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  1. Install Failed: Installer could not install some files in /Applications
  2. finding media
  3. deleted my profile, now i have no internet videos
  4. when adding a user, lets me go to the boxee menu
  5. autostart on login
  6. album appears twice in the recently added list
  7. Boxee crash
  8. Playing multiple language subtitles (.idx and .sub)
  9. Recently added media no longer appearing
  10. No Digital Audio Output
  11. movies on samba share are not scanned for a artwork
  12. subitles only in a root/top folder
  13. Cant see more than a few files in one share
  14. Last FM password not hidden in the Boxee GUI
  15. Can not use non US-keyboard connected to Boxee
  16. question re: album art
  17. Dual screen linux quirks
  18. Crash on Linux during login
  19. issues (presumably) with scanning
  20. Password entered in cleartext
  21. Green video
  22. more bugs
  23. First Time user bugs...
  24. universal remote sequence delay not working
  25. DivX Dvd
  26. picture view fullscreen
  27. UX issue: colours bad on "small" screen at 10 feet
  28. Menu Issue During Video Playback [Apple Remote]
  29. Settings not working?
  30. backspace not working on album tracklist
  31. Not importing all of my music
  32. First Test on Dell Latitude D620
  33. Major Porblem in OSX version (In my opinion)
  34. Mouse Cursor Disappears?
  35. Can't access Boxee menu from DVD Menu
  36. login and weather issue
  37. Boxee won't save my bandwith settings
  38. Ubuntu Effects vs Boxee
  39. Boxee icon.
  40. OSX: Voluma control
  41. Recently added don't show up on first load
  42. Starting Boxee will not bring up log-in screen
  43. Various Issues
  44. Log file location when running boxee as root
  45. can't go to password field?
  46. no sound on Mac
  47. AT symbol in SAMBA password fails
  48. new version issues
  49. Backspace and Esc still not working as they should
  50. Graphical glitches
  51. No mouse on screen
  52. Problems with Adobe Illustrator
  53. The Numeric Dialog is ugly.
  54. secondary display
  55. Can't login or change my password
  56. I think icons for shutdown and suspend are reversed
  57. Slow response to keyboard
  58. FLAC issues
  59. 24p playback issues (audio sync)
