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Boxee Developer Blog

We've just launched the new Boxee developer blog. Check it out!.


Boxee allows you, the developer, to create applications to extend its content and functionality. Whether it's local or web-based we hope you'll turn Boxee into exactly what you've always wanted in a media center (and share it with the rest of us!). With that in mind we've put together this wiki to help you get started building apps for Boxee. If you've got questions please feel free to search our forums. Applications can be downloaded and installed from the Boxee Applications Directory or from 3rd party repositories using the Boxee client from the App Box menu.


Developer FAQ

A compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding application development. It's not very large at the moment; however we will build this up overtime.

Getting Started

Our platform is open source and so are all the channels in our app store. Anyone is free to create a content portal and submit their application to our repository. If your reading this section this is your first app or first time here and need a little hand holding to get started. No problem!

Our documentation found on this site isn't the only way to get help building your first application. Below you can find some example applications. Also, you can view all the code for any app you install from within Boxee. Just check under the userdata/apps folder and use anything there as a basis to get going, or just as an additional reference.

Including our existing applications as well as our documentation and examples the XBMC project has a nice wiki to look over. Although most of what you find there relevant to building applications is already here, best to stick with our documentation as some things are done a bit differently and we've added some additional features that aren't included in xmbc. Use their documentation as a fallback if nothing else.

Step by Step: Your First Application

You've made it this far, you've at least glanced over all the available documentation. Now it's time to build your first Boxee application. We're going to walk you through step by step building your first application. From content, design, implementation to execution and submission. Get ready, grab some caffeine and let's get started...

Example Apps

Submitting Applications

Once you've created your application and your satisfied with the outcome. You have 2 options.

Submit your application to Boxee's Repository

First and easiest is submitting your application to Boxee to have it included in our main repository. It will be sent to our QA team to make sure all is well and we'll add it to our repository and contact you by email once its been approved and submitted. Your other option is a bit more involved but allows you to control all your own content updates and more by creating your own repository. Instructions for this can be found in the next section. If your not interested in building your own repository and you'd rather submit to Boxee...

Custom Repository

Building your own repository is not suggested as its much easier to submit your app to Boxee which also gets you the most users. For application submission process see above. Else, continue reading.

Building your own repository requires you to have a server available on the net to host it. Users will have to manually add your repository url to Boxee in order for them to install your applications. However, you'll be able to update your applications at any time without waiting on us as well as use it as your own portfolio :) - If you have a server ready and you'd like to continue building your own repository...

Additional Support

Still lost? More questions? No problem.

Partners/Content Integration

Interested in adding to Boxee? You're in the right place.

We work with dozens of content and technical partners each week to enable their users to benefit from Boxee's TV-optimized UI (and of course we love having new content and features for our existing users!). Whether you're a content owner, aggregator, web service, or technology provider we'd love to see how we can work with you. For more information please see our Boxee Partner Documentation

API Terms of Service

To utilize the Boxee API you must accept the terms and conditions set forth in the API Terms of Service.

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