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January 7th, 2010 until March 7th, 2012
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Reporting and Resolving Boxee Beta Issues [UPDATED: 03-16-10]

  1. First, make sure you have done a clean install of Boxee.
    This means not only uninstalling Boxee, but also deleting/moving your Boxee configuration directory:
  2. After you have done this, if your issue persists, please enable advanced logging, and provide your logs:
  3. Please post all issues in the 'Beta Issues Forum':
Common Issues:

Local TV Shows and/or Movies not are not being resolved, or have the wrong meta data.
  • First, make sure you your media files are named according to Boxee's media naming specifications.
  • Boxee does not offer a way to correct missing/incorrect media.
    This feature will be re-added in a future build. In the meantime, you can use this form to submit incorrect TV Shows and this one for incorrect Movies.
================================================== ===
Suggested Hardware (Minimum needed specs)

*Boxee will run on Windows 64 bit systems

Apple Macintosh

* dual-core x86 (Intel only) based system running at 2.66GHz or greater
* 2 GB system memory (RAM) or more

* dual-core x86 (Intel/AMD processor) based system running at 2.0GHz or greater
* video card that supports VDPAU, currently NVIDIA GeForce 8 series and later
* 2 GB system memory (RAM) or more

Windows (Vista, 7)

* dual-core x86 (Intel/AMD processor) based system running at 1.6GHz or greater
* video card that supports accelerated Flash (see below)
* 2 GB system memory (RAM) or more

Windows (XP)

* dual-core x86 (Intel/AMD processor) based system running at 2.4GHz or greater
* any video card you wish as GPU acceleration is not supported for XP for most players including boxee.
* 2 GB system memory (RAM) or more

Video Card

(for hardware accelerated Flash(10.1), Silverlight (NetFix) and HD H264 .MP4 and H264 .MKV container videos with Windows Vista, Windows 7 ONLY)

* NVidia Cards: Geforce GTS xxx, Geforce GTX xxx, Geforce GT xxx, Geforce 9xxx, Geforce 8xxx, MCP79 (Ion), MCP78, MCP7A
* ATI Cards: Radeon HD 4xxx, Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx , Radeon HD 3xxx
* Intel Cards: X4500HD (part of G45 chipset), X4500MHD (part of GM45 chipset)

================================================== ===
Stuttering video while watching Flash, Silverlight (NetFlix) or HD files in Boxee Beta. (updated 6-23-10)

To view smooth playing Flash, Silverlight and & HD content (H264 .MP4 + H264 .MKV) with Vista & Win-7 only in Boxee Beta, a video card that supports GPU acceleration for all three types of media is required. To maximize this, the following updates should be considered where appropriate for Windows, Mac and Linux machines.
Your mileage may vary based on OS, hardware, drivers, local network and ISP connection speed.

**Boxee currently supports GPU acceleration of Flash, Silverlight (netflix), and HD files that are H264 .mp4 & H264 .MKV and only for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Any other file containers (.mkv, .wmv, .mov etc) that are in 720P or 1080P format or encoded otherwise may stutter. Additional support for GPU acceleration of HD versions of .mkv, .mov, .wmv file containers may be added at a later date.

*** DPI & Font settings in excess of 100% may cause video to skip & lag. Also, this will cause the video to be cut off at the bottom and/or top.

