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Welcome Developers!

Boxee allows you to create applications to extend its content and functionality. Whether it's local or web-based we hope you'll turn Boxee into exactly what you've always wanted in a media center (and share it with the rest of us!).

In addition to applications we maintain and manage a massive TV Show and Movie library with thousands of titles for your viewing pleasure. We encourage content owners to add their library to ours and expand your reach to well over a million Boxee users.

With all this in mind we've put together this wiki to help you get started building applications or helping to expand the Boxee library. If you've got questions please feel free to search our forums. Applications can be downloaded and installed from the Boxee Application Directory or from 3rd party repositories using the Boxee client from the Application menu.

Choose your path wisely...

Boxee Content Library

Boxee comes with thousands of TV show episodes available from the Internet. Not to mention thousands of Movies from content providers such as Netflix, VUDU, MUBI and more. Do you want your content visible to over a million Boxee users? Whether you're a content owner, aggregator, web service, or technology provider we'd love to see how we can work with you. Lets get started...

Boxee Applications

The most popular video, music, and photo services are available in our App library, including MLB, NHL, Pandora, Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, and hundreds more. Each App is designed to be enjoyed from your couch. Want to contribute? Looking for help?

API Documentation

All of our documentation in one place.

Video Support

Boxee supports just about every type of video format and if you find one we don’t, let us know. From HLS, Flash to raw video formats, its all here. Find out whats supported and whats not and what needs to be done to get it working.


Full examples to help you get started.

Browser API
Stream Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

We are working to build a massive FAQ to get you answers quickly. Before you ask on the forums or email our developers, please check the FAQ. Currently this is almost non-existent, however we will be building this up very soon so keep checking back. We'll update everyone on the Community Portal when its ready.

Additional Resources

Still lost? More questions? No problem.

To utilize the Boxee API you must accept the terms and conditions set forth in the API Terms of Service.

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