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Remote Control Interface

Boxee has a web interface that you use to build your own custom remote control interface. The web interface is built on top of the XBMC web interface with some custom boxee stuff.

Important: The web interface is very old and will be changed in the future. We are aware that the interface is not easy to use and the response are difficult to parse. We apologize for that.

Discovery: In order to discover running boxee applications in your local network, you will need to send a broadcast over your LAN. Running boxee applications will respond to that broadcast if it is properly signed. We have not decided at this point not to rely on ZeroConf, Bonjour or other technologies but rather build a very simple interface to anwer that need.

Discovery Request

Send the following packet to discover which boxee applications are running in your local network. Discovery requests should be broadcasted to UDP port 2562.

Request structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<BDP1 cmd="discover" application="<Client Application Name>" 
version="<Application Version>" challenge="<randomdigits>" 


Discovery Response

Once boxee receives the request, it verifies the signature and sends a response. The remote application must verify the signature of the response.

Response structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<BDP1 cmd="found" application="boxee" 
version="<version>" name="<host name>" response="<randomdigits>"
httpPort="<port_nubmer>" httpAuthRequired="<true|false>"


Sending Commands

After discovery is done, the remote application can send HTTP requests to the boxee embedded web server. The requests should be sent to the TCP port returned during discovery.

The commands accepted by boxee are . Please note that due to changes in boxee, not all requests defined by XBMC are working properly. The web server reponsds in a mixture of XML and HTTP. This will be changed in the future as noted at the beginning.

All requests going to the boxee web server should go to the following URL:



Below is a partial list of the commands for sending actions / keystrokes:

Below is a list of commands added by boxee:

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