View Full Version : NFS automount rc.local/NitoTV problems

February 26th, 2010, 07:20 PM
Is anyone using ATV 3.0.2 and NitoTV 0.8.5 that has automounting working w/ NFS? I started without NitoTV and was trying to use just a rc.local file to auto mount a NFS share. My NFS share mounts and works if I mount manually with:

sudo mount_nfs -P <ip_address>:/<nfs_share> /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/*

I did not have an /etc/rc.local to start. Once created the line above does not work on boot. After forum surfing for a bit I noticed NitoTV and thought I'd try it to auto mount my NFS. That prompts me w/ an error that I'm sure is NitoTV based:

mount_nfs /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Nas Permission Denied

My goal here is just to get something to auto mount the NFS share. Either way will work just as easy for my use! Does anyone have a working NFS rc.local they can post as an example to make sure I'm not missing something or have an insight on NitoTV errors?