View Full Version : My thoughts so far (and Wish List)

November 12th, 2010, 01:37 PM
I just received my Shiny new Boxee Box and overall I am impressed. I know there are some people ready to return it but I am ok with giving Avner a chance to fix the bugs now that the hardware is in the wild. (hey Msoft does this all the time)

My First Impressions:

--I have received quite a few hangs. In fact it hung just trying to connect to my wireless.
As well It hung after Pausing a movie for about 5 minutes.

--I love the remote but I find the keyboard to be a bit dark against the black of the body, If it could be illuminated or somehow brought out from the background that would help old farts like my self who are not 20/20 anymore.

-- The VPN does work but it would eb nice to have a button that is easy to get to to turn it off and on without having to go into network setup. As well more choice of protocols would be nice. I would like to see IPSEC also or Open VPN.

--- The biggest issue I had was playing Hulu content or actually any of the streamed content as it just doen't play at all. This is a big one. In fact, I had to reboot the box as it messed up playback for my local video also.

I don't have an issue with he new Interface as its actually cleaner.

Keep it up guys ...