL. Oh, and did we mention all of this is free?


Sign up for an account with Wolfgang’s Vault and relive all those musical moments you might have missed.

May 28, 2010 at 9:00 am