Boxee 0.9.23 Release Notes
New features with this version since Boxee Beta point release
- VUDU Support - VUDU is our first premium pay-per-view movie service with
  access to new release movies as soon as they come out on DVD along with
  a huge catalogue of TV shows and critically acclaimed films.
New features with this version since Boxee Beta point release
- Updated Movie Section - Boxee now includes a "Movie Library" option in the
  sidebar that provides access to a huge global catalogue of streaming movies
  from MUBI, Indie Movies Online, OpenFilm, EZTakes, YouTube, and Hulu.
- Offline mode - Boxee now presents an indication when it is offline and will
  automatically try to login when the network is restored.
- Settings have been reorganized on both Settings screen and OSD (on screen display)
  for playback settings.
- Recommendations from your friends on Google Buzz are now available in the Boxee
  feed similar to Facebook and Twitter.
- The Queue and Feed refresh every 30 seconds instead of every 10 minutes on
  the Home Screen.
- Hardware Accelerated video-decoding (h.264 only) has been added to
  Mac Snow Leopard OSX 10.6.3 with NVidia graphic cards.
New features in this version since Boxee Beta 0.9.20 point release
Boxee Beta 0.9.21
- File Identification Progress
  Easily see how many files Boxee is scanning, has identified, and doesn't
  recognize within your media shares. Check the status from any menu sidebar
  (TV shows, Movies, Music) or from the Media menu (Settings -> Media).
- Manual Movie & TV Show identification 
  Help Boxee identify your personal media by telling it what's in your collection. To change
  incorrectly labeled media select the movie or TV show, then click the eject icon on the right of
  the pop-up menu. Find and identify unresolved files by going to the "Files" menu, and selecting
  the "unresolved" folder at the bottom of the list. Select files and follow the instructions above
  to label them properly. You'll now be able to put in movie names, and TV show seasons and episodes
  to ensure your collection is pristine.
- Facebook & Twitter in your Boxee feed
  In addition to pushing out your recommendations to social networks, you can now also pull in
  recommendations from your friends on Facebook & Twitter. Shared videos appear automatically in
  your feed with an icon on the right to let you know where they came from. Set up this new option
  in your service settings for Facebook & Twitter.
- New & Improved RSS Management 
  We've created a brand new way to manage, discover and play RSS feeds in Boxee.  First, check out
  the new management & discovery console on our website. Search, arrange by category or sort through
  the most popular, top rated, new, and HD feeds available on Boxee. Then use the RSS feeds app to
  play back your favorites. 
New features with this version since Boxee Alpha 0.9.14 point release
Boxee Beta 0.9.20
- Auto Login:      Choosing 'Remember Password' at login will automatically log that user in at startup.
                   This can be changed from Shutdown > Change User
- New Global Menu: All main media windows now open the Global Menu when going back. The Global Menu also
                   holds your list of Shortcuts (a local list for the specific machine).
- Shortcuts:       The Main Menu has a list of shortcuts that you control. Almost everything in
                   Boxee can be added as a shortcut: an application, a favorite TV Show, a local
                   folder on your computer.
- TV Show Library: The TV Shows library aggregates all available TV Show sources in Boxee and enables
                   easy access for searching, filtering and sorting shows. An episode may be
                   available from an online source (such as Netflix) or available locally on your
                   Boxee tries to identify all the available sources and let the you choose your
                   favorite playback option.
- My Shows:        Any of your favorite shows can be added to My Shows, to let you keep your favorites
                   all in one place. Additionally once you add a show to My Shows, any new episodes of
                   that show will automatically be added to your Queue.
- Movie Library:   The Movie library aggregates all available Movie sources in Boxee and allows easy
                   access for searching, filtering and sorting of the movies.
- Search:          Search is supported for Movies, TV Shows, Music and Apps and can be accessed from
                   the left menu.
- Queue:           The Queue is a list of stuff you'd like to watch or listen to. You can add TV
                   shows, Movies, Internet streams, etc. to the Queue. If you've added a show to
                   My Shows, new episodes of that show will be automatically added to your Queue.
- Feed:            The feed is a list of items shared with you by your Boxee friends.
- Sharing:         You can share anything you can play in Boxee with your friends.
                   Boxee also supports posting to Twitter and Facebook whenever you click Share
                   (settings for this feature are on the Boxee website). You can also type a custom
                   message whenever you share something.
- Apps:            You can run Boxee apps from the official Boxee App Library or from 3rd party
                   repositories. The apps can be sorted by popularity or by release date. You can
                   add your favorite apps to My Apps.
- Watch/Not        A Video will automatically be marked as watched after a you finish watching it.
  Watched          You can also mark videos as watched or unwatched manually when clicking on them.
- Media Scanning:  You can now specify the frequency of scanning for new media of folders on your
                   computer. It provides for better performance and greater control over the process.
                   You can manually initiate a scan when browsing local folders (Main Menu > Files)
                   or define a folder as a new media source.
- Hardware         Boxee can now accelerate decoding of H.264 videos using compatible graphics
  Accelerated      processing units (GPU). This means that machines with slower CPUs (such as Intel
  Video Decoding:  Atom) can now play high-definition content! This functionality is only available
                   on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and a compatible video card (see below).
