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July 25th, 2009, 03:49 PM
so, for five years i have been disturbingly addicted to my acoustic research aw771 wireless headphones. sadly, they died yesterday and i am having some serious withdraw issues.

i ran up to my local best buy and all they had were sony mdr-rf970rk. these things are complete garbage. i am convinced that the 'volume' button is in reference to the volume of the static, not the audio.

so reading online, the consensus seems to be that the sennheiser rs120/rs130 are the best in the $100-$150 range--the difference in the models is surround sound, which i don't really care about.

i am just wondering if anyone around here owns either model, and how they feel about them... especially if you have owned wireless headphones in the past.

if it is of any incentive: keep in mind, if i end-up in wireless headphone rehab, i won't be around to post the [wrong] answers to all the questions around here. :)