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Helpful Debug Grid from Bartsidee

Late last year Dutch developer Bartsidee exploded onto the Boxee scene with a popular custom repo delivering some widely used applications. Bart has also been huge on the Boxee Forums helping developers get started on Boxee and providing a lot of tips and tricks. His repository is one of my favorite to watch on GitHub and he just released a simple but helpful grid graphic to help debug your UI layouts in Boxee.

Check it out:

Bart has laid out markers in pixels to help you place your controls on the grid. Super useful to put as a background on your application while you are doing your UI design. Simply drop thing PNG inside your media folder and put it in the background by making it the bottom image control on your UI stack. You can do so with just a few lines of XML:

<control type="image">

Thanks Bart - enjoy!

March 2, 2011 at 11:55 am

One Response to “Helpful Debug Grid from Bartsidee”

  1. Sidebart says:

    Now we just need for the little homebrew developer can make his own little addons without having to have their privacy violated