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GroupList controls are a special case of a group control. It groups the controls within the group into a list, either horizontal or vertical, and handles all positioning and navigation within the list automatically. It will automatically scroll if the number of items and their size exceeds the size of the grouplist and a scrollbar can be assigned as it would to containers. Note that the grouplist control will crop any control part of the controls inside it which exceed his defined size.


  1. <control type="grouplist" id="9000">
  2.    <animation type="Conditional" condition="Window.IsVisible(DialogProgress.xml)">
  3.       <effect type="fade" start="100" end="60" time="200"/>
  4.    </animation>
  5.    <posx>0</posx>
  6.    <posy>186</posy>
  7.    <width>500</width>
  8.    <height>550</height>
  9.    <itemgap>2</itemgap>
  10.    <orientation>vertical</orientation>
  11.    <usecontrolcoords>false</usecontrolcoords>
  12.    <onleft>-</onleft>
  13.    <onright>100</onright>
  14.    <onup>-</onup>
  15.    <ondown>-</ondown>
  16.    <control type="togglebutton" id="9001">
  17.       ...
  18.    </control>
  19.    <control type="button" id="9002">
  20.       ...
  21.    </control>
  22.    <control type="button" id="9003">
  23.       ...
  24.    </control>
  25.    <control type="button" id="9004">
  26.       ...
  27.    </control>
  28. </control>

Available Tags

In addition to the Default Control Properties the following tags are available. Note that all XML tags are in lower case.

Element Description Required
itemgap Specifies whether the list is horizontal or vertical. No
orientation Specifies the gap (in pixels) between controls in the list. Defaults to vertical. No
pagecontrol Specifies the page control used to scroll up and down the list. Set the page control's id here. No
usecontrolcoords Specifies whether the list should use the control's coordinates as an offset location from the coordinates it would normally use to draw the control. Defaults to false. Useful for staggering a control in from the edge of the grouplist, or for having more space around a control than <itemgap> gives. No
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