                   Note: Make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your video card and the latest
                   version of DirectX (
                   NVidia Cards:
                   . Geforce GTS xxx
                   . Geforce GTX xxx
                   . Geforce GT xxx
                   . Geforce 9xxx
                   . Geforce 8xxx
                   . MCP79 (Ion)
                   . MCP78
                   . MCP7A
                   ATI Cards:
                   . Radeon HD 4xxx
                   . Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx
                   . Radeon HD 3xxx
                   Intel Cards:
                   . X4500HD (part of G45 chipset)
                   . X4500MHD (part of GM45 chipset)
Major changes with this version since Boxee Alpha 0.9.14 point release
* Added: Support for running Boxee using Apple Mac Snow Leopard (10.6)
* Added: Support for running Boxee using Ubuntu Linux Karmic Koala (9.10)
* Added: Windows version is using DirectX instead of OpenGL
* Added: Support for old graphic cards that do not have pixel shader 2.0
* Added: Support applications to run using non-English Windows (e.g. Netflix, Pandora, Radio Time,
         Hulu, MLB, Tumblr, Atom, Facebook)
* Added: Support applications to run using non-Administrator Windows user
* Added: Account preferences such as Applications, Feeds and Queue are stored at the server, making
         it easy for you to quickly install and use your Boxee account from several computers and
Known Issues
* Beta issues
 o Linux APT repository is not available yet. To install use gdebi GUI application
 o Downloads feature removed
 o Lyrics feature removed
* Not Supported
 o Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) and Intrepid Ibex (8.10) are no longer officially supported
 o Power PC (PPC) not supported
 o Linux - Netflix not supported
 o Linux - Content offered by Move Networks player not supported
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Beta (GA) point release
More information and fixes at
* General
 o BOXEE-4273 	Boxee always starts on primary display, even when second display is selected in Settings>Appearance>Screen
 o BOXEE-4771 	HTTP Proxy Port number dialog is useless
 o BOXEE-4723 	Play Next from feed directory does nothing 
 o BOXEE-4639 	regression: Can't use the "L" key from iPhone remote app in Boxee browser
 o BOXEE-4397 	Genre text is too big to fit in the UI box
 o BOXEE-2976 	boxee freeze and hang while idle for more than 1 hour
 o BOXEE-4359 	screenshot shortcuts doesn't work
 o BOXEE-4288 	cancel a pending UPnP discovery request in when adding a UPnP source in Media->Network Sources
 o BOXEE-4258 	Start Boxee on Login option does not work
 o BOXEE-4248 	not choosing a background image result with a transparent background for boxee
 o BOXEE-4737 	regression: Unable to set background image
 o BOXEE-4180 	OSD subtitles button appears for online content and it should not
 o BOXEE-4103 	Boxee crashes when loading on Windows startup
 o BOXEE-4090 	play next from a finished played queue item does nothing
 o BOXEE-3691 	OSD breaks when viewing a device with one image
 o BOXEE-4028 	Geo filter in Featured feed not working at startup
 o BOXEE-3767 	"Featured" Column should not display adult content when you check not to display adult content
 o BOXEE-3622 	Boxee Settings selected category is always set to Media
 o BOXEE-3614 	Next play after finishing a tv show episode plays the previous one
 o BOXEE-3466 	long folder names are overlapping the settings menu in the media sources
 o BOXEE-3454 	Can't set focused item or selected item
 o BOXEE-3424 	RFE: subtitles charset is deep inside video settings and should be available through video playback settings
 o BOXEE-3309 	regression: extracting opensubtitles subtitles on windows is broken
 o BOXEE-1149 	when in a DVD menu, I can't go back to the home screen
 o BOXEE-4799 	new user: i get feeds from facebook from users i don't follow
 o BOXEE-4798 	new user creation: "account created" window - "account" is misspelled as acount
 o BOXEE-4876 	Hide Media Extensions' setting does not work
 o BOXEE-4772 	An empty http proxy url (selected by accident via Settings >Network) can cause alot of issues for python
 o BOXEE-4770 	recommended albums are replicated in the recommended feeds list after refreshing home screen
 o BOXEE-4762 	play 'trailer' from a recommended item result with empty selection screen
 o BOXEE-4726 	boxee freezing for a long time when removing a big media source from media library
 o BOXEE-4695 	when Remove from Queue is the first option on the Action Window the R is cropped
 o BOXEE-4690 	Users are receiving the error "Creating 3D Video device failed - not enough texture memory.
                Boxee requires at least 128MB texture memory" even though the previous Carla version worked
 o BOXEE-4587 	Unresolved videos folder can be added to media library
 o BOXEE-4571 	remove RTorrent client from boxee Linux and Mac UI and installation
 o BOXEE-4544 	genres sorting - two word genres appears with an underscore separating the words after selected
 o BOXEE-4213 	Display blanking does not work on the mac
 o BOXEE-4867 	Boxee iPhone/iPod application crashes when clicking more than 4 times while in getsure mode
 o BOXEE-4968 	YES/NO DIALOG' text appears on settings title when a dialog prompted
 o BOXEE-3277 	Home: click left from Now Playing control should go to Settings
 o BOXEE-4511 	Add boxee repo (apt) to Linux installer
 o BOXEE-3553 	Failed to retrieve data when using a shortcut to UPNP Network share
 o BOXEE-4907 	EJECT icon has changed and is the same as Manual Resolving icon
 o BOXEE-4896 	connecting a USB disk on key appears in Boxee as DVD
 o BOXEE-4889 	identify video button should not be enable for files which are not in media source paths
* Media Library
 o BOXEE-4973 	adding a media type to an existing source deletes all its media items
 o BOXEE-4824 	Boxee does not add all scanned media from SMB to the media library (Windows only)
 o BOXEE-4741 	Video identification process is extremely slow
 o BOXEE-4893 	When rescanning a folder Boxee loses all manually identified movies
 o BOXEE-4852 	change source settings removes and rescan its resolved items
 o BOXEE-4716 	IMDB Videos Cant be Manually Resolved
 o BOXEE-4715 	Search on local content in Movies does not do full wildcard search on title
