View Full Version : Boxee hulu pause fix by making boxee run only on first processor core of dual core PC

January 11th, 2009, 11:31 AM
I know earlier I posted a pause fix for boxee for Windows where you use Windows 95 compatibility mode to get he pause to work all the time in everything for me it fix the pause though hulu was somewhat sluggish in pausing boxee and sometimes couldn't recover right though everything else finally pause fine. However, since it did not work for others and not fully for me I kept looking. Because I realized that OK when Windows 95 came out and was in use there was only single core processors but they were way slower than today's processors. So I got to thinking we'll maybe Windows Vista when you run a program in windows 95 compatibility mode is using only one processor core for that program and the the program is set to run at a way slower speed. So I figured the sluggishness in Hulu was because of the slower speed I looked to see if I could find a program that would let me tell windows ot alwyas run boxee with one processor core with no speed decrease and I did.

There's a program called runfirst I have attach the zip file to this post. You simply unzip the contents and put run runfirst into the windows/system32 folder on your hard drive to make it a system command. If you have windows/system32/dllcache folder copy it there too.

Once you've done that simply change your boxee shortcut to run the following command:

runfirst c:\program files\boxee\boxee.exe

You can also create a batch file using notepad and then create a shortcut to the batch file like so:

open notepad then type the command:

runfirst c:\program files\boxee\boxee.exe

save the file but change the extension to .bat when saving it from the .txt then choose your folder to save the file into and change your boxee shortcut or create a new boxee shortcut that points to this batch file then every time you run boxee using this shortcut it will run on only one processor core.

Hope this helps,