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November 12th, 2010, 09:50 PM
Tell me I'm doing something wrong or there is a patch coming shortly. I got it today, I have it all setup. I've been waiting a year for it, very excited.

1. Connecting it to my shares on Home Server. Had to enter my login/password four seperate times which takes a while on the little remote. Can't it remember it for each folder I add to scan, such as Videos, Music, DVD and Photo?

2. Why isn't Music or Photos on the main menu? I feel like these are major media pieces and need to be on the main menu, much more so than Apps or File or even the online TV library stuff. And just to visit my personal DVD collection, I have to navigate down into Movies, then Files. Gotta be an easier way.

3. Music: Where are all the beautiful visualizations that come with desktop Boxee? All there is the one very plain one.

4. No Hulu. No Netflix out of the gate? I feel like this thing has been in development forever and I'm surprised to see it not there. I know, Netflix supposed to be there by end of year.

4. But the biggest issue, and one that could cause me to return this, is not being able to stream my DVD collection. I've tried multiple movies, not even high bandwidth type movies and they are all sluggish. Slow to start. Choppy while playing. This could be a showstopper. Please tell me there is a fix or an optimization somewhere. My system is wireless N. I've had an actual media center PC for about two years now with both Windows Media Center and Boxee installed and everything has streamed over wireless perfectly, so I know it's not the wireless network itself. As I'm typing this, the movie I was streaming just stopped for no reason. What can I do?

My system:

Samsung 55" HDTV
Windows Home Server
Wireless N Network

November 12th, 2010, 10:46 PM
I'm really hoping Boxee has their best team hammering out some updates. All of the early adopters have a 30 day return policy typically. Unless something comes out fast, myself, and many many others will be returning the Boxee. I guess I will go back to HTPC. Sucks. I was so very excited about this product.

This is a make or break month for Boxee as a commercial company.