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November 4th, 2010, 11:51 AM
I downloaded the latest Boxee and it does play Flash based videos. However, I am not sure what version of Flash is being used...

As of now, running Win7-64bit, I let Adobe's installer (from their main Flash player page) install version 10,1,85,3 - as per Adobe (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html#main_LatestFlashPlayer).

But, I am not sure if Boxee is using the latest version. Also, is there a manual way to update the file(s) required for Boxee to use the latest version?

After searching / reading threads in this forum, I found a reply suggesting how to upgrade Flash:

Note that this is what worked for me and I can't vouch for other systems. This machine is running 32-bit Windows Vista and I've verified that it now successfully runs Flash Player

You must remove all existing installs of Flash on your machine!
Go to Add/Remove Programs in the control panel and uninstall any Adobe Flash Player products.
Go to Plugins section of Firefox Add-ons and disable the Shockwave Flash plugin. You can't remove it from here, but that's ok. Just make sure it's disabled and faded out in the Plugins pane. If you don't do this step, you won't update Firefox's version of Flash Player to 10.1.

Go here:

Download the "plug-in for Windows" and the "active-x for Windows" to your machine.
Close all your browser windows and install them.

Go here:

Start up Firefox and Internet Explorer and verify that on the right side of the screen they say "You have version 10,1,51,45 installed" and if so, congrats you're regular browsers are updated!
Now to update Boxee's internal browser. First thing first, shut down Boxee!

Go here on your system:
C:\Program Files\Boxee\system\players\flashplayer\xulrunner-win32\bin\plugins

Rename NPSWF32.dll to NPSWF32.old.

Go here on your system:

Copy NPSWF32.dll from there to:
C:\Program Files\Boxee\system\players\flashplayer\xulrunner-win32\bin\plugins

Start Boxee back up and you should be running Flash Player 10.1 now!

==However, I cannot find the file "NPSWF32.dll" in that folder.
==There is no "Macromed" folder in System32 folder on my drive.

Then, there was another post indicating that Boxee uses 10.0.42 etc. to be compatible with all graphics cards...:confused:

I have the ION board and downloaded the latest drivers from NVidia's site which also indicates the latest version, "Supports GPU-acceleration for smoother online HD videos with Adobe Flash 10.1."

What's the dirt on this? How to check if Boxee is using latest version? And, can we update it if needed?

November 9th, 2010, 12:31 PM
Did I ask a unreasonable question or missing something here? Not even one reply...? Can someone let me know or point me in the right direction here?

thank you.

November 9th, 2010, 01:13 PM
I'm not sure how old those DPK instructions are -- they might be related to the beta releases of the Flash player and may no longer apply.

Generally speaking, Boxee will pickup what ever flash player you have installed via Firefox.

I guess the real question is, what problem are you trying to solve with this?

November 9th, 2010, 06:00 PM
DPK's post is from november 2009, which was Pre- Boxee Beta. It was a way to add Flash 10.1 Beta to boxee alpha in a futile effort to incorporate it's function.

This is being over thought with regard to beta. And not the first time ...:p

All you need to do is:

install FireFox browser (boxee uses the ffox browser)
go to the adobe download page and install the Flash 10.1 Fire Fox Add-in. It's completely automatic.

Do not install Shockwave!

Now boxee will use the native Windows Installed flash add-in to play flash video in Boxee. There is no need to install or move flash files into the boxee folders as it does noting to make flash work.

For links and all things flash and video, see the First STop link in my signature. I have it all posted there. ;)

For all things ION, see the links sig links to my blog.

November 10th, 2010, 01:59 AM
Thank you Gentlemen for taking the time to reply to my post. Gotta be runnin' latest version of dat good ol' Flash ya know...:rolleyes:

I really love Boxee. I mean, I tried XBMC and WinMCE, they are good in their own ways (I guess) but from an Ease of Use and intuitiveness standpoint, Boxee's got my vote any day. :cool:

In any event, the reason for my investigation is how Jay Leno's Tonight Show episodes play skipped frame / choppy on the ION box but not on Laptop. Not sure if it is Flash related because Jon Stewart's and Colbert Report play perfectly fine with excellent quality. I checked the same on the laptop and it works fine.

Here is the configuration:

Test on HTPC
ATOM 330 Dual core CPU reports running at 2.0Ghz (selected 667mhz FSB setting in Bios)
Zotac ION-F-E with 4gb ram
5400rpm 2TB HDD
ION graphics
Win7 64bit
Wireless G connection
Board is Fan cooled with fan running normal
Latest version of Flash

Play an episode in Firefox (latest flash upgraded): video choppy.
Play an episode in Boxee: video choppy.

Test on Laptop
IBM Thinkpad T43p - Intel Pentium M CPU reports running at 2.0Ghz
1.5gb ram,
7200rpm 100gb HDD
Win7 32bit
Same Wireless G connection
Internal Fan normal speed
Latest version of Flash.

Play an episode in Firefox (latest flash upgraded): video plays fine.
Play an episode in Boxee: NOT TESTED (don't have Boxee installed).

Does this have anything to do with simply the horsepower of the Intel Pentium vs. Atom or is it a case of ATI MOBILITY FireGL V3200 vs Nvidia ION graphics? :confused:

I've been trying to figure out how my old laptop can play this without any problems while the "loaded" htpc cannot. I understand the HDDs here are not the issue and for that matter, wireless Internet connection is not either since both are tested on the same Access point multiple times with same results....

Can you please throw in your expertise here?