 o BOXEE-3714 	CBS show Gary Unmarried doesn't show current episodes, got only one episode from last season and it doesn't exist
 o BOXEE-3653 	Resolving a file with special characters doesn't work
 o BOXEE-2728 	boxee is creating a pixelated thumbnail image on m2ts files
 o BOXEE-4780 	how i met your mother tv show exists 3 times in the DB
 o BOXEE-4777 	CBS content is not updating
 o BOXEE-4710 	the word 'INTERNAL' in some movie releases is included for resolving the filename
 o BOXEE-4708 	media sources added as 'Private' scan type appears as 'waiting to be scanned'
 o BOXEE-4315 	Caprica TV Show (SyFy) episodes are incorrect
 o BOXEE-4789 	Media content from smb server is not indexed
 o BOXEE-4964 	resolving of RAR files - doesn't appear in the 'unresolved videos'
 o BOXEE-4667 	Video files for .mp4 extension identified as part 4 of a "multi-part" video
 o BOXEE-4641 	Manually added SMB sources off the local subnet show as disconnected
 o BOXEE-4613 	FileScanner continue to scan even after removing a media share while status was scanning
* Playback
 o BOXEE-4655 	bxflplayer doesn't play MTV playlist videos, only play the first video and stops
 o BOXEE-4466 	Flash Beta 10.1.3 videos in Boxee don't work well
 o BOXEE-4270 	No Audio in OGG Videos
 o BOXEE-4116 	iPod remote application Causing Stuttering Videos
 o BOXEE-2609 	Can't jump back to previous parts when watching a stacked files movie
 o BOXEE-4782 	the Colbert report' cropping is wrong
 o BOXEE-4776 	youtube player progress bar is visible
 o BOXEE-4763 	south park playback cropping is wrong
 o BOXEE-4423 	BBC iPlayer videos does not play on Linux 
 o BOXEE-4448 	youtube HD icon does not appear in OSD when there are Next and Previous buttons
 o BOXEE-139 	toggling fullscreen does not properly resize subtitles size
* Applications
 o BOXEE-4732 	regression: No results found after adding a third party repository 
 o BOXEE-4702 	the HD button of YouTube application is confusing
 o BOXEE-4701 	RSS Feeder application -First time you open the application (with no feeds ) the Left menu should be displayed
 o BOXEE-4532 	From specific repository screen, can't navigate "back" directly to list of repositories
 o BOXEE-4629 	youtube HD : when switching vidoe playback to HD cropping is wrong
 o BOXEE-4472 	Pandora login credentials retained across Boxee accounts
 o BOXEE-4328 	songs play via application aren't submitted to website per application settings
 o BOXEE-4074 	mc.ListiItem.SetSize() limited to 9 digits
 o BOXEE-4068 	fixedlist container doesn't respect focusposition tag
 o BOXEE-3698 sharing (like or custom text) does not send anything to the server
 o BOXEE-4740 	Crash when using GetApp().ActivateWindow() on Window type=Dialog
 o BOXEE-4688 	fixedlist position is no longer stays focused on the same index
 o BOXEE-3393 	Failed To Retrieve Data' notification appears when clicking the tracklist on pandora
 o BOXEE-4738 	regression: SetImage and ListItem.Property(image0) no longer work as expected
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Beta (GA) point release
More information and fixes at
* General
 o BOXEE-4450	have advanced log enabled/disabled using Boxee Settings dialog
 o BOXEE-4430	Eject option not working
 o BOXEE-4413	Boxee installation should not enable installing on PowerPC
 o BOXEE-4434	dual screen - boxee crash when toggling screen mirroring and navigating to
                settings > appearance screen
 o BOXEE-4432	Queue Empty But Displays 1
 o BOXEE-4396	When in Settings / Media / Media Shares, "h" key doesn't go to the Home Screen
 o BOXEE-4389	When trying to adjust screen overscan changes revert when leaving the preference
 o BOXEE-4218	exit ScreenSaver only react to the ESC key and should occur on every key or mouse move
 o BOXEE-4183	Thumbs get partially hidden at the bottom of the boxee GUI
 o BOXEE-4152	"Play Next" selects season label instead of season episode when finished viewing last
                episode of previous season
 o BOXEE-4118	Can't consistently/successfully use SMB network shares
 o BOXEE-4065	Beta crashes when scanner is resolving archive (rar and zip) files
 o BOXEE-4062	Can't add NAS drive as network resource
 o BOXEE-4057	Typos in the mac installer
 o BOXEE-4053	Apps screen on list view shows ]GENRE[
 o BOXEE-3980	Text Scaling Wrong in Windowed Mode
 o BOXEE-3923	XP - Library Error Erase video file in database
 o BOXEE-3878	Geo-Blocked content warning overlays some existing text
 o BOXEE-3835	My Queue items also appear last in the Feed list
 o BOXEE-3785	geo-blocked message appeared when queue screen was cleared from items
 o BOXEE-3775	CTRL+S save screenshot without any dialog or setup in the main settings screen
 o BOXEE-3739	Genre navigation does not remember the selected genre
 o BOXEE-3735	Boxee takes more than 10 seconds to start up, mostly with a black screen
 o BOXEE-3679	Unable to browse to a password protected network SMB share using special characters
                in a password
 o BOXEE-3621	sometimes boxee hang while toggling fullscreen to window mode
 o BOXEE-3582	White screen appears when attempting to play local video media from smb network
 o BOXEE-3451	login screen appears right after the splash screen finished loading
 o BOXEE-3402	Settings Media Source "Update" button should be labeled "OK"
 o BOXEE-3381	pause button disappeared once fastforwarding or rewinding a song
 o BOXEE-3323	cannot select applications using the accelerator key SHIFT and LETTER
 o BOXEE-3313	Settings Appearance Region Language Hebrew does not change the UI into hebrew
 o BOXEE-3259	simple feed video applications has no title
 o BOXEE-3258	zoom toolbar still appears on the main screen when clicking "H" to go back home from
                an image
 o BOXEE-3212	runtime turns into 00 when clicking on an episode to show the action dialog
 o BOXEE-3088	escape the share dialog should not close the action window
 o BOXEE-2864	Boxee Windows has no icon
 o BOXEE-2817	"Remove" buttons on my feeds page pushed out of frame when added some feeds with long
 o BOXEE-2670	fix the Error at the boxee logs "ERROR: BoxeeAuthenticator::LoadDll - Error "
 o BOXEE-2576	uninstall should remove the install directory and its content
 o BOXEE-4150	black bar at bottom of all menus except settings and files
 o BOXEE-3982	Dithering occurs in background of boxee window.