Hardware Acceleration Compatible cards:
  • NVidia Cards: Geforce GTS xxx, Geforce GTX xxx, Geforce GT xxx, Geforce 9xxx, Geforce 8xxx, MCP79 (Ion), MCP78, MCP7A
  • ATI Cards: Radeon HD 4xxx, Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx , Radeon HD 3xxx
  • Intel Cards: X4500HD (part of G45 chipset), X4500MHD (part of GM45 chipset)
Add-ins and Updates:
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 Public Release- To use Flash GPU acceleration in Boxee Beta with compatible video cards. Examples-Hulu, YouTube, Fox, NBC, etc.
    • Flash 10.1 - Windows, Mac, Linux
      Windows-Install both ActiveX (IE) and Plug-in (FireFox) (32 and 64 bit)
      Mac & Linux-Install the singe file listed.
      Uninstall first any Adobe Flash programs before installing this update!
    • You will need to install FireFox browser to install the Flash 10.1 Add-in so Boxee will play Flash correctly. Though, you do not need to use FFox for browsing if you do not wish.
    • For IE install the Flash AxtiveX if you want to view flash sites while using IE browser, but is unneeded for Boxee to play flash content.
  • Latest Video card Drivers- Are needed for Flash Beta 10.1 to get full function of GPU acceleration on compatible hardware.
    • ATI Drivers- Here
    • Nvidia Compatible vid Cards List: ION, GT, GTS, etc-Here
    • Nvidia Drivers- Here
  • Windows DirectX-Boxee typically installs what is needed based on your OS and video card. Sometimes a manual update is required.
    • Windows XP uses DX9 or 10 dependent upon video card
    • Vista and Win-7 use DX11
    • DirectX Update-Here
  • Silverlight - NetFlix uses this player and should be updated to maximize playback quality. Update via MS Update site or directly here: Down load Silverlight
**If you have older or low performance hardware**
Users of Boxee Beta with video cards that do not support GPU acceleration of Flash, Silverlight and H264 .mp4 files and have low power single or dual core CPU's, will experience stuttering Flash and HD video. Even with Flash 10.1 updates above, an update to newer and more compatible hardware may be required.

Boxee supports the following file types and container formats. (updated 6-23-10)
  • Physical media: CDs, DVDs, Video CDs (including DVD-Video, VCD/SVCD and Audio-CD/CDDA)
  • Container formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4A, AAC, NUT, Ogg, OGM, RealMedia RAM/RM/RV/RA/RMVB, 3gp, VIVO, PVA, NUV, NSV, NSA, FLI, FLC, ISO, and DVR-MS (beta support)
  • Video codecs: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (SP and ASP, including DivX, XviD, 3ivx, DV, H.263), MPEG-4 AVC (H.264, including Nero Digital), HuffYUV, Indeo, MJPEG, RealVideo, QuickTime, Sorenson, WMV, Cinepak.
  • Audio codecs: AIFF, WAV/WAVE, MP2, MP3, AAC, AACplus, AC3, DTS, ALAC, AMR, FLAC, Monkey's Audio (APE), RealAudio, SHN, WavPack, MPC/Musepack/Mpeg+, Speex, Vorbis and WMA.
  • Digital picture/image formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, MNG, ICO, PCX and Targa/TGA
  • Subtitle formats: AQTitle, ASS/SSA, CC, JACOsub, MicroDVD, MPsub, OGM, PJS, RT, SMI, SRT, SUB, VOBsub, VPlayer
  • Boxee's media player is based on ffmpeg, as such it does not support drm'd files.
    Boxee's media player/codec/container support is entirely internalized, and does not use the host operating system's media framework. (i.e.: Windows' directshow, mac's quicktime, linux's gstreamer)
No Longer Needed---The MOVE Networks Plug-in for Fox, ABC and CBS. (updated 6-23-10)
  • All the TV network sites have gone away from the MoveNetworks plug-in and now use Flash players.
  • You will need to use IE or FFox browser to install the Flash 10.1 Public Release on your machine.
Unable to watch mature Hulu content on Boxee=====================================

Apple Remote Doesn't Work Correctly
  • Issues with Boxee and the apple remote are a problem with snow leopard, and should be fixed by Apple. The problem will not be fixed by Boxee.
  • Issues with Boxee and the Apple Remote can sometimes be corrected with an install of new drivers.
  • Visit the Candelair website and download the free apple remote driver.
Unable to see white text when creating debug log.
  • To create a debug log, Boxee requires users to create an advancedsettings.xml file in the UserData folder. Sometimes, Mac users are unable to see the white debug text that appears after a successful creation of the advancedsettings.xml file.
  • Visit this forum thread to learn how to create a Boxee-compatable advancedsettings.xml file.
Repair disk permissions to improve Boxee performance.
  • Boxee may experience unusual issues with applications not appearing and Boxee refusing to quit. More on this here.
  • Repairing disk permissions may help resolve Boxee problems and improve performance. You can do this in your Disk Utility application, found in Applications > Utilities > Disk Utilities. Select your hard drive in the left menu, and select "Repair Disk Permissions."
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