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As of February 27th, 2011, submitting applications to the Boxee Application Library is done using the developers interface on our website. After you submitted your application - the request is then being tracked using JIRA (issue tracking system).

Boxee has the right to refuse submissions to the Boxee Applications Directory if they do not meet the Terms of Use.

Boxee will review the submitted applications and once approved, it will be added to the Boxee Applications Directory and an email response will be sent to the application developer.

At this time, the Boxee Application Library is open to the general public and submitting application is free of charge.


The key to an easy submission process is making sure your application conforms to the following guidelines:




Prepare your Application

Please perform the following checklist before uploading your application and submitting it.

Application Name

When naming a Boxee application it's important to be specific - create a name that quickly distinguishes your application from others available on Boxee - this means your collection of great comedy movie scenes from the 90s probably shouldn't just be called "Funny Scenes" :)

Additionally your application name should not be anything that's copyrighted or trademarked. The easiest way to avoid this issue is to do a quick web search for the name of your application. If there's a company, product, or existing show with that name in the first 2-3 pages of results we suggest you change it or reach out to the company to gain permission. If you do obtain permission to use the name please let us know when submitting your application.

Remove unused files and folders

Clear any files/temp files which are not required for you application to run.

Application Descriptor

Tripple check your descriptor.xml

Source code

We ask that if your application contains python scripts to please include the py file and not just the compile pyo files. Although the app will still function its best to keep the code as open as possible. However if you are working with a company that requires this you can zip only the pyo but you must include the python code source (not compiled) in another zip file and attach it to the submission request on JIRA once created. All files are scanned by our QA team for possible malicious code.


zip -r appid/

For instance... if your application id is baseballvideos and the application version is 1.8, navigate to where your application folder lives. then simply:

zip -r baseballvideos/

Submitting Your Application

Categorizing Your Application

With Boxee 1.2, you have the ability of categorizing your app, thus making it easier for users to find your application based on the content it contains. This can be done in your Developer Dashboard. Select your application, then choose three of the following categories:


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