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Applications,Boxee GUI API



Boxee supports many "built-in functions" that can be called from within your application/skin. Some functions here are left over from XBMC and may no longer be relevant.


  1. <onclick>notification(my title, my message)</onclick>
  1. <onclick>ActivateWindow(0)</onclick>

Available Functions

Function Description
Help This help message
Reboot Reboot the xbox (power cycle)
Restart Restart the xbox (power cycle)
ShutDown Shutdown the xbox
Powerdown Powerdown system
Quit Quit XBMC
Hibernate Hibernates the system
Suspend Suspends the system
logout logout user from XBMC
RestartApp Restart XBMC
Minimize Minimize XBMC
Credits Run XBMCs Credits
Reset Reset the xbox (warm reboot)
Mastermode Control master mode
ActivateWindow Activate the specified window
ReplaceWindow Replaces the current window with the new one
TakeScreenshot Takes a Screenshot
RunScript Run the specified script
RunPlugin Run the specified plugin
RunApp Run the specified app
CallPython Run the specified python code
ShowActionMenu Show action menu of selected file item in list
Extract Extracts the specified archive
PlayMedia Play the specified media file (or playlist)
SlideShow Run a slideshow from the specified directory
RecursiveSlideShow Run a slideshow from the specified directory, including all subdirs
ReloadSkin Reload XBMC's skin
RefreshRSS Reload RSS feeds from RSSFeeds.xml
PlayerControl Control the music or video player
Playlist.PlayOffset Start playing from a particular offset in the playlist
Playlist.Clear Clear the current playlist
EjectTray Close or open the DVD tray
AlarmClock Prompt for a length of time and start an alarm clock
CancelAlarm Cancels an alarm
Action Executes an action for the active window (same as in keymap)
Notification Shows a notification on screen, specify header, then message, and optionally time in milliseconds and a icon.
PlayDVD Plays the inserted CD or DVD media from the DVD-ROM Drive!
Skin.ToggleSetting Toggles a skin setting on or off
Skin.SetString Prompts and sets skin string
Skin.SetNumeric Prompts and sets numeric input
Skin.SetPath Prompts and sets a skin path
Skin.Theme Control skin theme
Skin.SetImage Prompts and sets a skin image
Skin.SetLargeImage Prompts and sets a large skin images
Skin.SetFile Prompts and sets a file
Skin.SetBool Sets a skin setting on
Skin.Reset Resets a skin setting to default
Skin.ResetSettings Resets all sMute the playerkin settings
Mute Mute the player
SetVolume Set the current volume
VolumeUp Volume up
VolumeDown Volume down
Dialog.Close Close a dialog
System.LogOff Log off current user
System.Exec Execute shell commands
System.ExecWait Execute shell commands and freezes XBMC until shell is closed
Resolution Change XBMC's Resolution
SetFocus Change current focus to a different control id
SetVisible set a control to be visible
SetHidden set a control to be hidden
BackupSystemInfo Backup System Informations to local hdd
UpdateLibrary Update the selected library (music or video)
CleanLibrary Clean the video library
PageDown Send a page down event to the pagecontrol with given id
PageUp Send a page up event to the pagecontrol with given id
LastFM.Love Add the current playing last.fm radio track to the last.fm loved tracks
LastFM.Ban Ban the current playing last.fm radio track
LastFM.Settings show the lastfm settings dialog
Container.Refresh Refresh current listing
Container.Update Update current listing. Send Container.Update(path,replace) to reset the path history
Container.NextViewMode Move to the next view type (and refresh the listing)
Container.PreviousViewMode Move to the previous view type (and refresh the listing)
Container.SetViewMode Move to the view with the given id
System.Exec Execute shell commands
Container.NextSortMethod Change to the next sort method
Container.PreviousSortMethod Change to the previous sort method
Container.SetSortMethod Change to the specified sort method
Container.SetPath Set new path for container
Container.SortDirection Toggle the sort direction
Container.FocusItem Focus item in a container
Container.SelectFocusedItem Select the focused item in a container
Container.SelectItem Select single item in a container
Container.UnselectItem Unselect single item in a container
Container.SelectAll Select all items in a container
Container.UnselectAll Unselect all items in a container
Control.Move Tells the specified control to 'move' to another entry specified by offset
Control.SetFocus Change current focus to a different control id
Control.Message Send a given message to a control within a given window
Window.SetProperty Set specified value to a window property
Window.Refresh Send update message to current window
ResetDatabase Reset library database
CleanOldThumbnails Clean old thumbnails
SaveWindowState Saves the state of the current active window
ResetWindowState Reset all previous saved states of the current active window and restore to topmost state
RestoreWindowState Restore the previously saved saved states of the current active window
PopWindowState Pop the previously saved states of the current active window without restoring the state
PopToWindowState Pop previously saved states of the current active window without restoring the state, keeping N items in the stack
SendClick Send a click message from the given control to the given window
Control.SetLabel Set a label value of a control - Example: SetLabel(id, string)
ToggleButton.Select Select a toggle button
ToggleButton.Unselect Unselect a toggle button
App.SetString Prompts and sets app string - Example: App.SetString(key, value[, keyboard title[, hidden]])
App.SetBool false)
App.Toggle Toggles a setting on or off - Example: App.Toggle(key) if doesn't exist, die
App.ResetAll Deletes all keys - Example: App.ResetAll()
App.Reset Deletes a key - Example: App.Reset(key)
App.PushBackString Prompts and set string - Example: App.PushBackString(key, value, limit (0=none)[, keyboard title])
App.PushFrontString Prompts and set string - Example: App.PushFrontString(key, value, limit (0=none)[, keyboard title])
App.SetParam Set parameter value
Log.Debug Log at debug level
Log.Error Log at error level
Log.Info Log at info level
Log.Warning Log at warning level
LoadProfile Load the specified profile (note; if locks are active it won't work)
SetProperty Sets a window property for the current window (key,value)
PlayWith Play the selected item with the specified core
LIRC.Stop Removes XBMC as LIRC client
LIRC.Start Adds XBMC as LIRC client
LCD.Suspend Suspends LCDproc
LCD.Resume Resumes LCDproc
ToggleKeyboard Toggle keyboard
BrowserFullScreen Toggle browser full screen
BrowserBack Browser navigation - back
BrowserForward Browser navigation - forward
BrowserPlaybackPlay Browser playback - play
BrowserPlaybackPause Browser playback - pause
BrowserPlaybackSkip Browser playback - skip
BrowserPlaybackBigSkip Browser playback - big skip
BrowserPlaybackBack Browser playback - seek back
BrowserPlaybackBigBack Browser playback - big seek back
BrowserActivateExt Browser activate extension
BrowserPlaybackTogglePause Browser playback - pause/play
BrowserChangeMode Browser change mode (cursor/keyboard/player)
BrowserNavigate Browser navigate (url/search term)
BrowserToggleMode Browser toggle between keyboard and mouse mode

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