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  1. How to prevent permanent disconnections of SMB shares on OS X external drives
  2. disconnected file sources
  3. Wireless in Boxee Box
  4. possiblity to play all?
  5. Dolby & dts via HDMI??
  6. Makes me want to cry, so close, and yet so far....
  7. Does Boxee Box power down USB attached drives when not in use?
  8. Screen flickers from time to time
  9. Disable online content?
  10. Colors on remote.
  11. Boxee Transmission rate
  12. Boxee Box & Synology NAS
  13. wireless problem
  14. BBox and CPU temperature
  15. What are your top two bugs?
  16. idiots guide to setting up the boxee box
  17. No restart option / soft reset!?
  18. In built subtitles don't work for M4V files
  19. boxee broswr & twit tv live broken
  20. Where should I post files that won't play?
  21. Lag issue on larger files
  22. How do you page down in the Boxee Browser?
  23. ABC iView
  24. Boxee Box RSS Feeds
  25. Got my Last.fm radio station to play on Boxee Box!
  26. Using other remotes??
  27. Support BOXEE-7152
  28. Boxee remote app for the iPad?
  29. Boxee Box Bug Report
  30. Help with booting/displaying on TV from after moving
  31. VPN on Boxee Box
  32. How to remove show from favorite?
  33. Why is ther no ABC iView app for boxee box yet there is on the computer in the beta??
  34. Boxee Box and HD
  35. Is The Boxee Box for Me?
  36. Change hostname
  37. Boxee Box Remote Not Working Anymore
  38. Anybody planning to buy a Boxee Box in Europe?
  39. Unable to remove a reference in 'Unidentified Files'
  40. UK Users!
  41. Boxee Box firmware update (released Dec 13th)
  42. BB with Wired Network Switch??
  43. Problem since today's upgrade... argh!
  44. Syncing BoxeeBox
  45. HDMI handshake issue for audio?
  46. Descriptions unreadable on v1.02.16619?
  47. Settings for Network share on Mac
  48. 2 Tom & Team Boxee about 16619
  49. Is it me or a bug?
  50. Any way to set shows as "watched"?
  51. Is the issue with grey boxes/coverart fixed with firmware?
  52. Boxee Box Apps/tv shows/etc. updates click here!!!
  53. problem in new firmware not playing 264 mkv files in 16x9 has black bar now
  54. problem with NAS capabilities (htfs+/osx)
  55. Streaming video fails after sleep - even with
  56. Boxee Box crashing to menu midstream since last update
  57. 3 Vids on Home Screen?
  58. Upgrade failing constantly at 38%
  59. Does Boxee store cover art?
  60. upgrade failing at 26%
  61. New update problems still
  62. Match screen refresh rate to video?
  63. No apps downloading after update?
  64. Date / Time post update.
  65. SMB NAS pains. Help please.
  66. Boxee box wrong region
  67. My boxee box remote just stopped working?
  68. What does everyone use to get the icons and dvd xml information?
  69. Version 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio Bug
  70. "Loading Error: Could not access file, directory or device"
  71. VEVO APP-(adding a Log-in tab to the menu)
  72. After update my Windows shares can't connect
  73. HOW TO: Share an HFS+ drive on Boxee Box
  74. Fan cast still not working
  75. Why is boxee box locked down?
  76. Boxee Box connected as 802.11g?
  77. Can Boxee Box play Youtube 1080 vids?
  78. Canadian Networks Get It!
  79. Boxees box: Scraping shows info.
  80. Netflix us feature only?
  81. boxee capable to deliver truehd&dtshd
  82. Cannot access SMB server on Boxee Box since latest Update
  83. Pixel Blocky playback on new
  84. Easiest way to make a sample of a mkv video file
  85. Adding Subforums
  86. Wrong language through Fancast
  87. How to use the Browser?
  88. Option to separate local and online content?
  89. Home Screen videos..?
  90. Hardware/Network speed question
  91. The Big Bang Theory - Season 4 Episode 1
  92. Slight slowdown on video
  93. Mix online shows with locals
  94. Issues between Boxee Box, Macbook Pro, External HDD
  95. Boxee Box Goodness
  96. US Boxee Box CrunchyRoll Issues
  97. Help with new setup
  98. Local Files Organization
  99. Can't find Wireless AP's after recent 11/24 & 12/13 updates
  100. Setup nightmare
  101. Says my username/password don't work........
  102. My 2 (and a bit) year old son loves the Boxee Box!
  103. Boxee Box and Logitech Dinovo mini
  104. "Watch Later" doesn't work
  105. Couple bugs with new patch
  106. Aspect Ratio Problems playing VOBs
  107. Factory reset not possible
  108. Deinterlacing/Detelecine/etc
  109. access problems to connected HDD through network
  110. Justin.tv Stuck on Mute
  111. can't access videos on RealSportz.net from BB
  112. Buffering problems on 720p MKV (3 Samples inside)
  113. Latest update killed telnet?
  114. Marking movies watched leads to hang
  115. audio dropping out since upgrade
  116. Update notice non-responsive?
  117. Radiotime Presets
  118. Cover Art Newbie
  119. Shareport
  120. Boxee Box Mac Snow Leopard
  121. Accesing the Boxee using the network
  122. iPhone 4 Recorded video
  123. HELP! Boxxe won't recognize two hard drives.
  124. Non Box related.. General use.. File renamer
  125. Wierd Video Issue
  126. gives preferences to local information for Scraping?
