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View Full Version : Boxee & iTunes Video Metadata

December 25th, 2009, 08:03 PM
I've been searching around for a while on the forums, and I know this is an issue that keeps coming up again and again, but, are the tags that iTunes writes into video files readable by 3rd party applications, and can that metadata be used to help Boxee identify media?

I understand that Boxee wants to use an online repository as the standard for cataloging media, so that each item has a unique identity and can be shared over the social network. Ok, that's great, but what I really want it to do before I worry about social networking is recognize and play all of my videos.

As of now, if Boxee does not properly identify your media, it does not appear. How can this be? How can you have a media player that ignores your files?

I think that Boxee should show every file it can see, it should use the existing metadata to try and identify the file (not the filename), and if it can't identify the file, it should default to the metadata, and if there is no metadata, it should default to the filename. And, if that means that I can't recommend that video to someone, then it should have that button disabled, but it shouldn't just ignore the file.

Boxee is trying to function without a backend - an application where you can manually control the way it recognizes media, and that is fine, It doesn't need one, there are already plenty. But I really think it should be able to read the metadata that those applications use.