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For all texture properties/tags in controls (like <textureonfocus>) it is suggested to use PNG and JPG as much as possible. For transparency use PNG. For animated textures, only animated GIF is supported. There are also SOME animated GIFs that may not work. Use ImageReady CS and make sure you set the gif-anim to restore to background and they should work fine.

Available Attributes

Attribute Description
border Used to specify a region of the texture to be considered a border that should not be scaled when the texture is scaled to fit a control's dimensions. The portion in the border region will remain unscaled. Particularly useful to achieve rounded corners that do not change size when a control is re-sized. Note that zoom animations and GUI rescaling will still affect the border region - it is just the scaling of the texture to the control size which is unaffected. Using border="5" will give a 5 pixel border all around the texture. You can specify each of the border amounts on each edge individually using border="left,right,top,bottom".
flipx Specifies that the texture should be flipped in the horizontal direction. Useful for reflections.
flipy Specifies that the texture should be flipped in the vertical direction. Useful for reflections.
align Specifies that the texture should be aligned in the horizontal direction. Valid values are "left" "right "center".
aligny Specifies that the texture should be aligned in the Vertical direction. Valid values are "top" "bottom" "center".
diffuse Specifies a diffuse texture which is "modulated" or multiplied with the texture in order to give specific effects, such as making the image gain transparency, or tint it in various ways. As it's applied per-pixel, many effects are possible, the most popular being by a transparent reflection which slowly gets more and more opaque. This is achieved using a WHITE image where the transparency increases as you move down the texture.


  1. <texture border="3" align="right" aligny="top" flipy="true" diffuse="diffuse_mirror.png">keyboard_key.png</texture>

Image File Location

The skin/Boxee Skin NG/media/ folder stores all your images used within your application. PNG, JPEG and even GIF will work (with limitations) in your application. However we strongly urge you to stick with PNG format. This offers excellent quality with the option of transparency. It scales very well in our UI. Some things to note:

  • Images only stretch, they will not repeat or tile.
  • Images will be packaged with your application. Keep them as small as you can without loosing quality.
  • We can't guarantee that GIFs or JPEG will render properly. Best to stay away.
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