  60. No Icon in login screen
  61. UI reverts under very specific conditions.
  62. Neil Layne is watching Neil Layne.
  63. Linux Hardy Install feedback
  64. MacOSX (latest version) install feedback
  65. Boxee and tumblr
  66. Loading Recommendations... (forever) MacOS
  67. Last.fm scrobbling? (MacOS)
  68. Linux Hardy intel G31 + intel experimental mode setting driver = no full screen?
  69. Any luck getting boxee to run in ubuntu 8.10?
  70. "Esc" wrong behavior
  71. Open Subtitles does not work
  72. Not indexing external drives
  73. Illustrator CS3 modifier keys don't work
  74. Screen Sharing Bug
  75. Recognizing a TV episode
  76. Last FM won't play a song?
  77. Recognizing a video while watching doesn't count as watched
  78. Picasa and Flickr permalinks don't work?
  79. Boxee on Leo - Crashes right after login
  80. Web Interface Not Working
  81. Playing media does not always give it focus
  82. SMB Access Issue
  83. Videos -> Local Sources crash
  84. AppleTV/Boxee lost information text strings
  85. NAS issue (also screens)
  86. Garbled Names
  87. Opensubtitles not working
  88. Can't see where cursor is when entering long URLs on OS X
  89. Playing recommended items does nothing
  90. special character
  91. Status 4
  92. freeze on exit
  93. Lyrics bug
  94. boxee kills textexpander
  95. Unable to play resolved media
  96. Overlapping playback menus
  97. Manual source url clipping
  98. Minor error in the trailer section
  99. Hate/Love bug
  100. boxee disables vm fusion XP on intel mac
  101. XBMC branding
  102. Recently used
  103. Status 10
  104. Cannot connect to UPnP media sources
  105. Status 11
  106. SEGFAULT if Samba server stops responding
  107. Not remembering selected view
  108. Comedy central
  109. Oct. 20 version issues
  110. [confirmed] myth:// no longer resolves
  111. Up key makes album art disapear when playing music
  112. Weather location selecter needs more info
  113. ATV & Hulu\CBS\Comedy Central
  114. Stopped adding my music half way
  115. New Release
  116. Extended pause causes video to be unresponsive & a question...
  117. Crash Reports / Terminal / External Drives
  118. Filtering feature removed in new version...
  119. Can't create directory
  120. 1up video podcast with my channel
  121. faint tones heard when using headphones
  122. Problems with the Mac remote.
  123. Profile not updating - bug?
  124. Subtitles doesn't work
  125. Problems viewing images
  126. Three mouse related linux bugs
  127. Webpage Friend Feed
  128. Incorrect Video Scrapping
  129. Hulu House time error
  130. Kernel Panic
  131. Crash when viewing local Pictures
  132. my RSS retitling
  133. UI stops after veiwing downloads
  134. Missing dot on keyboard
  135. UI refreshes every 8 seconds
  136. Status 11 exit accessing ms-dvr files
  137. hulu hangs at first ad
  138. Mac TV Shows duplicating. Remove button not working. etc...
  139. Options problems
  140. ERROR: Output underflowed. strange path?
  141. Sound Control
  142. Found issue with mouse when using Synergy
  143. Account Settings Bug
  144. No digital audio, video too fast
  145. Bugs and Suggestions
  146. Pausing Doesn't Work
  147. System Crash During Playback of a specific File
  148. boxee finding random music
  149. Screensaver Issues - hi-res photos crashes and no way to return to default images
  150. Some Flickr images displaying as a black screen
  151. Account Profile Picture Bugs (Website)
  152. Web RSS form
  153. Missing Episodes
  154. Status 11 error when streaming music
  155. US Only Networks
  156. FindAlbuminfo: Unable to retrieve web site
  157. xml file error
  158. Shoutcast radio hangs on some stations
  159. Crashing on playing Mp3s, Audio Sync Issues (Hardy 32bit)
  160. AppleTV Synced Music
  161. Samba issue
  162. System Sounds - Keyboard
  163. View settings not sticking?
  164. Fun with Hulu, advertisements, and pause
  165. Password Issue
  166. projectM.vis typo causes error when loading
  167. Bug Report: Listening to Music causes Hulu to fail
  168. RSS feeds bug on the Boxee website
  169. Aperture 2 Thumbnails/etc.
  170. Double Disk Albums
  171. rtorrent error
  172. Missing content from "adding source"
  173. Crashing when canceling music: Status 10
  174. TV Series Name Character Bug
  175. Anti-bug post (latest linux version - WOW much better!)
  176. No Volume Control
  177. Missing Menu Text
  178. Streaming music doesn't work
  179. Adding sources, mouse doesn't work
  180. No screensaver after album play is finished
  181. Revision 3 stream just stops and reverts to menu
  182. Specified view is "forgotten"
  183. BUG: Two Boxee user profiles and last.fm
  184. Loading...
  185. music tags
  186. Erasing library does not clear cache of "recently used"
  187. Only small portion of my music folder has been added
  188. http://dir.boxee.tv/hulu/ down?
  189. Boxee full screen mode does not support Spaces switch
  190. Music Crashing?
  191. "Auto Play Next Item" bug
  192. Navigating DVD menus with Apple remote
  193. Canít play physical DVD discs
  194. Audio output keeps changing
  195. CPU usage
  196. Uninstallation reasons on a Macbook
  197. Bug Tracker?
  198. Shoutcast Streams Never Time Out
  199. Changing Internet Video
  200. Wrong Cover Art
  201. Crashing on entering folders with multiple HD video files
  202. Password Exposed in SMB String
  203. Music Albums: Cannot View Track Listing from Read More view
  204. Show Duplication When Recognizing
  205. Play/Pause with the Apple TV
  206. Multipart Video Files
  207. Status 11 on Last.fm
  208. Playing DVDs
  209. Hulu not showing video
  210. AAC Music not adding to library
  211. Bug: Download screen persistance
  212. Music Gone
  213. Singles become albums
  214. Bittorent file only available in download screen
  215. Hulu "recently added episodes" bugs
  216. Two Crashes/Freezes
  217. Video shows up as folder
  218. Reporting:Boxee crashed after leaving it on for 1 day!...
  219. Playback stops when network drops out
  220. folder.jpg should always be used as preferred thumbnail
  221. Movie trailer descriptions need html characters unencoded
  222. Streaming video: poor buffering, no pause and GUI fail
  223. Some TV Show does not show up in UI ("CSI")
  224. Poor Quality for internet sources
  225. Hulu not showing all seasons
  226. Minimizing/Hiding
  227. Application Settings / Navigation Bug
  228. fresh install, no mouse, intrepid
  229. App Crash on Audio Setting change
  230. Music won't play
  231. Editing / Adding Sources - UI Changes
  232. Menu UI not closing when starting TV Show playback
  233. Error when connecting to MythTV backend: Loading Error Failed to Retrieve Data
  234. Inability to click on some buttons
  235. YouTube doesn't work for me
  236. Black Books!
  237. crash when playing flash video on mac
  238. Hulu Audio
  239. Bluish Film?
  240. Graphic Interface bug/Last FM bug
  241. My RSS Feeds freezing
  242. Two separate crashes
  243. Filename, sorting and recognizing fail
  244. Trailer Performance Issues
  245. Leftover UI in video settings
  246. Hulu Playback Choppy on AppleTV
  247. twitter messages too long
  248. Pause/Play button failed
  249. Mac reboots
  250. Last.fm UI bug, a general UI complaint, and one real serious bug