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The application folder/file structure is very important, and remains the same across all platforms, devices and Boxee client versions.

App structure.png

Folder/File(s) Description
appid/ In this case its 'myapp'. This is the root folder of your application. The folder name must match the appid tag you set in the descriptor.xml file.
descriptor.xml The descriptor is used by Boxee to display application specific information to the user such as title and description. It also tells Boxee how to handle your application, what platforms it should be visible to and where within the application library it should be stored.
python Any python scripts that are required for your application to run go here.
skin/ This directory holds media and xml UI for your application. The 'meat and potatoes' as they say.
Boxee Skin NG/ Folder that contains the skin and media folders.
720p/ Contains the xml/ui layout files for your application.
xml/ui layout files Skin xml files define the look, feel and functionality of your application.
media/ Contains all the images for your skin/application.
images Best to keep images as png for quality and support. These images are used/called by your xml layout files and are displayed onscreen. Transparency is allowed. Images can be stretched but not repeated/tiled, unless you lay it out manually.
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