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Old February 22nd, 2010, 11:00 AM
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Default Flash Beta 3 and Firefox 3.6 via Launcher Downloads Menu

Please read first

Flash Beta 3 is experimental. It may crash Boxee and lock your ATV in some instances. Do not install it if you are not prepared to suffer these consequences. If Boxee does freeze DO NOT pull the power plug - this is a great way to corrupt system files if you have you root system mounted rw. So what should you do? For future reference if Boxee won't respond, then ssh in and run:

ps -awxx

take note of the pid number (left hand column) and run

kill -9 {pid}

this will get you back to the UI without possibly damaging any system files... If you are not sure about messing around with your ATV, then don't! That's solid advice. We're at the stage where things are still being tested and worked out by people who are not afraid of the possibility of nuking their system (that possibility increases dramatically if you have no idea what you are doing and are only blindly entering in commands you've never seen before!)

Anyway, if you accept that then read on:

UPDATE: Now added Flash 10.1 Beta 3 below. Apparently, preliminary reports from Users are suggesting performance of Flash Beta 3 is not greatly improved over Beta 2, however not enough people have tried it out yet across enough sources... so who knows, there may be other factors that are affecting performance on these Users systems?

This has got a bit buried in the "Beta on ATV" thread, so I thought I'd make a fresh post so that people can get the info. This is new, I have tested it to make sure that it works, but perhaps it won't work for everyone? So I'm looking for testers!

Note: you can find your existing Flash version by issuing:

less /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Flash\ Player.plugin/Contents/Info.plist | grep 10.
or if you have run a newer flash installer, or a newer version of the Boxee installer you might have to try:

less /Users/frontrow/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Flash\ Player.plugin/Contents/Info.plist | grep 10.
You'll work it out!

For Advanced Users and Testers Only:

You want to try out a different version of Flash? Maybe move from 10.0 Final to 10.1 Beta 3 and back again? Well now you can:

To add Flash Installer to Menu:

To add Flash 10.1 Beta 3 Installer to Launcher Downloads window, issue:

defaults write com.teamxbmc.xbmclauncher XBMCAdditionalDownloadPlistURLs -array-add
and then add Flash 10.0 Final Installer by issuing:

defaults write com.teamxbmc.xbmclauncher XBMCAdditionalDownloadPlistURLs -array-add
Clicking on a flash download removes your current version and installs the version selected. If you are a real tester - you know who you are! - then perhaps you will test out various sources with each flash rev so that we can draw up a definitive list of what sites work best with which Rev. Then we'll be getting somewhere!

To add Firefox 3.6 to menu:

Please note this one only works with Launcher 3.2.4, so update Launcher first if you are on an older version....

defaults write com.teamxbmc.xbmclauncher XBMCAdditionalDownloadPlistURLs -array-add
Good luck and good testing!

ATV OS 3.01, Boxee Beta r107xx, Launcher 3.2.2, Firefox 3.6, Flash 10.0 final

Boxee Beta on ATV

Installing Flash Via the Launcher

Network Cache Tweak for ATV

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