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January 13th, 2009, 01:59 PM
I must be missing something here...

Upon trying to set up a Windows XP network share, Boxee says "No files Found at Source" which is incorrect.

The shared folder is in fact the entire hard drive at the share:


The location of the files is at:

\\Media\mediacenter\Media Storage\Movies

I should be able to add that source and have Boxee scan. All movies are in a seperate folder and there are 305 of them. This, in fact, is similar to the way XBMC works, Mediaportal and Meedios.

Well, Boxee won't even drill down to find that folder.

If I add it manually, Boxee says the same thing... No files Found at Source.

Further, on the host system (computer running Boxee) if I MAP a network drive [the one mentioned above]
in XP clicking on the mapped drive, in fact, shows all the movies available (in seperate folders).
Adding THIS source to Boxee yields the same result "No files found at source".