View Full Version : New Nvidia chipsets - HTPCs finally ready for prime time?

January 16th, 2009, 11:22 AM
They're tiny, and quiet. Are they powerful enough? Rumours are abound that the new Mac Mini will be using it and that maybe a new AppleTV that will use it. If the current ATV is too underpowered for high-def, what abut this new GPU+CPU combo?



The new platform will give future netbooks and nettops the much needed "boost they need to handle HD video and modern operating systems."

The biggest problem with the current crop of HTPCs was that they were either huge, loud and expensive, or small, hot and underpowered.

This new platform should run cool, be whisper quiet, low-power and hopefully powerful enough to play 1080p w/o a hitch.

I'm excited. :)