* Linux Specific 
 o BOXEE-4414	boxee install on Ubuntu Jaunty is missing libmysqlclient16 dependency
 o BOXEE-4311	hulu stops when it should go to first commercial
 o BOXEE-2547	WB does not play video on linux
 o BOXEE-4021	Linux 64 bit: CBS shows not playing
* Media Library
 o BOXEE-4548	Metadata for NBC show The Office is off by -2
 o BOXEE-4538	TV show from different countries and same title
 o BOXEE-4381	Metadata for USA show Psych is off by +1 and show does not list Hulu option
 o BOXEE-4161	When a scanned item is moved / changed, the scanner does not remove the database entry
 o BOXEE-3973	Show movie trailer link for local content 
 o BOXEE-3743	TV Shows is trying to get online content when running boxee offline
 o BOXEE-3741	Do not show online content which specific operating system cannot play
 o BOXEE-3733	On screen scanning activity monitor and resolving status to inform the user that files
                are being resolved
 o BOXEE-3715	Sanctuary TV Show appears twice on the quick search (got few local episodes)
 o BOXEE-3608	M*A*S*H tv show cannot be found using search
 o BOXEE-3499	Runtime for al local media movies and TV shows reported as 00min
 o BOXEE-3601	Content is offered for countries which it will not work
 o BOXEE-3568	Some tv programs show a wrong and the same air date for all episodes of the season
 o BOXEE-3462	boxee resolve archived (RAR; ZIP) videos but doesn't add them to Movies OR TV Shows.
 o BOXEE-3153	cannot play resolved files which are archived as ZIP or RAR files
 o BOXEE-4576	caprica episodes are missing in Boxee library
 o BOXEE-4550	False fringe show showing
 o BOXEE-3689	Hulu play through WB content is not playing 
* Playback
 o BOXEE-4398	videos played extremely zoomed in to the upper left hand corner of the screen.
                The boxee UI wasn't zoomed in when navigating boxee, just the video.
 o BOXEE-4059	Video playback struggles when using hardware acceleration and displaying subtitles
 o BOXEE-4017	No sound on OS X Snow Leopard for online video content
 o BOXEE-4011	"Check audio settings" message after playing iso DVD and then try to play Music
 o BOXEE-3471	Interlace and scaling settings in video settings are overlapping
* Applications
 o BOXEE-3430	add HD quality selection support to YouTube application
 o BOXEE-4476	Songza - when enetering any text the html code is displayed
 o BOXEE-4500	JumpToLetter() method in List Class does not function properly
 o BOXEE-4530	Boxee Browser Field does not bring up keyboard on iPhone Remote
 o BOXEE-4529	Possible to reduce steps to select a station in Pandora app?
 o BOXEE-4455	BBC iPlayer not playing radio programmes
 o BOXEE-4416	GeekBrief.TV glitch
 o BOXEE-4410	The Colbert Report plays ad before the show and/or first 10 minutes and then stops
                with the Comedy Central feed
 o BOXEE-4394	Revision3 videos not playing right when hardware acceleration is enabled
 o BOXEE-4164	Pandora looping the last second of playback
 o BOXEE-4074	mc.ListiItem.SetSize() limited to 9 digits
 o BOXEE-3788 impossible to modify settings after the fact
 o BOXEE-4047	Flickr application does not display entire photo set (only shows first 400),
                then crashes
 o BOXEE-3662	boxee crashes after 4 or 5 failed attempts in RadioTime
 o BOXEE-3635	wma stream in radiotime crashing boxee on OSX
 o BOXEE-3505	Flickr: No loading notice/animation when changing photos
 o BOXEE-3730	MyMusic / MyVideos / MyPictures Buttons Broken
 o BOXEE-3529	Pandora background video refresh
 o BOXEE-3291	NPR - all shows display 00 runtime in the Action Window also tracklist crashes boxee
 o BOXEE-3214	CNN app - all items show 00 runtime with no info (info button active)
 o BOXEE-2651	CBS - PLAY/PAUSE , Seek (ff and rew) and volume doesn't work
 o BOXEE-4666 App Standings Have Teams from East and West Swapped
 o BOXEE-4649	MLB.TV radio feeds don't work for video blacked out games
 o BOXEE-4598	impossible to edit the profile
 o BOXEE-4171	'Love' in iPlayer displays incorrect dialog text
 o BOXEE-3418	Tracks button in OSD should be disabled when playing
* Music
 o BOXEE-4479	Music artists thumbnails ALL black
 o BOXEE-4401	AIFF files not playing properly
 o BOXEE-4203	Music Artist: UI should remember my selection when returning to a page using ESC.
 o BOXEE-3682	music does not display umlauts charachters properly
 o BOXEE-3890	When returning from an artist selection in music library, focus is reset to the
                beginning of the artist list i/o artist previously selected.
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Beta (GA) point release
More information and fixes at
* General
 o BOXEE-4092 Boxee freeze when playing a video with digital audio 
 o BOXEE-2739 Boxee crash when playing an MKV file with Dolby Digital sound SPDIF output and using
              the volume keys on boxee.
 o BOXEE-4118 Can't consistently/successfully use SMB network shares
 o BOXEE-4084 Network sources doesn't always pick up available SMB shares
 o BOXEE-4065 Beta crashes when scanner is resolving archive (rar and zip) files
 o BOXEE-4179 Boxee userdata cache folder reached to 700 MB in less than a week of use
 o BOXEE-3832 Samba Client disconnects and fails to reconnect
 o BOXEE-3894 Missing d3dx9_42.dll after running installation on windows 64 bit
 o BOXEE-2841 DirectX dll not found error while installing Boxee, causing boxee to crash on startup
 o BOXEE-3627 Mangled graphics on Snow Leopard. *** Special thanks to ametovic at XBMC ***
 o BOXEE-4006 Cannot connect to SAMBA server
 o BOXEE-4030 browsing applications window crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-4153 Boxee's loading screen hang when playing FOX or ABC, despite proper install of
              peripheral software.
