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About Descriptor XML

The descriptor is used by Boxee to display application specific information to the user such as title and description. It also tells Boxee how to handle your application, what platforms it should be visible to and where within the application library it should be stored.

The descriptor.xml is a required file located in the base of your application directory.

Required Elements

Element Description
id Unique identifier for the application. Must be all lower case, alphanumeric and dashes (-). For example: my-gr8-app.
  • Dot characters are not allowed for applications published with the Boxee Library.
  • Dot characters should be used if the application is stored at your Custom Repository. for example:
name Short name for the application. For example: My Great Application.
thumb URL for a thumbnail, available on-line. For example: The thumbnail dimensions should be 200×200.
description Brief but detailed description of the application.
version Version number for the application. Should be in format MAJOR.MINOR. For example: 1.9. Please note that MINOR versions should be numerically larger in order to properly support upgrading. Therefore, 1.05 > 1.04 BUT 1.5 < 1.49.
platform Supported platforms that can run this application. Values must be either all for all platforms or one or more (comma delimited, no space) from the following devices:
  • dlink.dsm380 - Boxee Box
  • iomega.zt - Iomega (EU content only)
  • iomega.zt1 - Iomega w/HD (EU content only)
  • intel.ce4100
tags Currently not in use.
type Defines the 'type' of your application. Possible values are:
  • skin - default application with gui.
  • html - web app. basically launched the url define in the url element tag.
  • rss - launches the default rss application with the rss url define in the url element tag.
media Media type this application plays. Must be either:
  • video
  • pictures
  • music
copyright Text with copyright notice. Please note that the license agreement for all applications is GPL since Boxee, which is based on XBMC is GPL.
email Contact e-mail of the application developer. Will not be published.
minversion Minimum Boxee version that can run this application. format X.Y.Z The minimum number must be at least 0.9.11 for Boxee Applications and 0.9.7 for Boxee Feeds/ RSS.
url for applications of type rss. The URL where the RSS resides. For protocol use rss://. For example: rss://
startWindow for applications of type skin. The id of the first window which will be launched when opening the application. For example 14000. This can also point to a python file in the root application folder, in that case it should be the name of the python file without its extension. For example start for
repository Repository URL path.
controller Defines a JavaScript controller to be used when launching a html app.

Optional Elements

Element Description
repositoryid Only used in 3rd party custom repositories, should match the repository set in your repository.xml
is-persistent true/false. Keep settings persistent even after reboot. Unless this is absolutely required please do not set this element. (Boxee Box)
contry-allow 2 character country codes separated by a space (example: us uk). Countries listed here will be able to view the application in the app library.
country-deny 2 character country codes separated by a space (example: us uk). Countries listed here will NOT be able to view the application in the app library.
author Developer/Company Name or Email
maxversion Maximum Boxee version that can run this application. format X.Y.Z.
rating Required only for applications containing adult content. Must be set to adult. Note that minversion required for adding adult content is 0.9.14
test-app Used for testing local applications in Boxee. When test-app tag is set to true Boxee will show the application at your 'My Apps' and will prevent the removal of it from within Boxee. To remove a test application, you can either comment out the test-app element or delete the application folder.
backgroundImageUrl todo


Example descriptor.xml

  <description>Pandora Radio</description>
  <country-allow>us uk</country-allow>
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