View Full Version : Slow SSH speeds

January 8th, 2010, 07:23 AM
I've noticed lately I've been getting MAD slow speeds, I have a Time Capsule running N draft at 5ghz, and still I'm strugling for 700mb/s, use to get 2800 or so... maybe it's the new nitoTV, who knows, but has anyone else noticed this?

I'm getting these same speeds after turning of any incoming streams, and those shouldn't really get in the way, cause my internal pipe should be way larger than my incoming pipe, even at 10Mb/s cable... tried restarting everything, etc, etc...

Any ideas?

EDIT: The only things that have changes since then are the versions of Apple TV, nitoTV, and Boxee... I'm mostly using nitoTV now that since the update Boxee keeps freezing or crashing; but this is the community I've been most involved with asking and answering questions so, I cam here.