 o BOXEE-3621 Sometimes boxee hang while toggling fullscreen to window mode
 o BOXEE-3619 Failed to remove an item from the queue
 o BOXEE-3826 Switching to fanart screensaver causes a crash
 o BOXEE-3783 Sometimes feed applications has few lines of videos appears empty
 o BOXEE-3558 Screen goes black permanently when toggling into windowed-mode from music visualizer
 o BOXEE-3552 Boxee crashes on startup
 o BOXEE-3535 Queue count incorrect at times
 o BOXEE-3525 Files > Network > UPnP crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-3257 Sometimes a change user makes Boxee hang
 o BOXEE-3254 If there is no torrent client then need to remove the Boxee Downloads folder under
              Files > File Browser as well as the public torrent application
 o BOXEE-3478 Exit from playback shows the first screen instead of the minisode screen
 o BOXEE-3456 When reloading a list the focus is changed to the first item in the list
 o BOXEE-3448 First few seconds of falsh based videos the OSD is not usable
 o BOXEE-3500 Can't copy and paste anymore in the repositories
 o BOXEE-3814 No way to force re-scan of a media source? Or not working?
 o BOXEE-3979 windows 64: Boxee crashes with error id 5
 o BOXEE-3628 No Keyboard in Ipod Touch/iPhone remote
 o BOXEE-3460 Queue text -The "remove from queue" icon text is partially blocked.
              It now says "ove from queue" vs. "remove from queue". (See screenshot).
 o BOXEE-3254 If there is no torrent client then need to remove the Boxee Downloads folder
              under Files >File Browser as well as the public torrent application
 o BOXEE-3221 Action Dialog: remove the path for everything that is not a Local Item
 o BOXEE-3185 Home screen thumbs that were already loaded get the spinning wheel each
              time yo go to home screen. caching of thumbnails does not seem to work properly
 o BOXEE-2790 Boxee can be launched multiple times on Windows.
 o BOXEE-2733 Hitting the play or menu button on IR will not exit the screensaver mode
 o BOXEE-2726 Boxee web server management appears and it is absolutely malfunction
 o BOXEE-2593 Thumb loader spinner has an offset in last frames making it "jump" and have a
              white border
 o BOXEE-2566 Dual screen - OS X dual screen control
 o BOXEE-631  Empty Boxee directory always created under downloads
 o BOXEE-4342 Many buttons missing from on-screen keyboard
 o BOXEE-4313 Boxee installs same dll file names in Boxee\system but different in size
 o BOXEE-4227 Boxee Crashes on Startup
 o BOXEE-4211 "add to boxee" bookmarklet on IE8 fail to determine that I am already logged in
 o BOXEE-4165 Boxee crashes after startup (it seems while scanning media)
 o BOXEE-4125 Boxee hang after playing local movie Win Vista 64
 o BOXEE-4123 random password still allows for user login
 o BOXEE-4075 Boxee continues to crash upon startup of application
 o BOXEE-4035 Hundreds of connections on mini Snow Leopard BOXEE BETA causes loss of network
 o BOXEE-4004 Windows 64 bit: runtime error R6025 when running the BBC iPlayer application
 o BOXEE-3989 Top of Screen Cut Off in Windowed Mode
 o BOXEE-3879 The geo information should not appear every time you reach an empty list in boxee
 o BOXEE-3488 No Harmony remote support
 o BOXEE-3441 After an upgrade, first attempt to use some applications, makes the application
 o BOXEE-3398 Screen calibration the default is 4:3 even though it seems it is really 16:9
 o BOXEE-3373 Second line in feed and queue items should show the source name
 o BOXEE-4280 Runtime Error R6025 - pure virtual function call (on shutdown of Boxee)
 o BOXEE-4234 Can't use the "L" key from iPhone remote app in Boxee browser
 o BOXEE-4343 leaving boxee running for the night, returning the next day to find it in an
              unstable state
 o BOXEE-3963 Improper installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
 o BOXEE-2706 Boxee log size can be huge after few hours. the log should be recycled when
              reached X MB
 o BOXEE-121  Replace Boxee font with full unicode font
 o BOXEE-3042 Action Window appears with no buttons and sometimes empty
 o BOXEE-3029 TV Show episode separator can be selected and operate using the mouse
 o BOXEE-747  Browse for subtitles doesn't give me access to my drives or network
 o BOXEE-4353 No feeds at the home screen due to error in import feed feature
 o BOXEE-4377 Video Calibration is not saved
 o BOXEE-4371 Improperly sized font in Featured items
 o BOXEE-4305 Incorrect username or password when using wrong proxy settings
 o BOXEE-4277 Boxee crashes while the VPN is active
 o BOXEE-4223 Windows boxee crash on exit after being idle for few hours
 o BOXEE-4103 Boxee crashes when loading on Windows startup
 o BOXEE-4087 boxee crashed while browsing SMB sources and trying to add network share
* Linux Specific
 o BOXEE-4127 YouTube search crashes Boxee
 o BOXEE-4172 Can not paste into input boxes
 o BOXEE-4142 Search or browse on iPlayer crashes Boxee - also can't view any shows
 o BOXEE-3855 Crashes when YouTube video ends
 o BOXEE-3784 Playing Ted Talk videos play real bad and crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-4316 Wireless connection disconnects when Boxee starts up
 o BOXEE-4239 Password protected network shared crash boxee
 o BOXEE-4120 Linux bxflplayer-i486-linux segmentation fault
* Media Library
 o BOXEE-3911 Boxee crashed during media scanning of SMB network sources
 o BOXEE-3895 Boxee crashes on vorbis comment inside a flac file
 o BOXEE-4176 Heroes season 4 episode ordering is all wrong
 o BOXEE-4117 Online (Netflix) TV episodes appear erratically
 o BOXEE-4080 Episode appears in Queue before available on website
 o BOXEE-3838 Some TV shows should not be Geo-blocked
 o BOXEE-3567 Image pulls from appears to be incorrect
 o BOXEE-3462 Boxee resolve archived (RAR; ZIP) videos but doesn't add them to Movies OR TV Shows.
