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Building Your First Application

Vimeo Template

vimeo is here!

and its here for all of you chic and stylish video guys who know their final cut but dont know zilch about python (or any other curse word for that matter).

so what i’ve created is a super simple vimeo template, where you just enter some of your vimeo account details like name, thumbnail and rss feed, and voila - you’ve got a working vimeo style application like the La Blogotheque one i just created and is available on the boxee AppBox.

so what do you need to do?

download the template application from here and extract it to ~/Library/Application Support/BOXEE/User Data/Apps

rename the folder to “vimeo-your-vimeo-account-name”

open the descriptor.xml file and change the following values

       TODO: here you should fill your vimeo account name (same as the folder name)
       TODO: here you should fill the formal name of the application, probably the same as the title of your vimeo page
       TODO: here you should fill the description of your vimeo page or other text that describes your content
       <description>Home of Take Away Shows, beautiful music videos and all sorts of exotic music stuff.</description>
       TODO: here you should fill the location of the your vimeo thumb

now open the main.xml file (its under skin/Boxee Skin NG/720p) and look for this line and change the label value to your vimeo page name

TODO: here you should fill the name of the application
<label>My Vimeo's videos</label>

look for this line and change the my-vimeo-account to your viemo account name

<content type="directory">
       TODO: here you should fill the location of the vimeo rss

to test the app you just built you’ll need to manually edit the sources.xml file under ~/Library/Application Support/BOXEE/User Data/Profiles/<username>

add an entry into the video section:


that's it! you are ready to go. follow the Application Submission and we will make sure your application is published.

as always, don't hesitate to contact me with questions through my twitter @idancohen.

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