Boxee 1.0.2 Release Notes
Boxee for CE4100: Boxee Box by D-Link
Improvements and additions
- Enabling user flavor selection (online/local inclination) during first login
  and via Settings - defaults for users selecting local will direct to local
  content and will not mandate multiple clicks to get to local content
- Added alphabetical scrollbar for local content
- Enhanced sorting options in browse screens (A-Z, Z-A, most popular, newest/oldest...)
- Main menu supports additional filter options
- Mark items as watched/unwatched from the Action menu
- Added option for hourly scan of local libraries
- When watching side-by-side or over/under video, the subtitles and OSD would not be visible
  when wearing 3D glasses. The user now has the option, under Settings, to have the user
  interface properly displayed when watching this kind of content
- Added SMB client defaults to network settings
Bug fixes
- Do not de-interlace of video when the TV is in interlaced mode (e.g. 1080i)
- HFS+ volumes display UUID instead of volume name under some conditions
- Video OSD text background too small for text title when playing video with long titles
- When connecting to VPN, Boxee didn't refresh region code
- Boxee doesn't change DNS configuration when VPN is set up
- Can't connect to hidden wireless networks
- Cannot connect to network using WPA passcode with special characters
- When Internet connection is restored, menu doesn't show online channels
- DVD .iso playback aspect ratio incorrect
- DVD playback displayed some artifacts
- "Resume From" doesn't work on DVD ISO/Folders
- Zoom on DVD (.iso and folder) video does not work as expected
- .vob files playback (standalone files) is stuttering and low FPS
- DVD .iso playback over Wireless N: excessive buffering, playback speed issues, random exits
- "Vietnamese" character set is misspelled in System Settings
- Show "Remove From Favorites" button in episodes list, even if no episodes are available
- SMB credentials are not saved upon restart
- Write failure when accessing Box-attached disk over SMB
- SMB file sharing of external HD size reporting is wrong
- Become unresponsive and hang during playback of AVC .mkv file from SMB mapped drive
- Crashes when indexing some videos inside .rar files
- Crashes indexing mp3 file with corrupt embedded thumbnail
- Stretch 16:9 and Stretch 14:9 not working properly
- Shoutcast and Radiotime: Switching stations or Cancel causes interface to freeze and console output to crawl
- Some .mkv files do not playback properly (some flavors of H.264)
- Support packed bitstream muxing mode in .avi
- Some .wtv files do not playback properly
- Constant buffering on 1080p BD .mkv files accessed wirelessly on Boxee
- Boxee crash when browsing into unidentified Files
- Playback choked and crashed during viewing of .mp4 file
This version is primarily a bug fix version for the first official release.
Bug fixes
Media Playback
- 1080i playback in Web browser caused black screens for Web and local content
- Some HD .avi content playing at low frames-per-second
- Failure to seek in specific Blu-Ray .iso over network share
- Case sensitivity issues in .iso filename extension
- Stuttering while playing some Blu-Ray content
- No video, audio only while playing some .m4v content
- Failure to render .ass subtitles after changing overscan settings
- Failure in opening .rar files containing subtitles
- Playback and overscan issues when switching to and from fullscreen of online content
- Rear channels on AAC 5.1 are not played properly w/ LPCM 5.1 out
- Flash video audio drops out after ~1 hour in long length online videos
- Select subtitles from hard-drive, screen does not work
- MPEG1 video inconsistent play
- Rebuffering during playback of HD-Audio
- Video stuttering and losing audio (white noise) when resuming playback on a specific title
  in a blu-ray folder/ iso file
- HGTV OSD Controls don't work and counter stuck at 00:00
- mpeg4 movies occasionally have green line at the side and/or purple line at the button
Wireless Connectivity
- Wireless signal levels display (showing one bar when in fact 3 bars should be displayed)
- Some WiFi encryption schemes were not supported
- First time WiFi setup takes excessive time
- Boxee does not accept $ in password for WiFi
- Wrong message displayed when WiFi password is wrong
Network Shares
- Repeated credentials request for non-secure network shares (SMB)
- Unable to access network share when Window Live is installed on Windows 7
- Intermittent crashes when failing to open networked media
- Frequent disconnects from Mac OS X network shares (SMB)
- Not reconnecting to disconnected shares disables selection in the Movies database view
- Prompted for username/password when accessing different shared folders on same computer
  via SMB
- Empty screen appears when filtering shows by Channels > TED, Engadget, when geo lock is enabled