 o BOXEE-3722 Movies incorrectly resolved
 o BOXEE-3083 The movie "Dance Flick" resolved as "17 Again"
 o BOXEE-4209 Client hangs after running a few seconds - possibly from rar
 o BOXEE-3797 Movies popularity sort is messed up
 o BOXEE-4190 Shows from TV Shows Library appear and disappear seemingly at random
 o BOXEE-4159 Movies isn't being removed after I delete them from the disk
 o BOXEE-4216 FX netweork playback is in browser and not in fullscreen
 o BOXEE-4215 NBC tv shows dont play in full screen
 o BOXEE-3755 Daily Show - TV Show View - wrong sorting order
 o BOXEE-3690 FX networks will not play as all it's content is intended for mature audience's only
              and needs a login or verification of birthday
 o BOXEE-4253 Fox, FX and ABC don't play in full screen
* Playback
 o BOXEE-3837 No video playback black screen appears, can only hear audio playback
 o BOXEE-3985 Boxee hang while playing H264 video with DXVA and selecting "crop black bars"
 o BOXEE-3867 Terrible color / contrast on videos played in Boxee Beta
 o BOXEE-3970 Video Scaling broken with DXVA
 o BOXEE-3824 Wrong dynamic range for MKV playback
 o BOXEE-3668 Fox network tv shows dont play in full screen
 o BOXEE-3659 Hulu playback loads the web-site and plays the video in its small window
 o BOXEE-3551 Cannot control volume in BBC iPlayer app
 o BOXEE-3470 Playing an H264 video with DXVA - video start green and after 30 seconds playing
              full color
 o BOXEE-3087 Black video with no sound while watching Lost Season 5 Episode 9 on ABC
 o BOXEE-3284 Hulu - Select a letter on hulu feeds A-Z displays the correct alphabetcal content
              however when selecting the main screen again the focus will jump back to 30 days
 o BOXEE-3275 CNet - After opening Cnet sub topic (e.g CNET Top 5 ) feeds start 4 rows down
              instead of at the top of the screen this is also happening on Earth touch
 o BOXEE-4113 ABC shows appears on half screen only on Windows 7
 o BOXEE-4049 ABC plugin feed playback glitch
 o BOXEE-3668 Fox network tv shows dont play in full screen
 o BOXEE-3768 Playing back avi files has a video stutter at the beginning of playback for
              approx 10 seconds
 o BOXEE-3948 Local movies hard to play off hard drive
 o BOXEE-1189 Subtitle state not remembered between stacked files
 o BOXEE-4198 Boxee refuses to play certain subtitle files
 o BOXEE-4076 Playing a movie trailer marks the movie as watched
 o BOXEE-3922 Sound but no image playing RTVE flash videos
 o BOXEE-4325 Unable to set tcURL on RTMP stream
* Applications
 o BOXEE-4184 BBC Live application needs to have "gb " added to the  parameter
              otherwise UK users will not be able to view this application
 o BOXEE-3512 BBC iPlayer app incorrectly hidden from UK users
 o BOXEE-4143 Clicking on Netflix menu items crash boxee
 o BOXEE-3543 Cosmetic: Loading animation stretched in revision3 app
 o BOXEE-3856 Websites with flash advertisements flickers or does not play in Boxee Browser
 o BOXEE-3792 Game Trailer Flash Videos Don't Work (Launched from Digg App)
 o BOXEE-3665 Boxee browser crashes boxee
 o BOXEE-3420 SuicideGirls app - moving up from Previous Sets of the Day or from Set of the Day
              should move the focus to Free
 o BOXEE-3416 Boxee Browser: Save History and Video mode should be selected by default
 o BOXEE-3368 Boxee JS API needs clearInterval()
 o BOXEE-3480 MyPlay: clicking on topmost categories makes the please wait animation flickers allot
 o BOXEE-2774 Having multiple repositories which contain the same Apps show the app multiple
              times in boxee
 o BOXEE-2752 collegehumor js controller broken
 o BOXEE-2598 Podstreem Apps Show As New If Podstreem Repository Is Added After Apps Are Selected
              in Boxee
 o BOXEE-2749 FunnyOrDie videos don't crop properly
 o BOXEE-3988 Picasa Web Albums Not Showing Thumbnail Images - Mac OS X Snow Leopard
 o BOXEE-4269 BBC iPlayer content does not start playing
 o BOXEE-4236 Netflix - Please Pair Boxee page does not display the full message this half is
              missing"by visisting "
 o BOXEE-4055 Netflix - several Users have received either the "Connecting to Netflix red screen "
              or "Need to pair acount" if though he has paired the account several times
 o BOXEE-4058 Windows 64: Shoutcast & we are hunted crash
 o BOXEE-3978 Add application confirmation error.
 o BOXEE-2761 Netflix - User tries to play a movie and receives the error
              ""Movie playing failed. Netflix launch error." "
 o BOXEE-3361 An attempt to run netflix application while silverlight is not installed should
              notify the user that the netflix application cannot run
 o BOXEE-3292 On Networks - all episodes show 00 runtime in the Action Window
 o BOXEE-3276 Cool Hunting - all episodes show 00 runtime in the Action Window
 o BOXEE-3268 Long Netflix titles doesn't auto scroll
 o BOXEE-3043 Netflix app - When a video ends does't return automatically to application
              and keep on playing black screen.
