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It is recommended that you read the Boxee Application Overview before you dive into this documentation.


Quick References


The skin/Boxee Skin NG/720p/ directory holds all your window xml files. Each one defines the UI for a single window and all have the same basic layout. With each window you can place different controls and define how the user will navigate those controls and the window itself. The structure of the window .xml files can be found on the Window Structure page.


Controls define everything from buttons, labels, images, lists and more. Each control section will explain the selected control in detail. There are many different types of controls, all which represent UI elements displayed on-screen and most can be interacted with by the user. Each control, as the window itself, has a basic structure with default properties and specific properties which represent its behavior and look.

Conditional Visibility

The power of the skinning engine is based on the ability to show and hide controls using conditional statements (Boolean Conditions). Conditions can me compared and combined with no limit. The logic is simple true/false logic.

Label Formatting

In the Boxee framework, there are predefined font and color values, labels can also be formatted using special tags in the text label property itself. The tags allow the use of different languages through a localization support, it enables the label to display application variables and system variables and it allow visual formatting of the label to bold, italics, full caps, lower case and colored, or all of them together.


For all texture properties in controls (like <textureonfocus>) it is suggested to use PNG as much as possible, especially for transparency. For animated textures, only animated GIF is supported. Make sure to use ImageReady CS and set the gif-anim to restore to background and they should work fine.


The skinning engine supports animations of any control allowing them to rotate, slide, fade or any combination there-of. Combining animations with conditional statements ensure your skin will have stunning effects that appear as professional as a 1st party product.

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