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Grant Goodale Wins Music Hack Day Prize, JuxBux Team Pwns

This past weekend Idan and I represented Boxee at Music Hack Day in San Francisco, a rad hackathon event focused on music technologists of every stripe. We met some very enthusiastic Boxee users, met some top notch engineering talent, and saw some singular hacks over the course of the weekend.

Winning our top prize for bringing the electronic music community BeatPort to Boxee with a soon-to-be-released Boxee app was Grant Goodale (@ggodale)! Called BeatBox, the app allows users to flip through the top 100 most popular and recently released tracks as well as browse by genre through BeatPort’s huge catalog of electro tunes. Grant put together the killer hack in 18 total hours of development time with no previous Python experience. Grant had this to say about the experience:

I’m impressed at how easy it is to build great apps for Boxee.

In addition to meeting Grant, we got to get some quality hack time in with a pair of developers to work on our own hack called JuxBux. Joined by Noah Zoschke (@nzoschke) from Heroku and Antoine Margurie (@antoinem) from Fairtilizer, we produced a social music jukebox game for Boxee.

The scenario stems from a frustration common to many New York startups: space. With the limited office space in Manhattan, most startups can only reasonably have one set of speakers going at one time, leading to a natural conflict of musical tastes. JuxBux turns that conflict into a social game by creating a jukebox controlled by the crowdsourced selection of those present in the office. Users can submit tracks to the queue, vote on the current playing track, and expend the points they earn on instant plays and vetoes. We’re planning on continuing development on this hack and doing a public release soon.

Many thanks to Noah and Antoine for lending their extensive talent to the project - it was great working with you!

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