 o BOXEE-2513 MLB - Keyboard does not open on the iPhone app when trying to enter in the
              MLB password
 o BOXEE-3794 No results found in My Apps and Apps Library
* Music
 o BOXEE-3826 Switching to fanart screensaver causes a crash
 o BOXEE-3492 Waveform visualization doesn't visualize anything
 o BOXEE-4226 Crashes when resolving or playing an mp3 file
 o BOXEE-4210 Fanart screensaver does nothing and should be removed
 o BOXEE-4372 music genres are multiplied when navigating from music screen to home screen
              and back to music screen
* Photos
 o BOXEE-3518 Picasa doesn't show album thumbnails, only the previews
 o BOXEE-3165 Full path is not displayed for photos sources
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Beta point release
More information and fixes at
* General
 o BOXEE-3631 The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete
 o BOXEE-3652 Error removing items from Queue
 o BOXEE-3636 The back button doesn't work, instead the clear button functions as a back button
 o BOXEE-3452 After deleting your UserData, you cannot remove some of the queue items
 o BOXEE-3255 Screen Settings: changing overscan is making the whole screen black with nothing
              dispalyed on
 o BOXEE-3620 Second skin has not been removed from Boxee\skin
 o BOXEE-3611 Keyboard and keymapping errors in the log file
 o BOXEE-3571 Back button using programable remote does not work
 o BOXEE-3263 Errors in log when retrieving shared PC's on the network (SMB)
 o BOXEE-3240 Home Screen: clicking Back on the apple remote should bring up the Main Menu
 o BOXEE-3121 Mouse scroll stopped working - listitem focus with mouse not working
 o BOXEE-3100 Action Window Mark as seen button ignores the free only filter
 o BOXEE-3068 Home Feed and Queue: a music track should show the track as the title, artist
              and album
 o BOXEE-3067 Home Feed and Queue: an Internet stream (ala YouTube): should show title, runtime
              and source (e.g. YouTube, Viemo, etc.)
 o BOXEE-2920 Wrong share text when sharing an item
 o BOXEE-2776 After running Boxee the you cannot hear the OSX user interface sound effects
 o BOXEE-3578 Boxee always restarts in full screen mode despite windowed setting
 o BOXEE-3566 Press ?+F to return to fullscreen mode
 o BOXEE-3228 Action Dialog: info button should be disabled if there is no info
 o BOXEE-3220 The label Other Sources should only appear in case there are multiple sources
 o BOXEE-2841 DirectX dll not found error while installing Boxee, causing Boxee to crash on startup
 o BOXEE-3557 Flash based videos such as YouTube won't play in XP
 o BOXEE-3154 Flash player on Windows Vista Hebrew display choppy video (specific machine)
 o BOXEE-3760 Shutdown button on Welcome to Boxee screen exits Boxee
 o BOXEE-3373 Second line in feed and queue items should show the source name
 o BOXEE-3446 windows VC9 redist is extracted into C root folder
 o BOXEE-3445 On My TV, the bottom of the gradient at bottom is missing a line or two, so I can
              see a bright version of what is behind it. Looks weird and distracting
 o BOXEE-2829 Trailers from friends activity items and from added items are played via
              bxflplayer-win32, only sound NO video.
 o BOXEE-3560 Marked as watched not working well
 o BOXEE-3489 DVD Menu button missing from playback controls
 o BOXEE-3482 Sharing action is available when Boxee is in offline mode.
 o BOXEE-3274 Outline for some sources is moving down when clicked
 o BOXEE-2676 Boxee cannot go back to fullscreen after window mode and text size getting bigger
* Media Library
 o BOXEE-3515 Crashes during music resolving due to mp3 id3 tag picture
 o BOXEE-3411 US TV shows should not be displayed to user's outside the US
 o BOXEE-3549 TV Shows appears few times and has no episodes
 o BOXEE-2919 Currently no geo blocking filter of online content
 o BOXEE-3633 Dexter season 1 episodes are double, 13 local source and 13 netflix source
 o BOXEE-3559 Allow filtering of sources in Movie Library / TV Show Library
 o BOXEE-3473 Boxee resolved 2 different movies (2 parts for each movie) as one movie
 o BOXEE-3153 Cannot play resolved files which are archived as ZIP or RAR files
 o BOXEE-3462 Boxee resolve archived (RAR; ZIP) videos but doesn't add them to Movies OR TV Shows.
 o BOXEE-3377 Some TV Shows has no breakdown by season (maybe it is a generic issue we have
              with stuff from Netflix)
 o BOXEE-3716 Late night with Jimmy Fallon tv show appears twice on Boxee TV Shows (2 different
              online sources)
 o BOXEE-3522 Days of our Lives Show Episodes are marked with the wrong season
 o BOXEE-3483 Lost pilot part 1 and 2 appears with 2 sources from ABC
 o BOXEE-3671 Stargate Universe Episode 1-5 are named 'SGU Stargate Universe'
 o BOXEE-3651 Lost Season 1 Pilot part 1 and 2 are missing ABC source
 o BOXEE-3125 Buffy the Vampire Slayer appears as a FOX show, the show is a WB program.
 o BOXEE-3808 Wrong Dracula movie
 o BOXEE-3809 TV shows library - Friends series returns no results
 o BOXEE-3392 V (2009) TV Show is resolved as V (1983) and both showed as same TV Show.
 o BOXEE-3770 Boxee search offers Netflix coming soon movies
 o BOXEE-3673 special episode is listed as a real episode and messes the episodes numbers
 o BOXEE-3186 3 Lost episodes without sources
 o BOXEE-3142 Episodes from a season appears with no season
* Linux
 o BOXEE-3684, BOXEE-2778, BOXEE-3265 VDPAU for Linux
 o BOXEE-3367 Playing flash videos crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-3663 Crashes after viewing YouTube flash video
 o BOXEE-3766 Playing a video over SMB hang Boxee after few minutes of playback
 o BOXEE-3494 Most playing music scenarios, sometimes play, sometimes don't. But all the time
              it hang Boxee.