  127. Boxee virus protection
  128. Remote Control over HTTP missing commands
  129. Some Problems with mah Boxee Box
  130. Mega64 Identification Problem
  131. do you still recommend boxee box?
  132. Internet lost after update
  133. Boxee Box Not Powering Down via OnScreen Shut Off
  134. MKV playback issue after upgrade
  135. UK user - ITV and 4od
  136. Volume Level gets stuck after web video
  137. Unseen / Seen Filtering
  138. Hourly scan interval
  139. vimeo.com loads incorrectly
  140. Boxee Box question for potential buyer
  141. More Organized Boxee Box Forum
  142. Streaming from Macbook to BoxeeBox
  143. Boxee iPhone app: typing??
  144. Volume at boot-animation issue
  145. I would like to rollback please
  146. Bug for "Monitor for changes" closed as "Won't fix"?
  147. Language selection
  148. Hourly scanning not working?
  149. Boxee Box Compatible DVI Monitors List
  150. Distinguish Duplicate Movies - DVD and BluRay
  151. Box running really slowly? Check SMB.
  152. Constant buffering when streaming .MKV files
  153. WD Elements 2TB not found
  154. Separate TV and Movies (local files)
  155. DVI WHy oh Why
  156. New UI Update - Wife Approved
  157. Any way to seporate "Home" movies from "Real" movies?
  158. Please fix the smb space issue
  159. Post your *documentation* requests here
  160. Where do Miniseries show up?
  161. Manually Identifying a Local Movie Yields wrong Movie Poster ..
  162. Support for inotify or other dynamic updates
  163. How about a nightly reboot option?
  164. Waking from sleep - directional button bug
  165. All Youtube Videos Green Blocks
  166. BBox keeps going back to main menu
  167. Canon .CR2 images cause problems
  168. What is the "right" udb ir dongle to use with the boxee box ?
  169. Tnt app
  170. How to add a repository on BB?
  171. Permissions reset each time Boxee Box freezes up
  172. Power consumption and suspend to RAM (STR)
  173. Picture viewing
  174. Where is the imdb info saved/cached
  175. Hardware Revisions? A1 - A2
  176. Local Media Disconnected on Mac os 6
  177. Will the BB be coming to US Best Buy anytime soon?
  178. Vote up a JIRA ticket for more content
  179. Just dumped googleTV. How is the web browser on the new D-link DSM-380 Boxee Box HD?
  180. Remotely initiating a scan?
  181. iMac -> Boxee Box (via Wifi)
  182. AVI files from Canon Cam?
  183. Droid X 3gp and Panasonic LX3 mov
  184. Remove loaded subtitles (not just disable)
  185. Duplicate Local Files
  186. Tiger direct Has boxee box for 175 shipped
  187. please get the https part of the browser working...
  188. Can't send file to BB attached USB HD (no permission)
  189. No way to mark a show as watch?
  190. ui sluggish after latest update
  191. Strange crash bug when using Boxee Box remote during AVI playback
  192. How are genre's determined?
  193. Any way to use the old UI with the newer firmware?
  194. browser setting
  195. More mini-series issues...
  196. Streaming .MKV's - Corruption
  197. IMDB not that great for indexing?
  198. question about Shows library
  199. iso plays at fast forward speeds
  200. Different colors on box logo?
  201. Not scanning more than 7 files
  202. Two Boxxe Boxes in the same house...
  203. Some Bugs found: Volume/Screensaver
  204. New Boxee won't upgrade
  205. Boxee for Dummies Network set up???
  206. Correct naming for folder with multiple VOBs to Boxee Box will pick them up
  207. When a movie wont get indexed
  208. Why did I buy the Box?
  209. .ISO FF and audio sync issues in SP2
  210. Constant Disconnects
  211. Covert art when identifying file gives last image found...
  212. Anyone know if "The Sportsman Channel" is available somewhere?
  213. BB crash when watching photo
  214. Help Problem language for Boxee menus!!
  215. Please don't forget the music
  216. The video you requested is not available for this device
  217. Band of Brother and other mini-series
  218. DTS MA (audio interface problem)
  219. Serious audio issue after update
  220. Problem with an external USB drive.
  221. Streaming fine with G router but not with N
  222. Unit freezes while in pause
  223. Music / Video lock-up
  224. How To View Video in Boxee Browser
  225. Most 4:3 content playing stretched
  226. Vpn
  227. It won't see the .avi files
  228. Blue screen of death on PC
  229. Pandora stopped working..????!?!?!?!
  230. Question for Devs - Local TV Show Loading Time
  231. DVD Iso's Menu Playback issuessssssss!!!!!!
  232. file movie descriptions
  233. Need help
  234. Using Syslog Destination Address
  235. Music shuffle/repeat
  236. Default Subtitles Off
  237. Missing apps?
  238. Earth-Touch app stunning
  239. No Wireless Networks after firmware update
  240. Probs on playing DVD, ISO and .Mkv
  241. netflix still on the way?
  242. Surround Sound no working
  243. Lockups
  244. Powerdown and reboot?
  245. Tips on how to manage anime episodes?
  246. Preinstalled shows/apps/movies gone
  247. Bug - SMB Password being displayed in source location
  248. Shows and Folder.jpg cover art
  249. Latest Update is faulty (wifi problems)
  250. Read Chinese Traditional font in B.Box?