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November 13th, 2010, 06:44 PM
Okay, I bit the bullet and signed up for this forum after lurking for a very long time.

Been using boxee software for a long while off and on, my main media device was xbox1 with xbmc, then I got a wdtv live and went through tons of iterations of hacked firmware on that to get as many bells and whistles as possible.

I have been waiting for the boxee box (and evangelizing its merits) since it was announced. I actually used some social engineering skills to have one in my hand and at the checkout at BestBuy on Nov 9th, but their system wouldn't scan it until the 10th. So I got it on the morning of the 10th.

My trials and tribulations:
-wireless wouldn't work,changed wep key, all good
-1.0 update wouldn't take...I think maybe the server was overloaded..I got it eventually
-Wouldn't connect to samba shares on win 7...uninstalled live 2011 stuff, unshared all drives, reshared under advanced settings for "everyone"..fixed
- lots of tv show episodes weren't being identified...wrote a java program to rename as much as I could to proper format and fixed nearly everything.
- lots of apps don't seem to work...ie black screen while a video seems to play (at least time is ticking by, but no video/audio)
- sluggish when switching into other screens..ie takes minutes to load up movie and tv show covers (this is for local content). I understand that for hundreds of movies it may take some time..but my tv shows has 40 shows in it, why so long? Local content is my priority and I hope they can increase speed when they address this issue(which they have committed to doing)

Without this forum and above average tech prowess I would have returned this box by now, especially the samba issue was discouraging. As it stands, I have hope :)

I have a lot of Doctor Who episodes, well actually all of them from the original series...maybe 500-600? They were not being identified properly..some were being picked up as episodes of the newer series, none were identified as from the old series.

I renamed them all to something like
"Doctor.Who(1963).s01e01.an unearthly child.avi"
and placed inside a folder called
"Doctor Who (1963)
(adding the year to match imdb results was suggested in another post with a similar issue involving old vs. new"Melrose Place")

I scanned the folder containing the 42 episode of season 1 and it says 42 files found, and lists none of them as unidentified..but where are they? They don't show up anywhere under shows (or movies). So it seems I have some identified files ..but where? I also wonder if other content has fallen into the void this way?

Any advice is much appreciated!

November 13th, 2010, 11:20 PM
I restored, scanned in version 0.9xxx and it found my show , then I upgraded to 1.0xxx and some episode are missing...they don't show as unidentified, yet are not listed anywhere else either.

This, combined with not being able to filter out watched/unwatched of my 6TB of movies will likely be enough to keep me at 0.9xxx for a while.

What are the real concrete benefits of 1.0 currently that outweigh the dropped features when it comes to local content?