 o BOXEE-3461 Running flash videos fail with the error bxflplayer-Linux: symbol lookup error:
 o BOXEE-3786 Linux crash while resolving SMB files
 o BOXEE-3817 Linux: sound stop playing when pause few times
 o BOXEE-3798 Linux: credential dialog for password protected network SMB share crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-3786 Linux: crash while resolving SMB files
 o BOXEE-3609 Linux loses the audio capabilities during playback
* Applications
 o BOXEE-3371 First attempt to play shows or movie from Netflix always does nothing and does
              not start the application
 o BOXEE-3429 Clicker application: Boxee crashed almost immediately while started navigation
              on clicker app
 o BOXEE-3600 Python API - GetItems() broken
 o BOXEE-3098 Fail to launch Netflix from the Featured feed at the Home screen
 o BOXEE-3113 Crash while start a youtube video playback
 o BOXEE-3469 Clickr: Boxee crash when using clicker app (mostly on navigation and on search)
 o BOXEE-3280 Going to apps. Launching an app. Going back brings the Main Menu rather than
              taking me back to the App Screen with the focus on the App I launched
 o BOXEE-2750 Cannot start Netflix from the feed or from Movies window
 o BOXEE-3322 When launching an App from the Main Menu exiting the app should take the user
              back to the Main Menu with the focus on the App that was launched
 o BOXEE-3319 If 3rd-party repository doesn't answer -> the Apps screen loops
 o BOXEE-2520 Netflix will only run from friends activity after I run from the netflix app
 o BOXEE-2386 freeze during recommendation
 o BOXEE-304  CNN should display runtime and date/time published for each item (rather than
              the current incoherent number)
 o BOXEE-2684 Tumblr Play Music does not work
 o BOXEE-3438 YouPorn flv videos not playing and making the log file huge
 o BOXEE-3004 Some application labels and controls are overlapping other controls
 o BOXEE-3299 Why is Repositories just under "Boxee Apps" only? Why not under Extras and
              shown alll the time?
* Music
 o BOXEE-3613 While playing a music album trying to play other albums is not possible
 o BOXEE-3514 Goom Waveform or Milkdrop visualization not working
 o BOXEE-3485 CCDB failures and errors while using an Audio CD
 o BOXEE-3015 Some Music tracks appears with much longer time length
 o BOXEE-361  Visualisation ProjectM causes a crash when it switches visualisation presets
 o BOXEE-3493 Milkdrop visualization doesn't work on XP
 o BOXEE-3484 CD tracklist is showing the previous track list I played instead of the
              current CD tracklist
 o BOXEE-3261 Browsing through music albums suddenly get failed to retrieve data
* Video
 o BOXEE-2762 Boxee crash when playing ISO DVD file or IFO DVD files and navigating to menu
              via OSD
 o BOXEE-2736 An attempt to play a resolved Video_TS movie crash Boxee
 o BOXEE-3232 Clicking on the Trailer for Across The Universe does nothing and opens the
              WHATS NEXT dialog
 o BOXEE-2839 crashes Boxee on windows 7 build 7077 (reported by 2 users )
 o BOXEE-2666 DVD - auto play doesn't work
 o BOXEE-2348 Fail to browse Video Sources DVD Drive
 o BOXEE-2974 Movie in split rar files isn't being resolve
 o BOXEE-2890 I received a recommendation for Inglorious Basterds, but the title and the
              action window did not indicate it is a trailer
 o BOXEE-2662 Crash - when changing multiple subtitles while movie is playing
 o BOXEE-3805 watching a video from SMB finished with an empty error message
 o BOXEE-3539 Several Issues with unwatched/watched Movies
 o BOXEE-3287 Video playback OSD default focus should be on pause
 o BOXEE-2820 Criteria for FileItem.cpp :: IsVideo() is too strict for some video sources
 o BOXEE-654  SMB - Boxee thinks it lost the connection to an SMB source, even though i
              am playing a video from that same source
* Photos
 o BOXEE-3247 Can't open a picture recommandation.
 o BOXEE-3045 Photos title should include selected Sort or Recently Added
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Beta point release
* General
 o Fixed: Windows remote control support
 o Fixed: Internal caching of displayed items
 o Fixed: Focus in OSD under several circumstances
 o Fixed: Regression in Applications
More information and fixes at
Fixed issues with this version since Boxee Alpha 0.9.14 point release
* General
 o Fixed: Windows and Mac CPU usage
 o Fixed: Video podcasts failed to retrieve a redirected content
 o Fixed: Click on Settings > Appearance > Region > date/time induced crash
 o Fixed: Toggling between window to fullsceen did not rescale the window properly
 o Fixed: Client sends special:// in thumbnail URL instead of real URL in Share / Watch actions
 o Fixed: Remote control failed to start Boxee
 o Fixed: Adult Hidden Apps feature also hide non-adult Apps
 o Fixed: Getting Shares from a removed friend
 o Fixed: Hitting the 'End' key on the Home screen causes Boxee to crash on both Mac and Windows
 o Fixed: AppleTV crashes when accessing SMB shares (errors 4, 10, 11)
* Applications
 o Fixed: Netflix       - search not returning full results vs
                        - some recommended items appears on unsupported systems with Netflix
                          action to watch movie
 o Fixed: FailBlog      - crash while playing a video
 o Fixed: MLB           - video stutter
                        - game video restarts on seek
 o Fixed: BBC iPlayer   - play icon stays on top of video after the playback started
                        - content not being updated
 o Fixed: MTV           - some videos did not start
                        - videos not cropped properly
 o Fixed: Pandora       - crash while listening to music
                        - failure playing a station after connection, yet notifications
                          appear and station can be manually picked and played
 o Fixed: We Are Hunted - crash during video playback
 o Fixed: Revision3     - no feeds under DiggNation
 o Fixed: Digg          - videos from Vimeo didn't start playback from friend activity
* Media
 o Fixed: Crash while resolving media
 o Fixed: Browsing UPNP network shares
 o Fixed: Boxee resolves 2 parts of one movie as two movies
 o Fixed: Cannot browse and play media from RAR and ZIP archive files
* Video
 o Fixed: Unresolved videos directory appears even when no unresolved videos inside
 o Fixed: Error while installing Boxee and bxflplayer-win32 process is active in background
 o Fixed: Some Flash content not working on Windows XP
 o Fixed: Movie name not displayed when paused
* Music
 o Fixed: Albums, artists and track info are now based on ID3 tags
 o Fixed: Playback of Audio CD displays an error and then no track info and thumbnail
 o Fixed: Cannot choose and play a specific song from an album using a mouse
 o Fixed: Some albums don't show artwork even though there's a folder.jpg and artwork is
          attached to the ID3 tag