- Faulty DNS configuration when using VPN causing a Boxee network disconnect
- Not returning to the selected item library screens after item selection
- Leave/stay prompt shows up multiple times for some online content
- Searching for applications with spaces in their titles (i.e. funny or die) doesn't show the
  application in the results
- When creating a new user, username textbox is not visible when the email contains the word 'boxee'
- Repositories screen buttons activation and adding toggle state is wrong
- Web browser screen size was wrong, not compensating for overscan
- "Resume from" does not always show
- Browser Loading progress bar does not go away
- Weather location and timezone are not always set up correctly
- Boxee weather application doesn't use the Temperature Scale configured at Settings > General > Location
- Asian fonts display in the browser
- 'Friends feed' from Facebook is not ordered correctly
- TV OSD does not always work
- Browser Loading progress bar does not go away
Improvements and additions
- Support .mkv with header compression
- Support switching from PC black level to video black level
- Default overscan is now 3% on all borders
- Add a global subtitles toggle, set to off by default
- Support for showing the last letter typed in password fields
- Support local thumbnails: .tbn support / folder.jpg
- Support reading the IMDB URL from .nfo to hint Boxee on the title
- Enable external subtitles for Blu-Ray and DVD iso/folders
- User selectable slideshow for the screensaver
Version - First GA Release
This Boxee version is the first to introduce Boxee on the Intel® Atom™ CE4100 System-on-Chip platform,
this version also adds support for OpenGL ES 2.0.
New Boxee UI
The Boxee UI has been changed to provide an easier way to find, sort, and filter content so users can
quickly get to exactly what they want to play.
The updated UI is structured around a new multi-layer menu, which enables users to quickly drill down
into sorting and filtering options for each of Boxee's libraries – TV Shows, Movies, Apps, and Files.
Once users have picked the type of content they are interested, they’re able to drill down into different
filtering options including genre, channel/source for TV shows and movies and then further into different
sorting options like most popular, a to z, and recently used.  
The movement of sorting and filtering into this menu simplifies the content browsing screens and means
that within a few clicks that users are able to see exactly what they're looking for. 
With a renewed focus on video content, we've moved local music and photo content into the files menu until
we can develop an improved experience for them.
The following sections have been renamed to make it more intuitive for the user:
History  -> Recently Played
Queue    -> Watch Later
TV Shows -> Shows
Feed     -> Friends
The first time user experience has been enhanced and simplified with new calibration screen, clearer network
connection setup interface, and a new ability for user creation from Boxee client (without the need to do
anything from a PC or on the web).
This Boxee version introduces global search functionality much like Quicksilver or Spotlight for the Mac that
allows searching for Apps & Videos within Boxee's database and video on the Internet.
Suggested search results are broken down according to Boxee sections (Apps, Movies, Shows) and Internet video
clip are provided by Videosurf.  The first suggested results are presented in a joint list, while the user
can also filter out results using separated tabs for each available section.
The search mechanism searches while users type so they need enter as few characters as possible to get to
relevant search results.
Playback (Video & Audio) Formats
On top of Boxee’s wide array of playable formats, the following key HD formats have been added:
Blu-ray iso & folder  support, including titles and chapter selection (excluding menus)
DVD folder support
MKV chapter support
HD Audio support – DTS-MA, DD TrueHD, DD+, LPCM 7.1
Native Frame rate  including 24p (24-96k Flac requires setting HDMI Audio)
Support for WebM (VP8)
Support for HW decoding for H264, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, VC-1 on CE-4100
This Boxee version includes a webkit-based browser, which enables flash 10.1 and HTML 5 playback from the Internet.
Websites that have been mapped (like YouTube or Vimeo) to the webkit will launch videos in full screen mode while
other websites that support full screen viewing will be enabled via selecting a full screen option in the browser OSD.
The Browser offers two OSD modes: 
Browser Mode: includes a text bar for URL or search, Back/Forward, full screen, recommend and exit functions.
Video Mode: an OSD that is similar to the video player OSD added with a cursor mode option.
When cursor mode is enabled, users navigate using the remote’s directional pad and select button.